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>Almost five years ago, I finally found the time to sit down and read Passion. It was a wonderful read that just blew me away. I knew then that I had found another auto-buy author for me! Today, I’m excited to have that author, Lisa Valdez blogging here with us. Her latest release, Patience, was a NY Times (extended list) bestseller and is a deliciously sinful read that you should treat yourself to immediately. Please welcome Lisa for today’s Pleasure Me With Romance guest post.

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Thank you so much for having me, Monica. I’m really looking forward to reading PLEASURE ME. I know it’s going to be fabulously successful!

Okay, so with the publication of my most recent book, PATIENCE, I learned that I could still shock and surprise readers—which, lol, was a bit of a shock and surprise to me. I mean I knew PATIENCE was a risky book, but I guess I just never think I’m being as shocking as some readers think I’m being. So I thought I’d talk about what makes for a Lisa Valdez romance. For readers who know me, it’ll be an elucidation of what you have seen in my books. And for new readers, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect should you decide to pick up one of my books.

Okay, so here we go—three things you can expect from a Lisa Valdez romance:
1.    Raw and Emotional Sex Spurred by the Promise of Love—I write very raw, explicit sex using the slang of the period I’m writing in. I don’t hold back and my characters share their every intimacy and vulnerability with the reader. But don’t let the raw language or the immediacy of the sex/love scenes fool you. In a Lisa Valdez romance the sex is never “just” sex. It is a powerful conduit to story, character and conflict, and it is loaded with emotional underpinnings that are acted out and demonstrated throughout the scenes. And those same emotional underpinnings, or themes, will be demonstrated by the characters outside of the bedroom as well. 

The careful and/or emotionally engaged reader will see and feel how the sex/love scenes move the characters and the story forward, and how the emotional development of the characters is tied to those scenes. Which brings me to love. The promise of love, the birth of love, or the flowering of love is in every sex/love scene I write. Even if the hero and heroine engage in sex in the first chapter, it is the promise of love that puts them there. In other words, they wouldn’t be there with any other person—only their love match. And even though their minds may not know it, their bodies and hearts do. And we do. 

Oh, readers should also know that though I’m a one man/one woman kinda gal, the sensual leanings of my characters won’t always be the same. In PASSION I explored the fantasy of sex in public places. In PATIENCE, I explored a dominant/submissive relationship. But in both books, the sex/love scenes carried emotional weight and the promise, birth and flowering of love.



Known for her exceptional beauty, Patience Emmalina Dare has been pursued by admirers ever since coming of age. But suitor after suitor fails to inspire her love – or her desire. Certain she will never find a man who touches her deeply, she decides to forgo marriage in favor of pursuing her music. But just when Patience thinks she has her life well in hand, a passionate kiss with her enigmatic brother-in-law awakens a powerful need in her. How will she reconcile her desire for him and her desire for a life that’s her own – and what will she do when he shows her a deep and hidden part of herself that she never knew existed?

When the secret of his illegitimate birth pushes Matthew Morgan Hawkmore from his place in society, the darkly handsome half-brother of the Earl of Langley plots his resurrection and his revenge. Betrayed and abandoned by the women he believed loved him, he swears to never again be controlled by love. But despite his vow, he is unable to resist the beautiful Patience, whose strength and self-reliance hide a need that he is perfectly suited to fulfill. Can he have her without loving her? What will he give up to keep her? And will her passionate surrender be the one thing that can stop him from making a tragic mistake that could destroy them both…

2.    An Overall Emotional Read—As one might guess from my first item, readers can expect a high degree of emotion from a Lisa Valdez romance. Lol—I sometimes remind myself of Kathleen Turner in ROMANCING THE STONE. At the beginning of that movie, her character is writing her latest romance and crying her eyes out as she’s writing. That’s me, in the privacy of my writer’s lair. Now, some readers thought PATIENCE was lacking emotion. 

But I truly believe that critique was founded in some readers’ disassociation with Matthew and Patience’s sensual leanings, rather than an actual lack of emotion. Or, perhaps, Patience’s personal journey from emotionally walled-up to emotionally free made some readers feel that she wasn’t warm and fuzzy enough. Regardless, PATIENCE is actually a book that is all about emotion and the pursuit of emotional freedom. And I cried like three times while writing that book!
Anyway, the reader will find that the emotional arcs of my characters are as heavily weighted—if not more weighted—than the external arcs of my characters. I mean, this is romance and, to me, the emotions are paramount.

