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Forever My Lass

Series:Β  Forevermore Series, #2
Genres: Time Travel
Heat Level:Β  3.5Β  Β Legend

Publisher: Maroli SP Imprints
Publication Year:Β 2022
Digital ISBN: 978-1-948505-15-4
Print ISBN:Β 978-1-948505-16-1
Formats: Digital, Print

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The wife he doesn’t want, might just be the one he can’t live without.
Special appearance by
Sebastian and Anna Reddington, Viscount and Viscountess Starling
from Forever Yours
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Will Their Love Survive The Storm Of Time

All her life, Madeline Whitmore has had dreams of a man standing on a cliff looking out at the sea. While on vacation in Scotland, a sailboat cruise up the coast to Aberdeen becomes a nightmare when a sudden storm capsizes the vessel, and she’s pulled from the water by Iain Fraser, Baron of Glenburnie. The only problem is, she’s somehow landed in 1896 and doesn’t know how to get home. Even more disturbing is her attraction to Iain, and the desire flaring between them.

Iain Fraser lost his first wife to childbirth, and even though his twin daughters need a mother, he refuses to marry again as he’s unwilling to risk another life simply to sire a male heir. When he pulls Madeline from the North Sea during a terrible storm, she presents a mystery he can’t solve. The only thing he’s certain of is that his attraction to her is growing, and if he’s not careful he might just wind up with a wife he doesn’t want, but might not be able to live without.Β Β