Frequently Asked Questions

I’m often asked the same questions on a regular basis, so I thought I’d create one of those pages where readers can find an answer to those burning questions they’re dying to ask.

Will there be any more books in the Order of the Sicari series?
I have plans to write more of the Sicari warriors within the next 12 months as time permits. I have at least three more characters with stories to tell, and I most definitely want to write Marta’s and Draco’s story. I also want to tell the story of Alessandro one of the Praetorian Dominus who’s deliciously dark and totally redeemable.

Will you write Draco’s story in the Sicari series?

See the question above.

Will I write Louisa Rockwood’s story?
Yes, Percy’s story is scheduled for spring of 2016 and Louisa’s book is scheduled for 2017