3.    Purple Prose—Make that Violet—Wickipedia says purple prose is “sensually evocative beyond the requirements of its context.” And that purple prose employs “exaggerated sentiment or pathos in an attempt to manipulate a reader’s response.” But who’s to say what is beyond the requirements of context? And who’s to say what is exaggerated sentiment? Every reader decides this for himself or herself. And so, too, does every author. 

When I write, I’m completely immersed in the bodies, minds and hearts of my characters. The words flow onto the pages directly from my characters. “Manipulating a reader’s response” is the last thing on my mind. I think romance as a genre is often criticized for being “purple.” But I, for one, wouldn’t be especially interested in reading a Hemingway-esque romance. I mean passion, love and romance touches us at our hearts—at our purple cores—doesn’t it? I’m thinking it should be some shade of purple. So I have embraced the “purple.” And if I’m deep violet, then so be it. I don’t know how to do mind and body blowing sex that is laden with unacknowledged love and emotional baggage any other way. Vive la pourpre!

So there you have it. I hope this gives readers an idea of what to expect from a Lisa Valdez romance. Thanks again for having me, Monica, and may PLEASURE ME pleasure readers everywhere!

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About the Author
Lisa Valdez was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but grew up in Los Angeles, California. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from UCLA. She still resides in Los Angeles with her husband and two children
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About Monica Burns

A bestselling author of erotic romance, Monica Burns penned her first short romance story at the age of nine when she selected the pseudonym she uses today. From the days when she hid her stories from her sisters to her first completed full-length manuscript, she always believed in her dream despite rejections and setbacks. A workaholic wife and mother, Monica believes it’s possible for the good guy to win if they work hard enough.

56 thoughts on “Pleasure Me With Lisa Valdez

  1. >It's always good to see a fellow Bruin! 🙂

    The majority of stories that explore D/s relationships are set in contemporary times (that I've read, anyway), so I find it refreshing to have one in a historical romance.

    When I hear "purple prose" my mind skips to the romance novelists of olde, whom I'd consider rather esteemed company, so… 🙂

    julieguan AT gmail DOT com

  2. >I agree that I like most shade of purple-as long as long as it isn't to a ridiculous degree. If I'm laughing at the overblown language while reading a love scene, then something's wrong.

    I only truly enjoy love scenes in a romance between the HEA couple. As long as the two are or will be in love with each other then it usually doesn't bother me if they jump into bed together early on.

    Anyway, thanks for the post. I enjoy getting insight into a writer's philosophy.

    jbrink83 at hotmail dot com

  3. >Oh boy…more books to add to my Goodreads list…it's just getting longer and longer. Good thing I'm a quick reader!!
    FibreJunky at gmail dot com
    in Hanover, MD

  4. >Monica, thanks for introducing us to Lisa today.
    Lisa, thanks for the excellent description of
    your work. I plan to form a closer acquaintance
    with Passion and Patience. BTW, I love all shades
    of purple!

    Pat Cochran

  5. >Monica, thank you so much for having me! This has been a delight, and I'm happy to have met some new readers. Best of luck with PLEASURE ME–I can't wait to read it! Ciao, bella! And goodnight everyone!

  6. >Hi Laura H, Glad to be on you radar! I hope you enjoy!

    Hi SiNn, Love the name! My heroes and heroines do their fare share of sinning. 😉

    Hi Artemis, lol–glad you liked the PRIMROSE excerpt! I don't have a release date yet, but I will post it the moment I get it. 🙂

  7. >Hi Andrea! *waving madly* omg, I'm so happy you enjoyed PASSION and that you have the copy I signed for you! I love that. 🙂 And I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed PATIENCE as well. I will post about PRIMROSE as soon as I get a date. Ciao, bella! And you're welcome for the words… *high five* with another "purple" person!

  8. >Hi Sheree, All shades of purple are lovely! 🙂

    Hi lindalou, I understand what you mean. I'm a real traditionalist, too, when it comes to the one man/one woman romance. 🙂

  9. >Lisa,

    Thank you for that excerpt – Wow! *fanning self* And when can we expect to see that on the shelf?

    Soon I hope.

    cindersmaria @ yahoo DOT com
    South Carolina

  10. >Wow! Another new author and a book that sounds like everything I look for in a romance. Lisa, you're now on my "radar" and your books on my TBR list!


