Pleasure Me With Jayne Ann Krentz Interview – Part I

>HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! Today is the biggest romance holiday of the year. Only on Mother’s Day are more flowers sold and delivered throughout the year. So what could be more special than me providing you with a major sweet bouquet on the best romance holiday of the year.Today is the beginning a  two-part interview with Jayne Ann Krentz. Part 2 will be posted this coming Sunday. So without further ado, here’s Jayne in her own words for today’s Pleasure Me With Romance post.

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I am a major fan girl of Jayne Ann Krentz’s historicals (Amanda Quick). I’ll never forget my first AQ book. I even remember where I was. I was in the Kroger store, on West Main Street in Salem, VA picking up a few items, and I just happened to pass by the small book stand. This white book with a Cinderella coach on it caught my eye along with its single word title. MISTRESS. 

That was it, just Mistress and that wonderfully fragile looking carriage. I can’t remember if I read the blurb, although I’m sure I did, but what I do remember was going home and after dinner I devoured that book. It was exquisite writing, and I’ve been a devotee of Jayne’s writing ever since. 

Several months ago, I polled readers for questions they would like to ask Jayne, and I compiled them and forwarded them to Jayne. In total, I sent her more than
40 questions, telling her to pick and choose about 20. She answered them ALL! How awesome is that! So I’m breaking up the interview into two posts. The first set of Jayne’s Q/A is today, and this coming Sunday, I’ll post the second half of the interview. I hope you enjoy reading her answers as much as I did.

Q: from Keziah Hill (author): In your 1992 essay you stated that there were four elements to romance stories that critics disparaged. These were:  the centrality of the alpha male hero, the aggressive seduction scene, the virginal state of many heroines, and the use of core or timeless stories as themes in romance (such as Persephone or Beauty and the Beast). Are these elements still as common in romance today? Do you see a softening of the contempt from critics?

A:  Well, I don’t see a whole lot of virginal heroines in today’s stories so some things have definitely changed.  And the aggressive seduction scene has become politically incorrect when done with the hero as the aggressor.  Interestingly,  it is now often reversed with the heroine doing the forceful seduction.  But the archetypal stories are still there, just as they are in every genre.  And so is that alpha male.  True, he has been toned down in historicals and contemporaries but he’s flying high in paranormals.

Q: from Julie Hall Ortiz: You always say the Arcane Society believes there are no actual mind readers out there. Will there eventually be one in your books?

A:  Nope.  I’ve made a few core rules for my Arcane world and that is one of them.  Which is not to say that some of my heroes and heroines are not very, very intuitive.

Q: from Julie Hall Ortiz: You write in so many genres, do you have a favorite?

A: I love all three of my worlds (historical, contemporary and futuristic) and would hate to give up any of them.  Each landscape allows for different plots and different stories.

Q: from Julie Hall Ortiz: My Mom wants to know if you do lots of research into paranormal abilities or is it mostly from your imagination?

A:  Tell your Mom I said “hi” and the answer to her question is that almost all of the paranormal elements in my stories come from my imagination.  Hey, why else write paranormal?

Q: from Valerie Cozart: Do you find it harder to write one time frame or do you find that the focus is really on the character development and the rest is just minor details?
A: The time frame or period setting is the “landscape”  of the story to me.  Variations in the landscape allow for variations in the plot but character development is where the real action is at in writing.

Q: from Valerie Cozart: What was your life like before becoming an author?

A:  I was (and still am) a reader of romantic-suspense, preferably with a psychic twist.  To pay the rent back at the beginning,  however, I worked as a librarian. I started writing because there came a point where I wanted to tell the story my way.

Q: from Valerie Cozart: What sparked the idea for your trilogy spanning your Dreamlight Trilogy?

A:  I have been seeking a way to unite all three of my worlds (and all three of my names).  No one can remember three names but I’m hoping they will remember one word: Arcane.

Q: from Valerie Cozart: What is your writing routine?

A:  I’m a morning person.  I write from 7 am until about noon.  That’s my most creative time.  In the afternoon I do other things like research, the laundry, shop at Nordstroms….

Q: from Valerie Cozart: Which comes first? The character’s story or the idea for the novel?

A:  I don’t know.  It all comes packaged in a ball of chaotic psychic energy.

Q: from Valerie Cozart: Many authors find music inspiring and have a soundtrack for their books, do you find music helps you get in to the right writing zone?  If so, is it different tracks based on the time period you are focused on?

