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Have you ever met someone who has a dream, and you know how passionate they are about that dream that you’ll do whatever you can to help them out? My nephew Shannon is that way. The two of us are creative souls who have a lot in common,Star Wars, Egypt, George Lucas, Spielberg, movies. You name it and we’re generally in line with the same taste buds. More importantly, we’re in the dream-fulfilling business. I write books, and Shannon directs film. 
Recently, he was chosen to direct a film for Sprite with Natasha Bedingfield as one of the stars. (I really have NO idea who she is, but I understand it was a big deal for him!) His short film is in competition with other films, and the way one moves up in the competition is to get text votes. It’s easy to text, just dial 777483 and type ATL (the first text you make needs to have your birth year, after that just ATL will do). 
Right now Shannon’s team is behind. It’s a shame because the film is quite good IMHO (aside from the fact that I’m his proud aunt!). I’ve watched it a couple of times now, and the subtle nuances of the film amaze me. Shannon’s just 21 years old and his vision is pretty awesome in one so young. The film is entitled Wonderland, and Shannon uses short, abrupt scene switches to emphasize the  overall frenzied, disjointed perspective of the original Alice In Wonderland. It’s carefully constructed in a visual manner to pull you into a world that’s every bit as amusing, wacky and puzzling as the story Lewis Carroll wrote.

I think that’s what is so wonderful about Shannon’s film. Taken at the surface, it’s a fun film about college kids looking for acceptance by going through a small amount of hazing. But beneath that top layer Shannon points out in a very subtle manner that people need to find themselves without meeting the expectations of others. When the Caterpillar asks”Who are you?” I was immediately struck by the main protagonists and their responses. One kid knew the “right answer” while the other one didn’t. But was the “right answer” really the right answer?
The kid who was confused by the question was a geek who was comfortable with his books, himself and who he was. The geek was only really there because his friend wanted to be a part of something (the Greek scene). He couldn’t give the “right answer” because he knew who he was. He was Kendal. But the guy who responded “Alice” to the question did so because he wanted to fit in. Then there were the blue dresses. It symbolized the desperation people often display at their need to do anything to be accepted. Wonderland if filled with these type of subtleties, and it just blew me away!
  I’ve been texting like crazy all week, but I could really use your help in getting Shannon’s film the boost it deserves. Help me, help another creative soul make their dreams come true. If everyone reading this post voted just ten times that would be a huge help in boosting their numbers. Just dial 777483 and type ATL (the first text you make needs to have your birth year, after that just ATL will do). Unfortunately, texting is the only way to vote. If you can’t vote, but you drink a Sprite today, email the code in the Sprite cap to me (monicaburns AT monicaburns DOT com)  and I’ll vote for you. The code counts as 25 votes. Check out Shannon’s bio below.

Shannon Jones

With an overactive imagination, Shannon remembers falling in love with making movies when he first borrowed his grandma’s High 8mm Camcorder.
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  1. >Maria Thank you so much! I wish I'd gotten the word out on the blog sooner! I also didn't even THINK about Tweeting!! I'm a fricking MARKETING/PR major! *banging head on desk*

  2. >Just texted the votes in and also sent you a Sprite cap code since can't access their site at work…lol