Series:  The Reckless Rockwoods
Book #:  2
Genres: Historical Romance
Heat Level: 4.5 | Legend
Publisher: Maroli SP Imprints
Publication Year: 
Formats: Digital, Print

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His Love Could Be
The Death Of Her

“Jane Eyre meets The Mummy…[her] characters are so multidimensional that readers will swear they’re based on real people.”

— RTBOOKreviews, 4 1/2 Stars

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WARNING: This title contains a hero whose torment equals that of Jane Eyre’s Mr. Rochester and a heroine who has the courage to save his soul, despite the fact that his love could be the death of her.

A Woman Who Speaks With The Dead

When Constance Rockwood Athelson, Viscountess Westbury, hides her face to attend the Black Widows Ball, she never expected to find erotic passion in a masked stranger’s arms. The torrent of lust isn’t enough to drown out her dubious “gift” for seeing visions and talking to the dead. Terrified of being found out, she secures a position cataloguing archaeological artifacts for the Earl of Lyndham—where she encounters a ghost begging her to break a curse plaguing his family.

A Man Haunted By A Family Curse

Before his mysterious lover disappeared, Lucien Blakemore was tempted to throw caution aside. Yet he knows one taste of love will unleash the curse that drove his father and brother to murder their wives. When he returns home empty-handed and empty-hearted, he’s shocked to discover his new assistant is the goddess who fled into the night. But could her presence be part of a murderous plot to unearth the location of a secret Egyptian tomb? The answer—or his doom—lies behind the desire shining in his seductress’s eyes.


Will His Love Be The Death of Her?

“Ms. Burns is masterful at escalating the sexual tension and suspense with her characters. Three generations of murder, stubborn ghosts, and an aging matriarch with attitude are the perfect compliment to a fantastic love story that is a joy to read.”

— Coffeetime Romance

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“This is truly a Gothic style romance which I love and has a little of it all. Murder, mystery, suspense, strong emotions and wonderful characters. As Lucien and Constance meet again, the passion is still strong but can they help each other find true love? As with all of Monica Burns stories, you will glued to the pages and ready to read the next book in this series!!”


— Lori D, Goodreads Reviewer

Critical Acclaim

“Jane Eyre meets The Mummy, with lots of passionate sex thrown in for extra spice! Burns’ characters are so multidimensional that readers will swear they’re based on real people. Fans of Egyptology, gothic mysteries, ghost stories, romance and/or erotica will love every word — and Lucien’s meddling grandmother too.

If Constance had known that the man who hired her to catalog his collections of Egyptian artifacts was Lucien, the one man she’d been avoiding since the Black Widow’s Ball, she’d never have left London.

But Lyndham Keep is home to much more than Lucien and his haunted past. Constance’s psychic gifts allow her to communicate with every ghost on the premises — at least when
she’s not sharing Lucien’s bed. Only together can Constance and Lucien solve the mystery of his past and the promise of their future together.”

— RTBOOKreviews, 4 1/2 Stars

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“Hot and erotic, Dangerous pulls at the reader’s heartstrings. I fell in love with Constance and Lucien from their first encounter…[It] kept me turning the pages and rooting for their happily ever after..”


 — Joyfully Reviewed