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I totally and completely admire Nora Roberts for her forthright manner in addressing the rudeness we see so much in today’s SM community. Fortunately for me, the only snide remarks on my writing is on Goodreads, but that’s not my playground. Readers have every right to be as blunt, rude, ugly and snide there as they like. However, the caveat to all those readers is that I rarely take stock in their commentary when it comes to buying other books. I also check to see how many 1 or 2 stars they’ve left on other books to determine their credibility. I believe in free speech, and I don’t censor commentary here related to things that aren’t related to my writing. However, if you don’t like my books, why be here? Makes no sense to me. I just had someone who thought it was okay to post here that I write porn. I don’t and I’m pretty sure this individual had never read one of my more recent books. That’s NOT cool. They’re gone. (NOTE: Before I had a chance to remove them, they removed themselves. Works for me.). What I love about Nora’s post is that it’s a polite, blunt way of saying when you visit someone else’s “house,” don’t be an a$$. And that holds for authors too when you visit blogs and other reader venues..
from Monica Burns

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