  11. >Hi Lynn, lol–I just love that little tantrum you threw! You were so demanding, but in the sweetest possible way! Seriously, thank you for your enthusiasm, devotion and support. And thank you for visiting my site and signing up for my group. As for PRIMROSE, the wait will not be as long. I will post as soon as I have the release date! 🙂

  12. >Hi Jade! Thank you for posting! I'm glad you felt PATIENCE was worth the wait–and having both my books on your keeper-shelf is awesome! Woohoo! Love that, Jade. I hope PRIMROSE makes it there as well, and I promise the wait will not be so long.

    Glad you liked the d/s 101 and that it supported what you felt when reading PATIENCE.

    And thank you for your comment about possibly missing something if you skip over the sex/love scenes. I have a lovely reader who wrote to tell me how much she loved my writing. She went on to say that she skipped most of the sex, but that she just loved everything else. lol–I wrote back to thank her and acknowledged that if she were skipping the sex in my books, she was skipping a whole lot of book! She wrote me several months later to say that she and her adult daughter had read PASSION and PATIENCE together–aloud!–without skipping!–and that she had found it even better. I almost fell off my chair!

    Anyway, thanks for writing, Jade! Ciao, bella!

  13. >Hi Tarenn98, I hope you enjoy PATIENCE! And I'm excited that PRIMROSE caught your interest. 🙂

    Hi Kate, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your job. You're not alone. There is a lot of that going around right now. Hang in there…

    Hi Tracey D, I hope PATIENCE pleases you!

    Hi Babs, I know all about those self-imposed book-buying bans. If only I weren't always breaking them. 🙂 Maybe you'll win the drawing!

  14. >Hi Becke! *waving back wildly* So good to see you here! And I promise you won't have to wait so long for PRIMROSE. I'm definitely narrowing the gap between books. 🙂 Ciao, bella!

  15. >Hi Sylvia, lol–many readers have admitted to me that PASSION and/or PATIENCE "inspired" them, shall we say. If that happens for you, then I think your husband will be very happy. 😉

    Hi Robin, I hope you enjoy!

    Hi Danielle, I'm so happy you liked PASSION! I hope PATIENCE sizzles for you as well. 🙂

    Hi Catslady, I agree–when an author is passionate about what they're writing, it shows on the page.

  16. >*waving* Hi, Lisa!! I'm so glad you're here today. 🙂

    I absolutely loved Passion! I have the copy that you signed for me at the booksigning at RWA in Atlanta in 2006 on my keeper shelf. Thank you again for the sweet words. 🙂 I read Patience and enjoyed it as well. And I am so looking forward to Primrose! Especially after that excerpt.

    And like a few of the others, I love purple(!)…prose and all! 😉

    dadaw1321 AT numail DOT org

  17. >Hi Lisa & Monica! I tried to access your blog this AM and couldn't! Now I see why… (Monica, you can oversleep sometimes… I was worried that I'd miss a blog as I was going out of town today…) Lisa – I loved your very informative post. I also like my books to be one man, one woman… I don't like my heroines to be sleeping around except for with that one man. I'll have to pick up your books after reading your post. Thanks
    Linda T.
    Florida, USA

  18. >Hm, I'm more of a lilac or mauve person myself although I have read deep violet (would that be ultraviolet?) prose and enjoyed it. 🙂


  19. >Good afternoon, ladies!

    Please do NOT enter me into today's drawing. Why not? Well, I already have Patience. I also have Passion. Monica, stop sniggering over there! I mean the BOOKS!!

    I bought and devoured Passion when it first came out about 5 or 6 years ago, and then sat and waited, and waited, and waited for Patience to come out, because the excerpt in the back of Passion for Patience? OMG, it had me fanning myself from the beginning!!

    Finally, Patience came out last year, and I bought it, but made myself wait to read it until I had re-read Passion. Then I devoured it.

    Now you're making me wait for Primrose?!?!? Is there no justice in the world?!?!?!? I want the book now and I don't want to wait, although I would have to re-read both Passion AND Patience before reading Primrose, just to make sure I was, uh, primed and ready for it, so to speak.

    I realize that there were issues that made you hold off on the release of Patience. I'm simply ever so glad that it didn't prevent you from eventually doing so. I also finally had the chance to visit your website today, and have signed up for your newsgroup. Bookmarked you, too.

