How often do you feel overwhelmed with life? As someone with Bipolar Disorder, my medication generally helps me maintain a healthy balance of doldrums and happy times. But sometimes things just get so overwhelming that I wonder exactly what it is that keeps people going. Whether it’s a house that starts to nickel and dime you to death (as ours is right now) when you don’t have the money to fix it or perhaps it’s an illness that just keeps knocking you down. Whatever it is, what do you do to maintain a healthy outlook.
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Life on Mars??

Life on Mars. Is it real? Was there once a civilization on Mars? That’s an age old question of sci-fi lovers! For a long time people were convinced there were people on Mars. So much myth has been tied around the red planet, almost as much as Vega is the main star in a solar system of planets with intelligent life. Think CONTACT with Jodi Foster. Continue reading

Closet Skeletons

Frank and Fred Whipkey 1930Quora is a fascinating site. If you’ve not visited it, you should check it out. You’ll find intelligent questions, not so intelligent questions, and questions that will make your eyebrows raise up to hit the ceiling. One of the questions I stumbled over the other day was somewhere on the lines of what skeletons do you have in your family closet. Continue reading