The Highlander’s Woman

The Highlander’s Woman
Series: The Reckless Rockwoods, Book 3
Genres: Historicals, Paranormals
Tags: 19th Century, 3 Flames - Spicy, Psychics
Publisher: Maroli SP Imprints
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Full-length
ISBN: 9780986243127

WARNING: Book contains a proud Highlander unwilling to surrender his heart a second time, and a half-Scottish heroine who, like most Rockwoods, is up to the challenge of making her man realize she's The Highlander's Woman.

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Julian MacTavish’s honor made him guard a friend’s secret. But his lies to keep that vow make it difficult to prove his faithfulness as a husband. When a terrible inferno scars Patience’s body and mind, she becomes a recluse, widening the divide between them. But it’s her lack of trust, not her disfigurement, which sends Julian home alone to Scotland convinced he’s lost her forever.

Forgiveness in the face of death comes easily to Patience MacTavish, but the thought of being a burden to her husband does not. When a twist of fate takes Julian’s sight from him, Patience returns home hoping to make amends for not having faith in him. Pity is the last thing Julian wants from anyone, especially his wife, and it’s his turn to question her sincerity. Now, Patience must convince her husband that she’s come home for no other reason than love, and to prove she’s The Highlander’s Woman


Critical Acclaim

“Fans of Scottish Romance, Historical Romance, passionate stories about family, survival, and love, will absolutely adored this tale.” — My Book Addiction Reviews

“The Highlander’s Woman is a fast paced and intense story that is vivid in emotion, plenty of heat and passion, a mix of magic and mystery; and seeing the power of healing in the face of trauma. A SPICY ROMANCE!!” — Addicted to Romance Book Reviews & More

“I couldn’t be more engrossed in it, the drama, tragedies,romance, forgiveness and the passion. It was all so beautifully written.” — Etiosa, Goodreads Reviewer

“…when Julian and Patience showed their true strength it was amazing. These two have so much love for each other.” — Heather Andrews, Goodreads Reviewer

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