A:  Sadly, I can’t focus on writing when there is music going on in the background.  It doesn’t inspire me, it distracts me.  I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, I guess.

Q: from Valerie Cozart: Are any of your heroes, especially your earlier heroes, based on your husband?
A: While my heroes do not physically resemble my husband they are endowed with similar character traits, including a sense of honor, integrity and the ability to love.

Q: from Valerie Cozart: Do you have a favorite hero/heroine match up?

A: My favorite couple is always the one I’m working with at any given moment.

Q: from Valerie Cozart: What is your favorite book?
A: The one I’m working on at any given moment.  I never look back.  Once a story is told, I’m ready to move on.

Q: from Valerie Cozart: What’s your next adventure?

A:  I’m currently in the middle of the Looking Glass Trilogy.  Just out: IN TOO DEEP (JAK), in April QUICKSILVER (AQ) and in August, CANYONS OF NIGHT (J.C.)

Q: from Kris Bloom: I know you’re doing some things with steam punk. Can you go into more detail about what steampunk is? How it works and what your future books will be like in this new world.

A:  Steampunk Romance is still in the process of defining itself so it is impossible to pin it down.  But it usually has a Victorian setting and sensibility combined with an “alternate history” twist.  Check out Meljean Brook’s THE IRON DUKE for a fine example of Steampunk Romance.

Q: from Kris Bloom: While I’ve read books under your other pen names, I prefer your Jayne Ann Krentz books. Which of these genres do you prefer to read and write in?

A:  I love each of them for different reasons.  Moving through my three names and landscapes is very refreshing and invigorating for me as an author.

Q: from Kris Bloom: How many spread sheets/ notebooks does it take to keep all your characters straight and still know who they are in the next time period?

A:  It’s getting complicated!  But I do keep detailed notes on each book.  Doing the trilogies has simplified things, in an odd way. 

Q: from Kris Bloom: How did you decide which pen name to use for which time period?

A:  I developed my three current pen names for various reasons at different times in the past.  AQ has always been used for historicals.  Jayne Castle was the one I used for futuristics.  And JAK was the one I have used for a long time in contemporaries.  So, no decision making was required.  It all just happened.

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Q: from Kris Bloom: I switched in my reading from historical to contemporaries because know I prefer your JAK books, you do them all so well. What era would you rather research? Past, present or future?
A:  The future.  I get to make up everything that way.

Q: In Too Deep, Book #10 in the Arcane Society series and the first book in the Looking Glass trilogy, was just released this past December. Can you tell us what you like best about the Arcane Society world, and what plans do you have for more books beyond this new trilogy.
A:  I love the Arcane world because it allows me to combine the three story-telling elements that I have always enjoyed working with the most:  romance, suspense and the psychic vibe.  I don’t know where the future will take me but for now I will continue to do the “Trilogies Within Arcane”.   I am having  a blast linking all three worlds.

Q: One of the hottest topics in the book industry at the moment (aside from the antics of B&N and Borders) is the growing impact of digital books. Where do you think this movement is going and how does it affect you as an author as far as your readers are concern.
A:  I see digital books as just another format.  We have had a variety of formats for years: hardcover, paperback, audio, serialization in newspapers, etc.  Now we have one more option.  A book is a book, regardless of the format.

Q: So many outside the romance genre view Romance derisively. Do you think it’s possible to change those who view the genre negatively? Is it necessary? What do you think it will take to make people adjust their views of the romance genre?
A:  The prejudice against the romance genre is just an extension of our culture’s overall bias against popular fiction in general.  Talk to any mystery or suspense or science fiction writer and you’ll see what I mean.  Trust me, they complain loudly about not getting any respect!  So, frankly, I’m not really worrying about that kind of stuff these days.

Q: You’ve accomplished so much in your career. One hundred twenty plus books, NYT bestselling author, Romantic Times Choice Award winner, RWA Honor Roll and other prestigious accomplishments, is there anything you’ve not done that you want to do?
A:  I didn’t get into this business to win awards.  I got in it because I am addicted to storytelling.  I couldn’t stop writing if I tried. It’s a compulsion, not a choice.  I tell the stories first and foremost for myself and hope like heck that some readers will be able to get into the fantasy with me.  That is the only thing that drives me.

Q: Writers tend to write what they know. There are strong threads of spiritual enlightenment ideals running through your books. Do you see this as an extension of your own thoughts or is it simply your imagination hard at work?
A:  I have an abiding interest in metaphysics and in that within us which seeks to live up to the old fashioned heroic virtues:  courage, integrity, honor and a belief in the healing power of love.

