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I was skimming Quora again…actually I got sidetracked by a riveting conversation about The Donald. I finally dragged myself away to find something less frightening to read. And I stumbled onto the question of what’s the movie you’ve watched the most times. I stared at that question and thought…AT LAST!! I’m not the only insane person who watches a movie over and over again. In some ways, it’s like a good book. You go back to it because you want to enjoy it again. True, it won’t be like the first time, but there are always small nuances you can pick up by watching a movie over again, just like you can a book.

I think the first movie I binge watched was Jaws. I saw that movie about 41 times the summer it came out. I even remember the wild ride I took with my girl friend Karen and her kid brother, Mike, in the back seat of my Honda. Now I had a dent in every side of that car, including the top (A friend I was doing donuts around popped the top of the car as punishment for not stopping and letting him into the car.) Anyway, I got from Karen’s house to the movie theater in 15 minutes (we decided at the last minute to go for the umpteenth time. Not bad when you consider the fact that the movie theater was 30 minutes away. Yes, I’ve always been a wild child. LOL Here’s my shortlist of movies I’ve watched time and time again. There are a lot more I can’t recall off the top of my head.

Tell me what’s on your list.

JaneEyreNo idea. I just watch again and again. I love, love Toby Stephens as Rochester.2000px-Star_Wars_Logo.svgMore than 125 and I’ve stopped counting
Star-Wars-Empire-Strikes-Back-V-Poster_878f7fceMore than 80 times the summer it came out and I’ve stopped counting on this one two.The GooniesThe Goonies – At least 15 times or more
The Last STarfighterThe Last Starfighter – Easily 10 times (I love Robert Preston in that movie)pretty-woman-768Pretty Woman – 35-40 times Best Line EVAH in a romance movie – “Big Mistake. Big. HUGE!” I love that scene
DeadAgainDead Again Can I just say how much I love time travel or at least stories that flip back and forth from past to present then back to the past. This is a wonderfully acted, exciting, romantic picture. I love it!ScarletPimpernel1Scarlet Pimpernel I’ve watched this story in different movies so many times, but this version is the best IMHO
About-Time-poster-303x450About Time – 3 times, but this one is a keeperLoveActuallyLove Actually – 12-15 times and counting
Kate_and_leopold_ver2Kate & Leopold – 15 times and upMoviePosterGalaxy Quest – 6 times and up
ALL the Star Trek movies at least a dozen times.
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