One would think that if you’re stranded by bad weather in a family member’s house, things would be grand. Right? Well, they’re not terrible, but I am definitely ready to go home. I do believe my predicament is excellent over what other people are experiencing on the East Coast since Friday. I traveled to Columbus, Ohio to help Marie pick out her wedding dress. She’s going to be beautiful come October 8th. I left home on Thursday to avoid bad weather. Little did I know that the weather would be so bad that driving home on Sunday wouldn’t be possible and Monday isn’t going to happen either. So I’m stranded here in Columbus until Tuesday.

iStock_000001420647SmallAs much as I love my daughter and future SIL, I want to sleep in my own bed, work on my computer with everything I need around me. I’m sure they’re ready for me to go too.  I hate that I’m cluttering up their home. They have a small townhouse, and I have my computer and all my accessories on the kitchen table. I want to be sitting at my desk instead of dealing with the bad ergonomics and discomforts of my laptop.

I miss drinking tea to my heart’s content (I’m almost out of what I brought with me, and need the caffeine for the trip home.) I want to be able to watch the Blacklist and Downton Abbey. MUST KNOW, NEED TO KNOW what’s happening there….and don’t you dare give me any spoilers. LOL Suffice it say that I’m eager for Tuesday morning to come so I can be in my own home, office and bed with all my creature comforts and finicky ways in full operational mode.

What about you? Have you ever stayed at a friend’s or relative’s house and long for home?

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