So what question would you have asked if you’d been able to ask Jayne?

That’s it for today’s post! Tune in this coming Sunday for the rest of Jayne’s Q/A. To celebrate both my love for JAK and Pleasure Me’s upcoming release, I’m offering up today’s giveaway.

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About the Author
      The author of a string of New York Times bestsellers, JAYNE ANN KRENTZ uses three different pen names for each of her three “worlds”. As JAYNE ANN KRENTZ (her married name) she writes contemporary romantic-suspense. She uses AMANDA QUICK for her novels of historical romantic-suspense. JAYNE CASTLE (her birth name) is reserved these days for her stories of futuristic/paranormal romantic-suspense.

      She earned a B.A. in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz and went on to obtain a Masters degree in Library Science from San Jose State University in California. Before she began writing full time she worked as a librarian in both academic and corporate libraries.

      She is married and lives with her husband, Frank, in Seattle, Washington.

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About Monica Burns

A bestselling author of erotic romance, Monica Burns penned her first short romance story at the age of nine when she selected the pseudonym she uses today. From the days when she hid her stories from her sisters to her first completed full-length manuscript, she always believed in her dream despite rejections and setbacks. A workaholic wife and mother, Monica believes it’s possible for the good guy to win if they work hard enough.

60 thoughts on “Pleasure Me With Jayne Ann Krentz Interview – Part I

  1. >NANCY E: Ah, yes, my writing process. I'm afraid I can only describe it as "disciplined chaos". I am a very disciplined writer, meaning that I write every day from about 7am until noon. But the actual creative process is chaos. I have only a vague outline of where the story is going before I start and after the first chapter I usually have to throw that away because the characters take off in their own directions.

    I'd love to have the outline nailed down before I start writing but the sad fact is that I don't get my best ideas until I am actually in story-telling mode.

  2. >Monica,

    Thank you for taking the time to present this question and answer post to us. Can't wait to read Sunday's questions and answers. Thank you also for finally including your book "Pleasure Me" as one of the giveaways.


    I have been reading your books for years. I'm thankful you have a compulsion to write and can keep on giving us more great books. No question comes to mind, but thank you for answering the questions Monica submitted to you as well as all the questions found in the "comments."

    2much2reid {at} comcast {dot} net / Texas

  3. >Good evening Jayne and Monica,
    The only burning questions I have are, what is your writing process for your stories? Do you prepare outlines and then work from there, or do you just start writing and end up where you the characters take you?
    Nancy E
    Wisconsin USA
    everitnm at hotmail dot com

  4. >What a great Q&A with the woman who started a love affair with paranormal romance for me. My mother gave me the first Arcane society, telling me "you are going to love this book.".

    Sylvia Humphrey

  5. >Great interview today. Amazing really. I think all the questions have been asked by everyone. 🙂 It' always interesting when we get to hear the writing process and feelings behind an Author's books. I have Perfect Poison on my end table so I'll be reading that tomorrow. Thanks for a very interesting post today Monica and Jayne.
    Carol L

  6. >Hello Monica and JAK !! (sounds so futuristic!)

    I LOVE all of your books, but I must admit the Amanda Quick books are the nearest and dearest to my heart. Growing up my Mom always just knew things, she still does. When we ask her how she just smiles.

    This is a great interview and I really appreciate you taking the time to answer all of these insightful questions!


  7. >SCORPIO: Well, we are currently vacationing in Hawaii so I would have to say that one of the great things about Seattle is that it is easier to get to the islands than it would be if we lived in, say, New York. But all in all, we love Seattle — great views, lots of water around, terrific restaurants, good medical facilities, a vibrant downtown core and — ta da: It is the home of Nordstrom. Need I say more?

  8. >Wow, I am awestruck…I cut my romance reading teeth on JAK & Amanda Quick books! I used to buy the hardcovers because pb's took too long to be released. Ravished, Trust Me & Deep Waters are all on my keeper shelf.

    My question for Jayne (I'm thinking of relocating)…What is your favorite part of living in Seattle or the Pacific NW?


    jenma76 at hotmail dot com

  9. >KRIS B: Hey, there, great to see you again! I often think of the great group of authors and readers we had going at RWQ. So glad to run into old friends like you here.

    JEANETTE: My only major pre-writing ritual in the mornings is eating breakfast. And then drinking some very strong tea.

    JULIE: Well, I had intended to make the Lavinia & Tobias stories run for a while longer than they did and develop some of those supporting characters. But that plan did not work out so well. Those books did help inspire my Arcane Society novels, though, so it's all good.

