How To Review Like A Pro

Without your eyes crossing or struggling with what to say.

Reviews are an author’s life blood.

We need them to survive. Most readers don’t know how important reviews are to an author. I’m here to tell you they mean A LOT! Amazon in particular plays a huge role in determining how much visibility an author receives for their books. The more reviews, the more sales, the higher I appear in the ranks.

The second thing a lot of readers don’t know how to do is review. They hesitate to share their feelings about a book for whatever the reason. But I’ve gathered some tips and a detailed explanation as to how to review like a pro. And by review, I mean three to four sentences. Short reviews are reviews that come from the heart. They’re honest, but most of all they’re so easy to write. Simply view as write a short email to a friend you think would love/hate the book.

So click on the PDF to download or just read online. You’ll not only help me, but you’ll be able to help other authors you love.