Monica Burns

Hot Dude Day – y’all are in for a treat this week because I’ve been challenged by the fab Norah Wilson in the FIVE Days of Hotness Challenge. So naturally you get the standard Monday fare of hot dudes and several more days of beautiful men to sigh over. Starting off today’s fest I give you four actors whose appeal is ageless. Tom Hiddleston for his sexy romantic persona, Dougal for his awesome alpha maleness, and Daniel Craig for the way he wears a suit, and that unbelievably sexy tender shower scene in the first of his Bond movies. First Bond movie I’d ever watch all the way through. Finally, but not least, Benedict Cumberbatch for his brilliance as an actor. This guy can play any role and you’re riveted to your seat. Do you have a favorite actor ? Share his picture if you’ve got one. from Monica Burns

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