    Thank you both for your fantastic books! You keep writing them, I'll keep reading them.


    Madison, Wisconsin

  20. >Have never read any of this author books but I appreciate the primer so I know what to expect.

    linze_e at hotmail dot com

  21. >I have heard so many great things about Lisa's books, but haven't read any yet. I'm always looking for an emotional read.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  22. >Hi Lisa,

    The wait for "Patience" was long but after reading it, believed it was worth the looonng wait! Will keep eyes and ears open for the next one, "Primrose" and keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be a longer wait. 🙂

    Thanks for the d/s 101 – very informative indeed and it confirmed what I'd always thought about how the relationship worked. <–geez, not saying what I want to say but I agree with everything you wrote – it makes sense!

    BTW, purple and and allshades of purple happen to be my favorite.

    As for purple prose…? Heck, if I get too uncomfortable when I read the really purple prose/graphic description of the sexual act/love-making, et al., I just turn the pages and later on, would have a somewhat typical "what the heck, did-I-miss-anything important-should-I-go-back-and-re-read moment?" Heh!

    Monica, you will be a NTMA. I will be ordering your book ASAP. Thanks for featuring Lisa Valdez (whose PASSION and PATIENCE are in my keeper shelves as well as in my Kindle Colection of favorite books)and another auto-buy author of mine, Jade Lee.

    Belleville, NJ

  23. >Ohhh, purple is one of my favorite colors and I'm all for purple prose!

    I read PASSION about a year ago…PATIENCE is on my wish-list but I'm on a self-imposed book buying ban for the time being. So sad.

    BabsVick AT gmail DOT com

  24. >I enjoyed the post and the excerpt. The cover is wonderful. I look forward in reading Patience.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  25. >Hi Kate here in Florida, I love following these posts now that I have a lot more time on my hands….lost my job of 8 years about a week ago 🙁 I have several of your books that I should be starting soon. I look forward to loosing myself in them.

    Lovesjasmine @


  26. >Great post.Thanks for sharing with us. Let me say I have "Patience" but have not read it as of yet,but intend to shortly.I hear it is an excepional read. "Primose" sounds just as interesting.I will have it on my TBR list.

  27. >*waves madly* Hi Lisa – I'm so excited to see you here!

    Monica – I'm a HUGE fan of Lisa's books. I've read the excerpt for her upcoming book and I wish it was coming out sooner!

  28. >You are a new to me writer but I like how you commented on your writing. I find that if the author is writing what she wants, it always shows through in a good read. I am definitely intrigued.


  29. >Hello Lisa and Monica.
    I can't wait to get my hands on this book. I read and loved your first and I have been dying to read this one. The first one was certainly hot and I know this one will definitely not disappoint.

  30. >This would be a new author for me as well. The book sounds fantastic. Thank you for the post.

    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com
    MN, USA

  31. >I am laughing at Julie, because my husband, although he admires the connection Monica has to her readers, also is wondering when I will stop adding to my TBR list because of this blog. I am finding that the authors and books suggested here are good picks for me. I tell him that at least I am not wasting money on books I dont like and this blog pre-screens the good ones for me.
    That being said, wonder how happy he is going to be that now I have added not only Primrose, but Passion as well. Oh well…..

  32. >Hi Laura T, I'm so thrilled that PASSION has a spot on your keeper-shelf! Yea! I love knowing when one of my books has earned that place because, for me, that's one of the greatest honors for a book. 🙂 Thank you!

    I'm also glad you enjoyed PATIENCE and that PRIMROSE might be heading to a place you really love. *crossing my fingers for another keeper-shelf spot*

    Hi Carol L, So glad you liked the excerpt for PRIMROSE! I really love Luke. He's got a lot of angst. And he's just–well, mercilessly hot. 😉

    I hope you enjoy PASSION and/or PATIENCE as well.

  33. >Hi Lisa and Monica,
    I'm so glad to meet you here Lisa. I absolutely loved the excerpt for Primrose and can feel his deep pain already. I am definitely going to put your books on my TRL. I enjoyed reading your post today.
    Carol L


  34. >Hi Lisa,

    I have only about two dozen books on my "keeper" shelf but Passion is one of them. I read Patience last year when it first came out and enjoyed it, but not as much as Passion. You referred to readers not feeling the H/h had enough emotion–and that described my feelings as well.

    However, I just read the Primrose excerpt and I'm completely excited about it. It feels very much like the beginning of Passion so I can't wait to read it.