  10. >I did think of another one. 🙂 Was there a supporting character in any of your books whose story you wanted to write but never got to it?

    julieboo18 at gmail dot com

  11. >@ Jayne: Thank you Jayne, I have noticed. Besides the wonderfully witty approach to your characters I certainly feel as though you leave many aspects of your characters appearance to the reader. I also love that your AQ covers stay true to that purpose. I will definitely check out those authors you mentioned. Thanks again for telling us all these wonderful stories of romance.


  12. >WOW amazing blog today ladies! welcome Jayne and hello monica! I am so very glad Jayne stopped in today the questions in the comment section are very interesting! 🙂

    I too miss rwq however FB makes for wonders on keeping up with your favorite authors and has introduced me to monica so I am forever grateful for it! this the best blog event that I have been to in a while and you are all doing a wonderful job I don't have any more questions for Jayne but I do think all of her books are wonderful!

    Kris b Indiana
    Krysti33 @ frontier dot com

  13. >I have loved reading about new authors and their books. Thank you for another great interview.

    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com
    MN – USA

  14. >BEADLIZARD: Thanks for letting me know that your daughter got something out of FALLING AWAKE that settled some of her uncertainty about lucid dreaming. It is actually not that uncommon. Most people experience it at least once in a while.

  15. >A.QUICKFAN: Great question and I agree with you. There should absolutely be more color in the romance genre and thanks to a lot of hot new African-American writers we are getting it at long last. Check out Dara Girard, Francis Ray and Sandra Kitt for contemporaries. For historicals you might try Shirley Hailstock or Beverly Jenkins. In fact, there are a couple of websites with great lists of African-American romance writers. One such is:

    Personally, I try to do as little physical description of my characters as possible. The only reason I usually give them hair and eye color is because readers want to know. But my goal is to let every reader imagine the characters the way they want them to be. That's why none of my characters are "perfect".

    I hope you have noticed, however, that I do a fair number of dark-haired, amber and dark-eyed characters, especially in the futuristics…

  16. >There are only a few of your books I haven't read yet — a couple of hard-to-find Jayne Castles. Will your earliest books ever be reissued? [Fingers crossed!]

    My daughter's a lucid dreamer and was really haunted by it. I had just gotten Falling Awake so I gave to to her to read and it settled something deep within her. Thank you for that gift. We would love to see lucid dreaming in a Steampunk setting!

  17. >There are always lots of comments about JAK's different pen names. I like books with interesting, intelligent heroines that are well written…not to mention great alpha heroes. One time my friend, Beth (friends since we were 10) came to visit me and handed me a book and said she'd read it and thought of me, and knew I'd like it. It was JAK's first Amanda Quick. I laughed – why? Because I'd already read it the week before. BUT! I didn't know that AQ was JAK at the time. Maybe it was still a publishing secret. All I know is AQ books made a big splash on the publishing scene. And when I found out that she was JAK/Stephanie James/Jayne Castle etc. I realized why I was so drawn to her AQ books. Under any name, Jayne writes good stuff! Thanks! Thea from Virginia

  18. >I don't have any questions for Jayne, but just wanted to say how much I love her romantic suspense books and her Amanda Quick historicals.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  19. >SHEREE: Yep, I'll be at Kepler's. Hope to see you there.

    BOOKLOVER: The publisher assigns the cover art to the Art Department and someone in that department selects the artist who, in turn, selects the cover models. I have nothing to say about it and it is just as well because I definitely do not have an artistic eye.

  20. >Hi Jayne & Monica – I love all of these questions & answers. This blog reminds me how much I miss seeing the authors on RWQ, but so glad to see you here today. The comments are great, too! Rebecca Ringler


  21. >Hi Jayne & Monica – I love all of these questions & answers. This blog reminds me how much I miss seeing the authors on RWQ, but so glad to see you here today. The comments are great, too! Rebecca Ringler


  22. >Hi Jayne & Monica – I love all of these questions & answers. This blog reminds me how much I miss seeing the authors on RWQ, but so glad to see you here today. The comments are great, too! Rebecca Ringler


  23. >I was so excited when I stumbled across this blog. Thank you so much for including Jayne, she is a Romance genre hero of mine. I've been reading her since I was 15, so thank you. My question would have pertained to the lack of color in historical romance in general. I understand, given the constraints of the time periods it's…complicated but it's fiction too. I would love for Jayne to include a character of color in some of her Arcane contemporary or futures books. How does she see the dilema or lack of color in the historical romances? Does she see a main character role for some of her future novels?


