A Look Back

Every New Year’s Eve, everyone looks back over the past year of the significant events that have occurred in their lives. Some good, some bad. I prefer to forget the bad. Instead I focus on the good. Here are some of the best moments of 2015 for me.


Marie's Engagement Ring

It’s Official β€” The Ring

Marie and Philip

It’s Not The Engagement Photo, But It Works πŸ™‚



Baby Leaning To Drive

Baby in the driver’s seat, while mom is digging her nails into the door rest.

Baby Senior Photo

One of my favorite poses from Baby’s senior pictures.


Have you ever looked at your child and thought, “Damn, I made this!”

Baby kicked me out of the kitchen over Thanksgiving and Christmas as she made both of the big meals. She spoiled me.


Brooklyn Bridge

A mother/daughter day in New York City this past July. It was an adventure.

Bottled Water

Thirst is non-negotiable. $4 for a bottled water is painless when you’re parched.

Subway Adventure

From the gal who was really a guy to the lady twerking on the train’s car pole to all the other funny moments, our subway adventure was awesome.


Visited Katz’s Delicatessen, Baby thoroughly enjoyed her Reuben. This place had a weird way of paying. You got a ticket when you came in and then you had to turn the ticket in when you left. Apparently the idea of not paying for your meal is a problem in this restaurant.


Blue Ridge Parkway

A serene moment on a side trip. Returned to my old stomping grounds, the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was so peaceful and quiet.


International Book Awards Readers Favorite Gold Medal for Forever Mine. So proud of this book.

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