The Sicari Language Glossary

The Sicari language is a mix of Italian and Latin, blended together to form a dialect that is not the Italian or Latin we know or study today. The dialect has evolved over the past two thousand years as any language does.

As Latin is a dead language*, it is reasonable to assume that the Sicari language itself would have evolved with changes in word usage, dialects, spellings and other grammatical uses as the Sicari combined their use of Latin with other Italian dialects over the centuries.

Those familiar with either Latin or Italian may find reading the Sicari language jarring due to the poetic license taken in creating the Sicari language.

Below is a glossary of terms for those interested in the language used in the Order of the Sicari books. Note that there are different words that mean the same thing. This is due to the dialect changing over the centuries.

*A dead language is one that is no longer the primary language used by a group of people on a daily basis. However, it is still used and studied within scholarly and legal contexts. E.g., Caveat emptor, which means “buyer beware.”

Bacciagalupe Pompous ass, jerk, greaseball,

AbsconditusSicari Lords’ guild
Amicifriend, buddy, pal
Bastardibastards (plural)
Bis vivit qui bene moritur He lives twice who dies well
Bonum fortunium et longa vitaGood Fortune and long life
Caniculabitch or shark
Caradear (female)
Carinomy darling (male)
Carissimadear (female)
Carodear (male)
Care DeusDear God
Celerisbodyguard/advisor to Prima Consul
Come lei desidera As you wish
Curavithe healing rite by an empath/healer of the Sicari Order
Stubborn Devil
dolce cuoresweetheart
Dolce miamy sweet
DominusMaster/Masters in reference to the Praetorian Lords
Elysium FieldsHeaven. As with all religions, beliefs and names morph over time. The Sicari are no different. The ancient Romans called heaven Elysium, and the plains for heroes was called the Elysian Fields. The Sicari have consolidated the two.
ExsiliumExile from the Praetorian brotherhood and the church
Figlio di puttanason of a bitch
Gratias DeusThank God
il christi omnipotentiachrist almighty
il mio signore my lord and liege (a title of high status)
il mia signora my lady and liege (a title of high status)
Iter Sicari Domini factis, non verbis aestimaturThe path of a Sicari lord is measured in deeds not words
l’amor Deusfor the love of God
Longior vivere ordinis SicariLong Live the Sicari Order
Mea amormy love
Mea cormy heart
Mea deliciamy delicious sweet
my sweet
Mea gladius non voluntas concidiMy sword will not fail
Mea karamy beloved
Mea karusmy dear
Mea mellismy honey
Merda di torobull shit
Ob amor Deusfor the Love of God
PotiorPraetorian drug used to suppress Sicari abilities
Praetorian Dominusequivalent of a Sicari Lord
Stonza shit
Testa di Cazzodickhead
Tironisbeginner/novice; rank in the Order
Va benefine, whatever
Vecchio amicoold friend
Vecchio idiotaold idiot/fool
Vigilavipeople who serve/work with the Sicari