His Mistress

Series:  Self-made Men
Genres: Historical BDSM
Heat Level: 5
Publisher: Maroli SP Imprints
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9971592-9-5
Formats: Digital, Print 
Heat Level Legend



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One man’s submission to pleasure. One woman’s awakening. A passion to overcome the darkness of the past.

“powerfully done…the scenes between Tobias and Jane mesmerized me. I loved it.”

— Joey W. Hill
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One man’s submission to pleasure

As a solicitor seeking justice for victims of violence, Tobias Lynsted must maintain control at all times while working in the seedy underworld of London’s East End. The darkness of his world creates a need for the intimacy and release he can only find in the forbidden pleasure of submission. The kind of pleasure where a powerful man has the freedom to let go of his control for a few sweet moments of oblivion. But when a blackmail scheme forces him to marry, the last thing he expects in a wife is a woman who will satisfy the darker side of his nature.

One woman’s awakening

Lady Jane Grisham has no desire to marry, but choosing marriage over a life of destitution is an easy choice to make. Although Jane knows love is for the foolish, Tobias awakens her most wicked and darkest of desires. In the sinful world of domination and submission, Jane uses her blossoming skills to make Tobias surrender not only his body, but his secrets. But she quickly discovers that the true test of her strength is trusting Tobias with her heart.


A passion that overcomes the darkness of the past

Critical Acclaim

“It’s not just about sex and domination…when the heart gets involved it’s all about coming to grips with one’s past, letting go and finding your HEA. Loved it!! Burns writes with finesse, passion, emotion, and her sex scenes are well written, with taste and emotion.”

 — My Book Addiction and More – 4.5 Stars

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“…an intensely seductive Victorian-era romance that kept me riveted to the story and the characters from the front page to the last. The writing…is beautiful and polished.”

— Reading Between the Wines Book Club – 4 Stars
“Never have I been so consumed with a historical romance that I didn’t want to put it down. NEVER. Monica Burns has created an erotic and incredibly emotional journey that I didn’t want to end!”

 — Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind – 4.5 Stars

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“Emotionally riveting and stunningly sensual…pushes all the boundaries of the traditional historical romance and leaves you wanting more!”

— The Romance Reviews – 5 Stars