Back On Track – Not

computerasleepI don’t know about anyone one else, but I’m still feeling far too lethargic. Everyone is still home for the holidays here, and I won’t have any respite until next Monday when everyone goes back to school or work.

Our oldest, Marie, is here with her fiance, Philip, for New Year’s Eve as they spent Christmas with his folks. Marie was really homesick over the holiday, but we reassured her that she’d be here next year for Christmas. We’ve encouraged them to alternate holidays. It’s the only fair thing to do.

It’s been impossible to write, as our house has wood floors and all conversation normal and elevated (arguing and shouting) carry into every crevice that is my office. OY. So I’m working on some promo items and cleaning up my computer before my real work week begins anew next week.

The Night at the Movies with Monica is growing in popularity on Facebook. We’re in the process of picking a movie, date, and time for our January NightAtMoviesGraphicevent.  If you’re interested, here’s the link

If you’re interested in joining us, make sure you vote for when and what we watch.

I’m also working on a week-long Facebook party with some fabulous authors and activities. More coming on that. If you’ve not signed up for my newsletter, you might want to do that so you’ll receive the latest and greatest news from me.

So tell me, are you already back in the saddle again? Having trouble getting back into the routine again, now that Christmas is over? If you are back in the saddle, tell me how you did it!

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