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The Reckless Rockwoods Series

The Reckless Rockwood books are stand-alone books, but starting at the beginning helps familiarize you with characters as they are introduced. NOTE: reading Book #3,Β The Highlander’s Woman, before Book #4,Β Β Redemption,Β  is strongly recommended. Obsession is free with newsletter sign-up.

Reckless Rockwoods #1
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Reckless Rockwoods #2

Multiple Award Winner

The Highlander’s Woman
Reckless Rockwoods #3

Reckless Rockwoods #4
The Beastly Earl Cover
The Beastly Earl
Reckless Rockwoods #5

All your favorites are back as the children of the Rockwood siblings are finally getting their HEAs. Jamie’s story is coming soon, and there are some surprise plot twists. But naturally, the kids won’t get their HEAs without some serious meddling by their parents. What parent can resist ensuring their children find the same kind of happiness they’ve found. Family Ties and Spies is filled with all the characters you love, and new ones, plus intrigue, humor, and that same emotional, sensual, unforgettable passion I write.

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Reckless Rockwoods #6

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Reckless Rockwoods #7

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Reckless Rockwoods #8

The Reckless Rockwoods Novels β€” The Reluctant Rogues

The Reckless Rockwoods are now meddling in their friends’ personal affairs to help them find their happily-ever-after. But readers also see how married life is going for the Rockwood siblings.

The Rogue’s Offer
A Reckless Rockwoods Novel
(Reluctant Rogues #1)

Featuring: Louisa and Constance Rockwood

This book takes place before Louisa’s story in The Beastly Earl.

The Rogue’s Countess
A Reckless Rockwoods Novel
(Reluctant Rogues 2)

Featuring:Β Β Constance Rockwood from Dangerous