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Okay, so I have these lists of topics to select from for blogging. As you can guess right away, I still have trouble blogging regularly. *grin*  The topic for today is a TV Challenge. It’s a little like those memes you see on Facebook. If you could be an actor in a TV show, which TV Show would it be and why? Well, I’m thinking more of myself as actually LIVING in the show, vs. being an actor on the show. LOL

I read the question, and my mind wanted to explode! There are dozens of TV shows I’d love to have a part in. There’s the West Wing because it’s such a beautifully poignant dissertation on what is right and wrong with our political system and the operation of government and our global community.

Then there’s the BlackList. First, I’m a James Spader fangirl. This guy is so talented. But what I love about this show is that Raymond Reddington is the ultimate anti-hero. He can be so cold and brutal one moment and in the next he’s showing affection, loyalty, and love for his “family.” There’s also the fact that this man KNOWS how to appreciate art, music and beauty. He’s a connoisseur of everything cultural in life. Besides, he only kills bad guys, and he reminds me of my Sicari heroes. He is just about the killings on his hands. Bad guys beware.

Star Trek. Yeah, I went there. I would probably have to go with Deep Space Nine. It’s the best of the franchise, IMHO. Primarily because it takes Roddenberry’s vision of the future and gives it the grittiness that’s going to go with the hope and the awesome technology.This particular scene is one of my favorites. A sweet, but slow-witted mutant acting like an admiral. A perfect imitation of government inaction.

Once Upon a Time, but only because I want to bitch slap some of those characters upside of the head. Most of them are over the top actors and they just make me want to scream, although the overall story line is what I watch the show for.

Then there’s Frasier. What’s not to love about laughing all the time. For 11 seasons, Frasier had me shouting out loud with laughter. Still does when I watch it on Netflix. And what better way to end the post than with a bit of a mish mash with Frasier and Voyager. They all would have made for an interesting series. LOL

What TV show or movie would you want to be an actor on or live in the moment?


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