Saturday Night At The Trailers


THOR arrived yesterday! Have you seen it? I don’t want to watch in 3-D. I think I can wait, but it does look like a fun movie!! Not to mention the guy is a semi-Brad Pitt lookalike! LOL
Coming June 29th. This looks like an incredible MIND-BENDER of a movie. I want to know WHY he has to jump!
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10 thoughts on “Saturday Night At The Trailers

  1. >knb glad you enjoyed the movie. I imagine I will in a few months. Mary, I'm already thinking about doing a midnight screening of Super 8

  2. >it's a good movies. but i aspect more from that movie. anyway it's enjoy it! kindly visit & support me back

  3. >Ev, I'm sorry for your loss. I hope Heather deals with it okay. I know what it's like to lose someone you love. Going to the movies can be a great de-stressor. When I miscarried my second child, my sister and I went to the movies two nights afterward. We saw Braveheart. I'll always remember that night. Primarily because she'd had a similar experience and understood what I was dealing with. Well that and the fact that I told two kids sitting next to us to carry their conversation out of the theater at a point in the movie when it went deadly silent. Completely unexpected on my part! LOL And the brutality of the movie was something, but cathartic given I was pretty angry at God at the time.

  4. >Didn't get to see the movies today, Heather is on her way home for her grandfather's funeral, so we will go to the movies while she is home. Too bad I have to work during the day and we have to deal with others tho!

  5. >Maria, I really think The Ledge is going to be one of those breakout movies.

    Ev, I love going to the movies when there's no one there!! And FORGET THOR!! Fast Five all the way, doll. Vin totally rawks the house. Rawr!!

  6. >From what I understand, you really don't need to see it in 3D, which is good, as I don't like 3D unless it's a cartoon. I might just take myself off to see it in the Matinee on Monday. No kids to deal with. Then I'll swing over to Fast Five!

  7. >I haven't seen Thor yet but hope to see it tomorrow or at the latest next week…lol

    Had not seen the trailer for The Ledge- looks really interesting

  8. >Well, I want to see Thor, but the 3D doesn't interest me. It's so damned annoying to put glasses over glasses. (@#&!(@#&

    I'll be sure to watch the ending of THOR when I do Netflix in a few months.

    As for The Ledge, this is one I REALLY want to see. I just hope the trailer isn't hiding a dud.

    Just watched Harry Potter Part 1 last night. I've a feeling I would have liked it better if I could see Part 2 today. That said, I didn't find it all that interesting. It was so predictable. I knew Dobby was going to buy the farm, I know Harry has the real Elder wand, and I found the whole thing rather stilted. I don't know if that's because I found the story line growing weak or the acting stilted or the lack of more characters interacting with the main three. That might be it. I've always found the secondary characters stronger than the main three. Although I DO love Hermione's hold everything bag. LOL

  9. >Monica,
    Yes, saw THOR yesterday in 3D. What a fun ride. OMG – where has Chris Hemsworth been hiding? No, no, no. Please don't compare to BP. Chris towers over him, at 6'3". BTW, don't leave the theater until all of the credits have rolled. You might miss something!

    Thanks for the new trailer. I haven't seen it yet. Looks very eerie. Cool!