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I’m usually a quick study, so you’d think I would learn not to take on too much. But noooo, I’m your stereotypical over achieve. I decided to blog fairly regularly and I failed miserably last week. So I’m going to try to do better this week.

Topic of the Day Straight from Quora

Question: Do flights fly over North Pole or South Pole? I feel that technically if the distance is less, the flights should be flying over those regions. If yes, what can be the implications?

Answered by Rajan Bhavnani with 10 yrs as an engineer at a F100 aerospace corp

There are some flights that go over the North Pole because it is the shortest route. However, it’s uncommon because of ETOPS (Extended Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards) regulations. Almost no flights cross the South Pole because there are fewer major airports nearby and there are ecological restrictions due to international treaties….Read the rest here.

I’m stopping it right there as I had several vivid images hit my brain in this order.

spencer-tracy-the-mountain-1956The Mountain with Spencer Tracey — I still remember the scene with him pulling the sled with the injured girl down that mountainside and the ice bridge collapsing behind him.

Alive with Ethan Hawke — Scene I remember is the woman telling her husband she refuses to eat cadaver meat. I can’t remember if she did or if she died, simply I am glad I was not in the position to face such a moral dilemma. Even though I believe the body is little more than a carcass when the soul moves on, there’s the idea of respect.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with Robert DeNiro and Kenneth Branagh — Most vivid scene is DeNiro dressed in icy rags and looking at a frozen ship (Frankenstein’s I think)00e0750334ec59824d9fd68cf519e29f

The Day After Tomorrow with Dennis Quaid — Burning books in the library to keep the room hot. WHY! WHY?? There’s furniture there. Burn furniture, not books. *banging head on desk* Second, Quaid lighting up a gas stove in some spot he’d dropped into. How is it those pipes weren’t frozen. If you have an answer, I’d loved to hear it! Maybe it’s different from water pipes??

DayAfterDo you see where I’m going with this….Too much cold equal death. Naturally too much heat equal death, but fire is cleansing. Cold is preservation, and I’ve never wanted to be the woman in the ice found thousand of years later, well-preserved. LOL Your thoughts on flying over the North or South poles??

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