>Saturday Night At the Trailers – Skyline


The reviews for Skyline weren’t too pretty, but I’m thinking I’ll do OnDemand when it’s available. Seriously, if it has mean alien creatures, too stupid to live characters and great special effects, I’m going to enjoy it as much as I did Cloverfield (which was really a comedy in disguise that I’m soooo glad I rented! It was just that bad! LOL)
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8 thoughts on “>Saturday Night At the Trailers – Skyline

  1. >Mary, my fav part of Cloverfield was when the characters were in the underground, rats are running toward them, they're all going ewww, one guys says something like where are they running to? The other guy says, "no they're running FROM something." then he immediately turns around and walks in the direction from which the rats had come from. I was rolling. Talk about STUPID!! ROFL

    And District 9 was WONDERFUL!! Just fabulous! Talk about a dissertation on racism! Just wonderful.

  2. >I'm looking forward to watching this one and I didn't like Cloverfield at all. I am hoping that this one is a lot better. Another movie I saw was district 9 and that one was really good.

  3. >April, you should check out Cloverfield is you want a laugh. It's like watch a 50s B movie only with all the new technology. I laughed all the way through.

  4. >It does, doesn't it Maria. I'm looking forward to having time to watch when it hits the movie channels.

  5. >Wow….I don't even remember seeing the first trailers for this movie….looks kinda good in strange evil alien way:)

  6. >This one really does remind me of Cloverfield, but maybe not quite as funny. LOL I love SFX too. The DH had Star Wars on the other night, and I preempted dialogue and he said, "that's not right." I just arched my eyebrow and in the next sec, Leia said the same dialogue. He just rolled his eyes. ๐Ÿ˜€ Never EVER mess with a woman who's seen Star Wars more than 100 times and TESB almost 200. LOL I can still do JAWS dialogue. You're gonna need a bigger boat.