  24. >Good afternoon, All.

    My question would be do you work with one particular cover artist and how involved are you in creating the book covers?

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  25. >My first JAK book was one of the Jayne Castles, DARK LIGHT with Paul Marron on the cover. It just grew from there.

    Jayne, you'll be a Kepler's? Great!


  26. >MARIA: Funny you should ask about writing workshops. I'll be doing one in April at Kepler's Books in Menlo Park, California on Tuesday, April 26, 7:00 p.m. Here's a link to the online website if you want more info:

  27. >Wow…that was very nice of Jayne Ann Krentz to answer all of the questions sent:)

    I'm curious if Jayne has ever taught a writting class or written a non-fiction book about her experinces as a romance writter?

    US Resident

  28. >LAURA: The problem is that I never think in terms of film. To me, books and film are two very different media. Also, I'm sorry to say I can't tell a lot of the new generation of Hollywood actors apart! That goes for the actresses, too. So many of them look like they came out of a mold somewhere. Well, except for George Clooney and Pierce Brosnan, of course. But they come from a slightly older generation.

  29. >I am such a fan of JAK! Her AQ books are what got me hooked on historical romance. My question to Jayne: If you could pick one actor to play the lead role if any of your books were made into movies, who would it be and why?


  30. >Well, of course, I'm commenting on your great blog, Monica! We're colleagues — published by the same terrific publisher, in fact — Berkley! And everyone, including me loves your tightly plotted, very sexy Order of the Sicari assassin novels. You are one of those writers who isn't afraid to break a few rules and you always pull it off. I like that in a woman!

  31. >Okay, can I just say *thud* that JAK is commenting on my blog. I have been a fan for soooo long. You have been an inspiration for my own writing. Thank you for sharing your valuable time with the readers here today. I am thrilled you popped in.

    Happy Feet, Happy Feet.

  32. >TERENN: The reason I love the romance genre so much and have stuck with it through-out my career is because it allows me to do the kinds of stories I want to write. I have never come up against any walls in this genre. My core story has always fit into it somewhere.

    CATSLADY: My books are all stand alone.

    CINDY: Glad we've been a team for so long! As for odd fan encounters, I haven't had a lot. Most of my fans tend to be wonderful, friendly people. But once in a while I'll get email from someone who takes the paranormal factor a bit too seriously. It's just fiction, folks!

  33. >ANDREA: Favorite books growing up? That's easy, Nancy Drew.

    ANONYMOUS: Tone down the romance in favor of the mystery/suspense? No, that would be a different genre. I write romantic-suspense and that is a very special genre in which the relationship and the suspense are equally important and must move forward together. A plot twist in the relationship generates a twist in the mystery and vice-versa.

  34. >Thanks for the warm welcome! So many questions, I'm just know I'm going to miss a few. I apologize if I miss yours. But here goes a first pass:

    GEISHA's MOM: I love to read other authors, of course, and I absolutely admire the talent of many of my colleagues, including our host, Monica! But the only stories I want to write are my own.

    VIRGINIA C: Nope, didn't know I was going to be a writer until I became one.

    BARBARA: I worked as a librarian for about 10 years before I was able to make a living iwth my writing.

    ANNE: I'm so glad you are able to enter all three of my fictional worlds with me. Not everyone will following me into those various landscapes. I really treasure readers like you, who do. And the answer to your question is "nope".

    JUNE: I can't imagine ever not writing. But if I couldn't make a living at it I would get another job and do the writing on the side. Writing is a compulsion for me, an addiction. Couldn't give it up if I tried.

  35. >Hi Jayne! I've been reading your books for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately my memory isn't as good as Monica's, so I'm not sure how I was first introduced to your work.
    Hmmm…I don't want to say what is the strangest…so how about what is the most original encounter (either through email or in person) that you've had with a fan.


    New York

  36. >My question:

    Who are some of the authors
    on your auto-buy list?

    Thanks for all the wonderful
    books you have given us over
    the years!

    Pat Cochran

  37. >Oh, I've enjoyed many of your books. In fact I just got Running Hot. My question is, are all your books stand alone or do some need to be read in order – thanks!


