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I’m trying to juggle a pretty steady freelance business, writing, and marketing all in about 16 hours a day. I am working on Gideon’s story (from The Rogue’s Offer), as well as a new time travel series. No, not writing Sebastian’s and Anna’s story, that scares the hell out of me!!!

I don’t blog often, but I do jump into my Facebook group on a regular basis. Why not join me there! Monica Burns & Her Historical Addicts Too We have a lot of fun with my hot dudes Mondays, my author friends share their books on Tuesdays with excerpts on Fridays. The rest of the time it’s funny memes and historical images.


Latest Release


The Beastly Earl

“Powerfully passionate!” — Megan Frampton, author of A Duke’s Daughters series

Bonnie lasses and braw, kilted laddies at their strutting, stomping, passionate finest!” — Grace Burrowes, NYT Bestselling Author

A Beauty and the Highlander Beast Story


After eight years in the Sudan, Ewan Colquhoun returns home minus an eye and arm. His cold, grim childhood home hasn’t changed except for the boy his wife died giving birth to—a son that isn’t his. Bitter and angry at life, he quickly earns the title, the Beastly Earl of Argaty. When he finds Louisa half-dead on the moors, she stirs something inside him. Soon, he finds his life turned upside down by a woman hell-bent on taming the beast.

When tragedy strikes, Louisa becomes a widow with two young children. For two years, she’s struggled with the grief and guilt from that terrible night. Eager to let go of the past, she returns to the Rockwood family’s estate in Scotland, but an unfortunate accident places her in the path of the Earl of Argaty. She soon discovers letting go of the past is easier than taming the beast and freeing the man she loves.


The Beastly Earl Cover