    Thanks for many hours of reading pleasure–and more to come.

    Laura T

  35. >Hi Cindy L, You're so right! We're all individuals with unique personalities, temperaments and outlooks. And then, of course, there are our experiences, which can affect our personalities, temperaments and/or outlooks. It's a wonderful thing that we're not all the same. I hope you enjoy my site!

    Hi Margay, I hope you enjoy PATIENCE. You might want to take a look at my reply to Chris S for a little d/s 101. 🙂

    Hi June, I'm glad you've heard good things! I hope you enjoy…

  36. >I have heard really good things about this series and I have got to pick them up. I love a really emotional book.

    June in KY
    hmanning [at] bellsouth [dot] net

  37. >Hi Chris S, I think PATIENCE is exciting–and interesting, and wonderful. 🙂 If you pick it up, keep in mind the dichotomy of dominance and submission which is that in many ways the dominant is the submissive and the submissive is the dominant. I know it can be a little confusing. I really made every effort, while still trusting the reader (in other words, not clobbering the reader over the head with the point), that everything is the opposite of what it looks like on the surface in a d/s relationship. Everything Matthew does is in the pursuit of pleasing Patience, and everything is by her leave. The joy for the dominant (Matthew) is in pleasing his submissive (Patience) from a place of control.

    Some other general things to know: 1. generally, the dominant is the giver, the submissive is the taker 2. submissives aren't floormats–submission is a choice–if it isn't a choice, it's slavery or a bad case of low self-esteem 3. dominants aren't interested in dominating someone who doesn't want to be dominated 4. dominants and submissives place equal value and equal importance on both roles (this is an important point, and one that some readers really missed. I often refer to Patience's submission as "powerful." And it is–not only for her, but for Matthew) 5. and, finally, the pleasure/pain connection that often exists between a dominant and a submissive is not abuse–indeed, to deny a submissive his or her pleasing pain (or painful pleasure) would be a failure on the dominant's part.

    Pleasure and pain truly are two sides of the same coin–never able to face one another, they look in opposite directions. But turn a coin sideways–in that thin place in-between, where no one can see or touch, the two meet on a some broad expanse where neither can tell where the other begins or ends. I think pain and pleasure are lovers there. And this is the place where many dominants and submissives like to go. And why shouldn't they if it pleases them?

  38. >Hi Lisa! You definitely got my attention with this post! Whenever I read reviews for a book, I look at the reasons why people love it and why they don't. Some of the things that might be found offensive or lacking in a book may be the things that I actually enjoy. There have been books that I've loved and other people didn't and vice versa. It's all based on a readers preference. I'm heading over to your site now.


    New York

  39. >Wow, Virginia!!! What an amazing post–and so beautiful and articulate. You're right, "freedom of expression is a priceless privilege." The current unrest in the world highlights that. And I love what you say about choice and keeping an open mind.

    Thank you for what you say about my passion for my characters and their stories. I am passionate about them–in fact, I truly love them. They are wonderful, worthy characters who have a core decency and honor that makes me proud to know them. Hmm, that probably sounds weird…but it's true! 🙂

    Okay, lol, I'm cutting and pasting your last "personal note," and putting it on my "reader board" over my computer! So funny…

  40. >Hi Maria, I hope you enjoy PASSION and PATIENCE. The covers are lovely, aren't they. Though what Matthew is doing with a mullet, I'll never know! lol–my Victorian heroes all have clean napes. Okay, so I have to ask–am I the only one who thinks a strong nape is one of the sexiest physical qualities on a man?

  41. >Hi Kris, I'm so appreciative too. Monica has given us all a gift with this event. Anytime readers and authors can be introduced, it's an opportunity to grow another wonderful relationship.