  38. >What a wonderful interview. I can't think of any questions, but I do agree with the music in the background. I'm not an author, but I don't like any music in the background when I'm reading — too distracting!

    cindersmaria @ yahoo DOT com
    South Carolina

  39. >What a wonderful interview.So informative.JAK,is there anything you would like to write about but have not had the courage or inspiration to do so and if you could write about anything or anyone who or what you it be and why?Monica,thank for this awesome blog event.You have had so awesome authors aboard and I know it is very time consuming.Again thank you so much.


    North Carolina

  40. >Hi Jayne,

    Great interview with some very interesting questions. The only other question I can think of is do you write in only one genre/pen name at a time or do you multi-task and overlap with your WIP for each?

    And Monica….user malfunction? Interesting…so explain what actually happened! LOL

    kkhaas at bellsouth dot net
    NC, USA

  41. >Good morning, Monica & Jayne!

    I've been reading AQ books since about the first one, I think, and have some of the Arcane series and they are all on my keeper shelf. I've only had the chance to read a couple of Monica's, but they are right there by Jayne's on that shelf (it's a very crowded shelf).

    I can't think of any questions that haven't already been asked, but I especially agree with Stacie's (GeishasMom73) questions.


    Madison Wisconsin

  42. >Hi, Jayne! What a great interview!

    I have two questions:

    What do you like to do when you're not writing?

    What was your favorite book growing up?


    dadaw1321 AT numail DOT org

  43. >Not read any books but did enjoy the interview. Had my curiosity satisfied.

    linze_e at hotmail dot com

  44. >What would you do if you could not be an author? What is your favorite author/book?

    June in KY

  45. >It kind of surprises me that I enjoy all three types of books Jayne writes. I'm kind os burned out on historicals, but I guess the supernatural element of the Amanda Quick books keeps me reading them.

    Is Jayne a real red head?

  46. >Fabulous interview from an amazing author who continues to offer up intriguing, imaginative, interesting fiction reads! Awesome : )

    Was there a turning point in your childhood when something really clicked inside and you know that you would spend your life involved with books and writing?

    VA–USA Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  47. >I remember that after I started my first Krentz book (this was what, 15 years ago?!?) I went to the Borders near my office at lunchtime and bought every single title they had on the shelves! Then I hit all the other bookstores I could think of on the way home…then maybe filled in with an order from Amazon (it was still new at that point!) I think I've still got a few of those books stashed in a box somewhere — not bad considering I've made 8 moves since then…

    I think my question would be, how long did you continue working as a librarian before quitting to write full time? Or what did it feel like when you sold your first book?

    BabsVick AT gmail DOT com

  48. >Oh Amanda Quick novels, they are so good. I first read the Perfect Poison and loved it. Must confess the pretty cover attracted me but it's the inside that made me read many more by her. Not all in order but they are the perfect balance between entertainment + romance. But not so sickening sweet.

    lotsofgingers AT hellokitty DOT com

  49. >Good Morning Jayne and Monica,
    I'm such a huge fan of JAK and have been since picking of that very first book. Anything written by JAK is an auto buy for me because I just know it's going to great.

    Loved reading the questions and answers.

    I was wondering have you ever known someone like a co-worker, or acquantance that didn't know for a while that you wrote books and then when they found out who you were was shocked because they were a big fan?
    nevada, USA

  50. >Great interview! Lots of awesome Q&A. My question for Jayne would be: You have written so many books, is there a book that you have read by another author that you wish you had written? Either a world was created that inspired you or floored you with it's creativity? Are you still surprised by any author? Thanks for the great contest ladies!

    GeishasMom73 on twitter
    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  51. >Thanks for an interesting blog–not just today but for the entire contest. I've been introduced to several new authors (or at least new to me!)

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  52. >Love this! You are fabulous, Monica! Thank you so much for submitting our questions to JAK! I loved all the answers, and since she answered all of my questions, I don't have another. 🙂 I'm with you, JAK is one of my all time favorites. I see her name on the book, and I pick it up, no questions asked. I'm a little leary of the Steampunk genre, but if she writes one, I'm in. 🙂 Such is the power of an amazing storyteller!

    julieboo817 at gmail dot com

  53. >Good morning, Jayne & Monica! I love this blog as it's introducing me to so many new authors! I love, love, love romantic stories with a paranormal twist. It sounds like your stories would be right up my alley! Thank you for appearing here today and I'm looking forward to the balance of your interview next Sunday! Please enter me in your drawing.
    Linda T.
    Florida, USA

  54. >I've picked up Jaynes book several times at the store but I wasn't sure if I could read that one first or if it was part of a series. I never quite know when I pick up an author with so many available books if there is a specific reading order. Awesome interview!!