via Monica Burns There’s a reason why I use the F-word in my books. It’s how a LOT of men think or talk. To ask why I think it enhances the book, my answer is this, because I write alpha males. As I’ve stated in the past, I do NOT use the Sh*t word, c&nt, p&ssy, pr#ck, etc, because I find them crude and offensive, even by my standards. I’m okay with you not wanting to read a book with the F-bomb in it. But don’t ask in your review, why I’d use the language, especially when you know I can’t/won’t answer your question for fear of flaming wars. Just say you don’t like book because it had foul language in it. Don’t offer to start a debate when you don’t want to. I put approximately 30 F-bombs in a 460 page book, and those bombs are there because *I* believe they emphasized the character’s feelings, intentions, etc. at that point in time. The F-bomb is the only foul language I used, oh wait, Nora said “holy crap.” If anyone wants to live in the make-believe world that this kind of language didn’t exist in the past, let me educate you. All of today’s cuss words, including FUCK, date back as far as Shakespeare and even further. Don’t believe me, I can give you the titles of factual books about foul language. If there’s one thing I excel at in my books, it’s RESEARCH! Alpha males have ALWAYS used foul language, and while maybe not in front of their lady, they do so with other men. CLEARLY, I need to molly-coddle some readers and alert them to the number of times FUCK is used in the book. Sheesh. via Facebook

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