    If you do opt to pick up one of my titles, I hope you enjoy it, Kris. Like them or not, "real" characters you will most certainly get from me. For me, my characters are real–they live out their lives on some other plane of existence. They have a before and an after–I just write the beautiful, poignant part in the middle where they find everlasting love…

  42. >Good morning Lisa and Monica. Patience sounds like an exciting book in more ways than one. I love my romances and if they move me emotionally, all the better.

    rjofus(at)gmail(dot)com / NJ

  43. >Hello, Lisa! Shock and surprise are very good for both the reader and the author. One should never be complacent, just settling back, and letting the vast expanses of the literary world go unexplored. In past times, both the writers and readers of certain types of progressively passionate prose were subject to speculation and suspicion. They were either celebrated or ostracized, idolized or incarcerated, and in some cases exalted or executed! Hopefully, we now live in a more objective and tolerant society. Freedom of expression is a priceless privilege, sometimes obtained through suffering and loss of life. We should embrace the fact that we have freedom of choice. We should choose to experience the variety of delights offered by so many talented storytellers writing in a wide array of genres. I have been "stepping outside my fiction box" more and more these last few years. I have found some wonderful new authors and story lines, and I have also reaffirmed some lifelong dislikes. The important thing is that my mind is not closed.

    When a writer enjoys her work and gets wrapped up in the creative process, then the reader reaps the rewards! I think that curiosity and change and new experiences are intrinsic to an author’s continued enthusiasm for their work. If an author lost their “joie de vivre”–”joy of life/living”–then their work would suffer. Your passion for your storytelling, and the vividness with which you describe your story lines and characters makes me interested in reading your work!

    On a personal note, I would like to say that the sensuality and sexual encounters that readers experience between the covers of a book is the safest sex in which they will ever participate. Possibly the most satisfying sex they will ever experience between any type of covers anywhere…but that's another story ; )

    VA–USA Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  44. >Hi Vonda, I just love an emotional read! I hope I'm able to give that to you!

    Hi Karen, That's me–Mrs. Pro-and-Con! lol–I hope I'm a "pro" for you, Karen. I just love NC, by the way. I have family there.

  45. >Hi Mary, I'm so happy this blog topic worked for you, and thank you for giving me a whirl. I hope you enjoy whichever of my books you opt for. I'm inordinately proud of both. 🙂

    Hi Louisa, Wow, I love the thought of being "retro." 🙂 I hope I live up to that for you.

    And thank you for your words about writing what one wants. You touch on something very important. For any writers out there, I think it's incredibly important that you write what you want, in the way you want. Being true to yourself and your characters is what will produce your best work. Always remember that just because someone doesn't like what you do, doesn't mean that what you do isn't excellent. And one of the beauties of romance as a genre, is the depth of author talent that runs from super-sweet to super-sensual. There is some author for everyone, so you never need worry about being for everyone. So do what you do, boldly and unashamedly–it's the surest path to success.

  46. >Good Morning Lisa and Monica! I already have both of Lisa's books in my to read list and I am looking forward to reading them. The covers are just beautiful. Thanks for the instight into the books, I'll keep that in mine while I read them. Please don't count me for Lisa's contest.

    US Resident

  47. >Good morning ladies! Monica its ok to oversleep on a sunday! 🙂 and you are a busy woman! 😉

    Lisa your books sound very good! I have to say since monica has had this blog going and i Know it is alot of work for her and the authors that come and visit! us readers sure do appreciate the introduction into new authors! I have read many wonderful books in the last month since my nook can look ya'll up in a heartbeat I like knowing I can find your wonderful books so quick! I will be looking yours up this afternoon after I go to the store! they sound amazing and full of emotional characters that are real which I find I tend to like alot!
    thanks for being here today
    Kris b Indiana

    krysti33 @ frontier dot com

  48. >Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for a very interesting post today. I've never read your books but I have heard both pro and con about them. I think I will check your work out closer to see if it is for me.

    kkhaas at bellsouth dot net
    NC, USA

  49. >Hmmm. You have me curious. I'm not sure your books would appeal to my mother, but I'm not my mother, yet, anyway. 🙂 yet another author to check out. My husband is not happy with Monica. 🙂

    If you can dish out the purple prose, I can take it. 🙂

    julieboo817 at gmail dot com

  50. >Thank you for the interesting post. I like that you get emotionally involved with your characters. I'm sure that emotion will come through the pages.

    Haven't read any of your books, but will put you on my TBR list.

    2much2reid {at} comcast {dot} net / Texas

  51. >I've actually heard quite a bit of buzz about these books! I think they might be quite retro more in tune with the sweeping passionate romances I read when I was in college. I am certainly intrigued and will definitely look for them.

    I have to admire a writer who writes what she wants and doesn't listen to the naysayers!


  52. >Good morning Lisa and Monica,
    Lisa you are a new author for me but I really liked this blog post, it helped let new readers like myself see what they would be getting when picking up a book from you. I am definitely going to be picking up one of your books to to read.