>Bullying Can Be Stopped

>Fellow Romance Lover, Katibabs over at Babbling About Books, and More has shared her story about being bullied in middle school. She’s donating a $1 for every comment up to $500 for charity. Like Kati points out, you don’t have to be gay to be bullied. My Baby is an excellent case in point. Baby has always been picked on in school, but it came to a head last year in middle school. The child would come home every day with one horror story after another.

Shower curtains in the locker room being ripped open while she was changing. Pushing and shoving her into lockers in the hall. Stealing her bag. Tormenting her with name calling. You name it, these sorry little *$#&%& put my child through hell. We started communicating the situation to the schools at the beginning of the school year (first week in September). It took them seven months to finally wake up when they got a child on video hitting Baby on the back of the head with a note binder.


I can’t tell you how livid that still makes me. Do you want to know WHY they said they put it down to nothing? Because Baby was on the honor roll. WTF. Because a kid is making good grades you ASSUME there’s not a problem? What kind of logic is that when the kid AND the parents are complaining about the situation.

But our vigilance paid off. We stopped Baby from being bullied, and we made damn sure she wasn’t doing the same to others as there were some signs. We made the school sit up and take notice by demanding they to do something. The Squeaky Wheel does get serviced. Baby still gets picked on, but she says it’s not bad, and she knows that we’re going to back her up if that changes in the future. I ask her about it regularly and I monitor her moods to see how things are going. I know what to look for because I pay attention to what she’s saying and doing.

She’s a smart kid, my Baby, but if this bullying had persisted, God know what might have happened down the road. Perhaps she could have become another Tyler Clementi ending her own life. Or maybe bullying might have eventually turned her into a killer such as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold when they massacred 12 students and one teacher at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999 or Seung-Hui Cho at the Virginia Tech massacre on April 16, 2007. While bullying isn’t cited as the main causes of these two incidents, there were reports that these three had been bullied. Bullying teaches violence, and violence solves NOTHING.

So click on the link and go comment on Katibabs blog. Help raise awareness about bullying by posting your own stories on your blogs and Facebook profiles. Let people know that we can stop this. Let’s not stand by idly and do nothing about this. Bullying can be stopped. We just have to strengthen our resolve to do so. Education and vigilance. They’re key to breaking the cycle.