Saturday Night At The Trailers


Forget Harry Potter (which I love!) but THIS is going to be THE MOVIE of 2011. You can not go wrong with J.J. Abrams (directed the most recent Star Trek movie) and Steven Spielberg. You just can’t!
I think I’m going to LOVE this movie!! I’m just sorry that I have to wait another year to see it! I know this is going to be one of those BRs (Blu-Ray) that I’m gonna be adding to my collection. Nobody does nature like Disney IMHO. National Geographic is good, but everything goes better with Disney!
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6 thoughts on “Saturday Night At The Trailers

  1. >Mary, you should check out NetFlix if you don't have it. We're on the trial right now and I know we're going to keep it. I spent $35 in onDemand movies last month and the DH had a fit. I can see the same amount of movies for half that with NEtFlix. That and they have instant streaming as well, not all movies, but it appears they're growing that segment of their business. I've found movies that I would NEVER be able to find on pay channels, cable channels, onDemand or just Redbox. AMAZING!

    And even neater is the feature that I can look up the site on my phone when I see a video in the store and reserve it on my page so I don't forget it. Almost bought a $10 movie that when I checked on NetFlix they had it! COOL!

  2. >I mostly watch Horror movies, and when I'm in the mood a good action flick. Everything else I wait for it to be seen on tv.

  3. >Artemis, I think this is going to be one of the biggest summers of blockbuster movies we've seen in years. You've got Super 8, Harry Potter, and one more I can't remember that is supposed to be big box office draw as well. I'm looking forward to it!

    Maria, Super 8 is gonna be awesome! My nephew the director! is totally psyched about it. I'm hoping he might come here to see it at a midnight showing!

    Ev, I'm sorry the Chimpanzee one isn't working. It was a good video. And no!!! I didn't see Conan one. must go hunt it down!! I LOVED the Conan movies. Campy but fun!!

  4. >They removed the Chimpanzee one. No longer available.

    Super 8 looks interesting.

    Did you see the trailer after for Conan?? Back to the comic book version,not the bad one. Thank god.

  5. >Thanks for the trailer for Super 8…I didn't even know about this movie and it looks fantastic! I too am undecided about Chimpanzie…maybe dvd rental for that one

  6. >I agree about Super 8. I'm undecided about Chimpanzee though. I do want to see the big Cat movie that is now showing.

    What I'm looking forward to is THOR. I have a soft spot for comic book movies!