How to Get Your Facebook Friends/Pages Back

Facebook has stopped putting my posts in most of my readers’ news feeds. They want me to pay for my posts to appear in your news feeds. Even when I pay for Facebook to drop my posts in your news feed, they don’t do it for everyone!

SO, If you want to see my regular posts (such as Hot Dude Days, Chatty Tuesdays, etc.) you’ll need to get me into your news feed. The step-by-step instructions for doing that are below. There are two options: Subscribe or Interest Lists. Either one of these two options will ensure you see my posts as well as how you want to see them in your Facebook news feed. They’re just a matter of choice.

This is the easiest PAINLESS way to do it. Go to the page owner’s profile and click the Subscribe button (upper right-hand corner). This puts me in your news feed. Here’s my profile page!







Once you’ve subscribed, hover over the button to get the drop down menu and select Get Notifications. This puts my posts in your news feed.









This one is a little more time consuming to set up, but I do make a number of posts each day, so if you want to see all of the posts at one time, then create a list. This condenses my post to one single feed, and eliminates the potential for you to miss family posts.

1. Find the LIKE button on my page (upper right hand corner of the screen). Allow your mouse to hover over the Like Button. DO NOT CLICK or you will NEVER see me again!! Instead wait for the drop down menu to appear.


2. In the drop down menu make sure Show In News Feed and Add to Interest Lists are checked. If you don’t want my posts to show up in your news feed all the time, simply uncheck the show in news feed option and add me to an Interest List . A list is something you can check periodically without having every page you like showing their posts in your news feed.



3. When you click  Add to Interest Lists one of two things will happen

A) If you have an Interest List already created, you’ll get a drop down box like with whatever lists you’ve already created. I have an Authors list that I add my favorite authors to. If you have a list made, just click to add my page to the list.







B) If you don’t have an Interest List created yet, you’ll get this drop down box








Click + New List and the screen below will pop up. Make sure my name is checked then click the Next button









In the Create New List Screen:
a) type in a name for your list.
b) decide who can see the posts from your lists
c) Click Done













That’s all there is too it. Hope to see you on Facebook more often as we thwart the evil empire known as Facebook. May the Force Be With You.



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