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There were a couple of authors who didn’t get to blog with me during the Pleasure Me Blog Event, but they wanted to come visit with everyone here. Kat Martin loved chatting with everyone so much she just emailed that she wants to come back again!! See!! You guys are loved!!

First up is Samantha Kane on March 21st. If you like ’em hot, then Samantha is your kind of author. She covers it all (or should I say uncovers it all? LOL). Historical, menage, m/m, sci-fi, etc. Basically name it, and it looks like Samantha’s written it! An Award-winning author, I think you’ll enjoy her visit.

Then on March 28th, we have the wonderful Claire Delacroix. If you’ve read Deborah Cooke‘s Dragon Fire series, then hold onto your hats, because Claire and Deb are on in the same. Claire writes kick-butt medieval romances with delicious heroes and strong heroines. I’d read her books before I met her, and when I discovered she belonged to the same RWA chapter that I’m a part of, I was stunned. Here was a writer I adored, and now I could ASK her writing questions? *thud* She’s sharp, witty, classy, and writes wonderful characters. In short…I want to be like her. *sigh*
April 4th, Kat Martin asked to come back to blog about a new book she has coming out (this woman is BUSY!). She said she had such a great time chatting with everyone here that she wanted to do it again. 

So there are some great authors coming your way in the next couple of weeks, be sure to check back weekly. I’m also thinking of a couple of things to do to keep the conversation going here. I think everyone really liked visiting the blog, not just because of the prizes, but because you enjoyed chatting with the authors. I’m going to see if I can’t do it a little more regularly. It’s a great way to keep you abreast of the latest releases and new-to-you authors.

Stay Tuned!

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4 thoughts on “>Upcoming Guests

  1. >Maria, I've not read Samantha, but I love Claire's work! She's an awesome writer.

    Be sure to pop in when they visit April!

  2. >Yay…more visitors! Have not read anything by Samantha Kane or Claire Delacroix so really looking forward to what they have to say:)