Closet Skeletons

Frank and Fred Whipkey 1930Quora is a fascinating site. If you’ve not visited it, you should check it out. You’ll find intelligent questions, not so intelligent questions, and questions that will make your eyebrows raise up to hit the ceiling. One of the questions I stumbled over the other day was somewhere on the lines of what skeletons do you have in your family closet. I sat back for a moment and reviewed the past. Here’s what I came up with

I had a male relative on my father’s side of the family who fought for the German army during WWII. My understanding from my father who spoke with Opa about it was that Opa didn’t go willingly. Not going would have been pretty much suicide I think.

While it’s not really a skeleton in the disgraceful sense, the next “skull bones” is a COOL one! On my father’s side, way back in the middle ages, the family had an actual knight who fought in the Crusades. Yes, you may now call me Lady Monica.

Isabel-CastellanoOne not so far back in the past, I am the direct descendent of a great-grandmother who was illegitimate. That is a story I wish I more information on, but my great-great-grandmother went to her grave not telling my great-grandmother who her father was. The story goes that my great-great-grandmother went to St. Louis to work in a fancy house as a maid. This was about the time of the great influx of British noblemen seeking wealthy American brides who could help save their English estates. My theory is one of two things happened. She fell in love with the son of the master of the house, or the actual master of the house. Passion ensued, and she came home pregnant. The other more terrible possibility, which is probably more realistic, is that she was raped by one of the male members of the house. Whether she was dismissed or she came home on her own is not known, but oh how I wish I knew the truth.

Do you have any infamous family member in your ancestry?

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