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I’ve finished writing Scandalous, and I think it’s good enough to be submitted to an agent, so I’ve been putting feelers out. If nothing happens, then I’ll publish it myself, but I love this book and think it deserves a shot at bigger game. Scandalous is Amalie Rockwood’s and Valeran Rutherford, the Earl of Sommerville’s story. I don’t have a series name yet, but I’m thinking about it.Β  The book has strong appearances by the entire Rockwood family, a “shotgun” wedding, spies, as well as Amalie’s cousins, Jamie and Vincent, ooooh, and a surprise agent. I think you’re going to really like this character.

I’ve already begun plotting out book 2 and 3 and will plot out books 4 and 5 once I get the second book started, which I hope will be sometime later this month.

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Have you listened to the audio version of Forever Mine? Listen to the sample here. I love what the narrators did for my characters!Β  You can learn more about this award-winning, bestselling book here FOREVER MINE.