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ScandalousΒ  is now available, and readers are loving it. If you’ve not grabbed your copy yet, you’re missing out. Readers have already asked if there will be more books after Scandalous. The answer is YES! I was staring down the first page of Chapter 8 of Wills’s (William) story, until Theo and Genevieve insisted they had to come first, and boy did they explode in the first chapter. I love these two already. If you have read Scandalous, please review it. It’s the only way I have of generating interest in the book. Social media is too inundated for me to really rise above the noise.Β 

My holiday novella has final touches needed, but will arrive mid-October 2024. Atticus and Octavia are trapped together during a blizzard. Hell might be frozen over outside, but inside this small cottage, it’s an out-of-control inferno. I attended the Readers Take Denver conference at the end of April. Unfortunately, it was a disaster, and details of the train wreck are all over social media. I posted on my Facebook page about my personal experience and my reasons for backing out of attending the 2025 conference, which has been canceled as of this update to my website. For the readers I met in Denver, please know that meeting you was the best part of my lackluster and frustrating appearance.

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