Series: The Reckless Rockwoods
Book #: 4
Genres: Historical Romance
Heat Level:  4  |  Legend
Publisher: Maroli SP Imprints
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN:  978-0-9971592-8-8
Formats: Digital, Print

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One sexy male psychic known for taking risks falls for a woman with a questionable background.

Riveting and Wonderful!
Guaranteed to leave you wanting to read more of Ms. Burns’ books.

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WARNING: One sexy male psychic known for taking risks falls for a woman with a questionable background. The Reckless Rockwoods never shy away from danger or a challenge. This Rockwood is no different as he plunges into danger to save the woman he loves and prove to her that she truly is redeemable.

As a Reckless Rockwood, Percy has a tendency to find himself in situations that aren’t good for his health. Unfortunately for him the an dara sealladh (the “sight”) showed him a beautiful pair of violet eyes that he found at the same moment he was shot. Left for dead, he survived the bullet and a year later meets Rhea Bennett and her violet eyes once more. Her connection to the man responsible for his attempted murder makes him determined to find the bastard, but he’s even more resolved to save and protect the woman at the heart of the matter.

Sold into slavery at nineteen, Rhea Bennett escaped the horrors of prostitution and thievery, but there are children she knew during that dark time that need to be saved. Rhea’s rescue operation is well underway, but Percy Rockwood’s reappearance in her life is making matters difficult. Rhea never thought it possible to feel anything when a man touched her, but Percy is different. She feels things when he touches her. Emotions dangerous to her heart and soul, but even more dangerous for Percy if her enemies learn she cares for him.

Praise for Redemption

“I’m adding the Reckless Rockwoods to my historical romance list! This is the 4th book and the first I’ve read in the Reckless Rockwood series. Monica Burns writes so wonderfully and with such detail, I now need to read the first three books!”

— Stupid Shiny Designs

Drama, danger, sensuality
and love!

“A different twist on historical romance. The heroine and her sister had basically been sold into slavery by their cruel father. They were both emotionally damaged, naturally. The story is about the heroine’s journey to find self worth after years of abuse, and to believe she is deserving of love. She bravely saves others at her own peril. This book has all the things I like in a historical novel: drama, danger, sensuality and love. I have read all of Monica’s books and love them all. She is a terrific storyteller and I know you’ll love this book as much as I did.”

— Nancy P. Johnson, Amazon Reviewer,
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