via Monica Burns If you don’t like a book you read in the past. Actually you loathed the book. WHY, WHY do you pick up another book that explicitly states it’s like the book you loathe? *scratching head* Readers PLEASE, PLEASE read the blurb info before a buy!! It’s there to help you make an informed decision, not to entice you into buying a book you’re going to hate. SERIOUSLY! And for the record. SPOILER ALERT: So read on at your own risk. This book IS about reincarnation. Nicholas loses Victoria in his time period, but he finds her again in the future. Yes, she left a baby behind, but that’s life. Things happen like that. She could have died in childbirth. I could have killed Nicholas instead of Victoria in past and found some way to throw her back into the future, where they could have their happy ending. BUT, if anyone reads the journal entries closely, Nicholas says that he would never have known Nicholas writes…… I am still amazed at my stubbornness to not recognize the truth more quickly. (The truth Victoria kept telling him.) Nonetheless, this is my favorite time of year because it reminds me of how fortunate I am at having had you to love. (See, he knows that taking the risk to love her is better than never having loved at all). What we shared was something few find in this world, and when we meet again in your world, I know we will be equally fortunate then.(Whoa, he’s now convinced they’re going to be together. Is this not a man who has come full circle from believing Victoria just had a bump on the head, which is why she thinks she’s from the future? This is just a period of time they’re apart. What about lovers separated by war? This is no different. They do get together in the end.) I do not deny that this book isn’t gut wrenching at the end, but I could not have written it any other way. It’s the way life is. When you read a book of mine, you’re going to get as close to real life as I can make. I can’t please everyone, but if the blurb says it’s like a book you hate, by God don’t buy it. That way you won’t be so disappointed. I’m beginning to think I need to spell it out to people. *shaking head and pinching nose with fingers* via Facebook

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  1. How does Darby die? Either I missed something, or my Kindle skipped a page. I enjoyed “Forever Mine” and the depth of emotions the author brought to life. The resolution feels real, not just a fluffy and superficial HEA.