What’s New

The Rogue’s Countess is now available in print. I’m currently juggling several different projects. One project is Forever Yours, the prequel to Forever Mine. I’m close to finishing Chapter 11, and I’m loving Sebastian and Anna. I’d like to think the book will be as good as Forever Mine, but I think Nicholas and Victoria will always and forever be my favorite book. Nonetheless, the new book is definitely going to unexpected and different. It’s a time travel or is it? You’ll have to be the judge after you finish reading the book. No projected release date yet, but I’m hoping spring of 2022.

There’s also the upcoming release of FOREVER MINE in audio the first part of 2022. The narrators are Stephanie Nemeth-Parker and Zachary Johnson. I’m so excited to here these characters speak out loud and not just in my head. You can get a flavor for their voices here in this fabulous AudioEmpire book video made by the awesome Viviana of Enchantress Designs and Promo.

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