Series:  The Reckless Rockwoods
Book #: 6
Genres: Historical Romance
Heat Level:  4  |  Legend
Publisher: Maroli SP Imprints
Publication Year: 2023


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A New Era Begins
The Next Generation of Reckless Rockwoods.

Can love rise and flourish from the ashes of a scandal?

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He didn’t want a wife, but scandal bound her to him.

Seriously injured in a robbery that killed his parents when he was nine, Valeran adapted. Trained by a master of martial arts, he now works as agent for the Crown’s Secret Intelligence Service. A wife is a liability in his line of work, especially if the Prussians discover he’s more than just a blind nobleman. But to avoid scandal, Valeran makes Alma Rockwood his countess. With the voice of a siren and a body made to fit his, their marriage bed might actually be pleasurable, if not for just one problem. His wife loathes him.

Her gift of sight never prepared her for him.

From the first moment they met, Alma stayed as far away as she possibly could from Valeran Rutherford, the Earl of Sommerville. He’s always unsettled her, but recent events have made her loathe the man. When she’s trapped in his room in the middle of the night, she discovers exactly why her instincts told her to avoid the man. With just one kiss, Valeran makes her body go up in flames. Now, she’s forced to marry a man she doesn’t love, but whose touch ignites a fiery passion she can’t deny.

Praise for Scandalous