Series:  Reckless Rockwoods
SubSeries: Family Ties and Spies
Book #: 6
Genres: Historical Romance
Heat Level:  4  |  Legend
Publisher: Maroli SP Imprints
Publication Year: 2024

Formats: Print & Digital

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What if Marvel’s Daredevil met Bridgertons’ Penelope?

Arrives 02/14

Can a plump country mouse outwit a cat determined to seduce her?
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Scandal forces a plump country mouse and a devilish cat to marry.

 She’s not the meek mouse he expected

Amalie Rockwood possesses the an dara sealladh, the gift of sight, which has been passed down to her from her Scottish ancestors. The first time she met Valeran, the an dara sealladh revealed how dangerous the earl was to her heart. To avoid scandal and a loveless marriage, Amalie hides her plus-size curves in the shadows like a plump country mouse hiding from a cat. Her fear becomes loathing when she overhears someone challenge Valeran to seduce the plump, mousy Miss Rockwood. But when the an dara sealladh comes true, and the cat catches the mouse, Valeran’s kisses set her body on fire. Now, Amalie’s married to a man who will break her heart, but whose touch she can’t resist.

 He’s far more dangerous than she realized.

A master of martial arts, Valeran Rutherford, Earl of Sommerville, turns his blindness into an advantage hunting Prussian spies for the Crown’s Secret Intelligence Service. When Amalie is compromised, Valeran is livid at how easily the witch ensnared him as a husband with her voluptuous, Rubenesque body and bewitching, siren’s voice. Marriage is inevitable, but Valeran intends to enjoy bedding his Scottish spitfire of a bride. Beneath his fingers, Amalie possesses the sweet curves of a plump mouse, and it’s impossible to resist her lush body or her lilting cries of ecstasy. With each passionate kiss, Valeran is forced to realize he’s facing two enemies—a Prussian spy and his wife’s ability to capture his heart.

Their fiery passion is certain to make lovers of enemies.

Praise for Scandalous