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Welcome to my newly renovated website. After eight long years, it was time for a change, and I love the simplicity of this new look.

The Beastly Earl is finished!! Louisa and Ewan will be coming your way after Christmas, so have those gift cards ready!! If you’d like to receive updates, sign up for my newsletter for the latest news.

Latest Release


The Rogue’s Offer


A Reckless Proposal 

Ophelia Templeton’s dead husband, Viscount Havenstock, convinced her she was a cold, unfeeling woman incapable of passion. When her drunkard of a father loses her home to the Earl of Thornbury in a wager, Ophelia  presents the man with a rash proposal. The return of her home in exchange for the challenge of teaching her to feel passion. Unfortunately, she’s propositioned the wrong man.

A Counter Offer

Mathias Gilchrist has always protected the interests of his brother, the Earl of Thornbury. When Ophelia mistakes him for his brother, he thinks she’s one in a long line of women eager to be a countess. Despite his initial impression, Mathias is intrigued by Ophelia, and he makes her a counter offer in the game of seduction and passion.

The stakes are higher than either imagined

But when the art of pleasure becomes a dangerous game of hearts, it will take meddling by the Reckless Rockwoods to bring about a happy ending.

A Reckless Rockwoods spin-off series. Look for prominent appearances by your favorite Rockwood family members as they continue to meddle in the lives of their friends.