Pleasure Me With Donna MacMeans

>I met Donna MacMeans this past September at the Lora Leigh Readers Appreciation Week. It was hugs and fun at first sight. When she wears her signature black hat, you know you’re in for a wild, fun ride!! She’s got a delicious sense of humor that flows through her books. On top of that, she’s an award-winning author. She’s won RWA’s Golden Heart for Long Historical, and was awarded  RTBOOKreviews Critic’s Choice award for Historical Love and Laughter with her book The Trouble with Moonlight. Please welcome Donna for today’s Pleasure Me With Romance guest post.

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Hi Monica.  Thanks for inviting me to play on Pleasure Me with Romance.  What a great month for it!  Chocolate, chubby little cherubs, maybe some quiet little interludes with the DH (and maybe some interludes inspired by your cover – Whoa Momma!  Love it!)

I wanted to share some deets on my next release with your readers.  I know it’s been a while coming, but I trust you’ll find it worth the wait.  REDEEMING THE ROGUE has an August release date, so there’s still some anticipation to go.  This will be the third book in the Chambers trilogy…although I didn’t know it would be a trilogy when I started (grin). 

In each of my stories, I’ve noticed that I seem to be drawn to the notion that opposites attract.  Let’s review.  In THE EDUCATION OF MRS. BRIMLEY, the youngest son of a duke and a talented artist, Lord Nicholas Chambers, falls in love with his reluctant model, a commoner who agrees to disrobe for Lord Nicholas, as long as he honestly answers a question about intimacy for every item of clothing she removes.  Yup –  it’s a Victorian striptease, but it’s also a story of the union of two opposites.

Redeeming The Rogue

Hoping to escape a past indiscretion, Lady Arianne Chambers undertakes the challenge of transforming an Irish rogue into a proper diplomat so he can track an enemy to the Crown.  Little did she expect that the journey would continue beyond etiquette lessons and into political intrigue.  Can she risk everything she holds dear to follow an arrogant Irishman who has stolen her heart?

Michael Rafferty has little patience for hoity-toity lessons and less for the shapely upper-crust lady assigned to deliver them.  He has a killer to catch and a vengeance to satisfy.  But even the best laid plans can go awry when his heart leads on direction, and his mission another.

I followed that book with THE SEDUCTION OF A DUKE.  Nicholas’s oldest brother, William Chambers, has now become the Duke of Bedford and is flat broke.  He marries an American heiress sight unseen for her money but soon loses his heart in the process.  Arrogant English duke, who is all about heritage and dignity, marries a shy American heiress who would prefer to do things for herself and not bother the servants.  Opposites.

In REDEEMING THE ROGUE, I’ve again paired two opposites.  Michael Rafferty (I love this character) is an Irishman who works for the British Home Office.  He prowls the underbelly of London collecting information while he hunts a particular political murderer for personal vengeance.  When word reaches London that the British minister assigned to Washington DC has died under suspicious circumstances and Rafferty’s sworn enemy may have been responsible, the Home Office decides to send Rafferty to investigate undercover as the new British minister.  Only no one who sees Rafferty will ever take him seriously as a diplomat.

Enter my heroine, Lady Arianne Chambers, the sister to William and Nicholas.  Lady Arianne has spent most of her life around embassies and diplomats.  She’s charged with making Rafferty over, so to speak, so he can pass as a diplomat.  Circumstances  throw Rafferty and Lady Arianne together in ways not anticipated, and in ways that could cost her everything she holds dear.   It’s a fun story and an emotional rollercoaster, but again – opposites.  An Irish rogue and an English lady.

I’m afraid there’s a spoiler for THE SEDUCTION OF A DUKE in the prologue of REDEEMING THE ROGUE.  Consequently, I didn’t include the prologue in the posted excerpt.  Try to read William’s story first if you can.  He does come back in a critical role in REDEEMING THE ROGUE.  (I love it when a story continues even after you close the book – don’t you?).

I think February is a great month to talk about the romantic attraction of opposites.  Is it a myth?  Or is there truth in the saying “opposites attract”? 

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About the Author
A practicing CPA by day, Donna MacMeans transforms at night into a writer of witty and sensuous romance novels set in the Victorian era.  She resides in the cold and snowy Midwest with her husband of almost forty years (has it been that long?).  A member of the Romance Bandits blog group and Vamps & Scamps, Donna loves, loves, loves to chat with anyone who believes in the power of love and romance.  Come visit her at
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About Monica Burns

A bestselling author of erotic romance, Monica Burns penned her first short romance story at the age of nine when she selected the pseudonym she uses today. From the days when she hid her stories from her sisters to her first completed full-length manuscript, she always believed in her dream despite rejections and setbacks. A workaholic wife and mother, Monica believes it’s possible for the good guy to win if they work hard enough.

105 thoughts on “Pleasure Me With Donna MacMeans

  1. >Julie – These two definitely have differing opinions – at least at first. Then they learn to look beyond their own experiences and view life from someone else's.

    Hope you give REDEEMING THE ROGUE a try. I hope you'll like it.

  2. >SusieCat – I hope you can track them down. If not, give me a yell. If you like sexy historical romance, I think you'll love the series. But if you can't find the earlier books – REDEEMING THE ROGUE is a stand alone as well. Hope you enjoy them.

  3. >I'm so intrigued by Lady Arianne and Michael! Can't wait to read their story. 😀

    I love the idea of opposites attracting–like yin and yang, each completing the other. Plus, it makes for interesting conversations when both have differing opinions!

    julieguan AT gmail DOT com

  4. >Donna,I thought I had read books by every interesting historical romance author, but somehow you've escaped me. I'm going to have to get both of the prior books so I can be ready for the August release of Redeeming a Rogue!

    scherzlein13 at yahoo dot com
    TX resident

  5. >Just wanted to say THANKS to Monica for letting me take over her blog for the day. I hope you keep checking in on the Pleasure Me blog as she has some dynamite guests lined up. And I hope you watch for REDEEMING THE ROGUE when it hits the shelves in August.

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

  6. >Sheree – I agree. It's the underlying similarites AND a sense of humor. No one survives life without a good sense of humor (grin).

  7. >Lindseye – Sparks definitely fly in Redeeming the Rogue as these two really don't want to have anything to do with each other…but they learn they have a lot more in common than they think. It's a fun read, I hope you give it a try.

  8. >Superficial opposites may attract but it's the underlying similarities that make a relationship last.


  9. >Not sure about opposites attracting but it makes for lively reading. Love the sparks that fly between opposites in books.

    linze_e at hotmail dot com

  10. >Vonda – LOL, it's that the way it works! My dh isn't necessary shy…he's just a good listener and quiet. I think marrying me allowed him to be even more reserved and quiet as I can easily talk enough for three people (grin).

    I can't believe you haven't read the first two books of the trilogy – esp as I didn't necessarily know they would be a trilogy (grin). Redeeming the Rogue is the end of the Chambers family, though. I'm loving this new series so even if I go back for one of the secondary characters in Rogue – it'll be a few years before I can dedicate the time. Hope you enjoy the three when you get a chance to read.

  11. >Your books sound wonderful. I have the first two books of the trilogy, just haven't gotten around to reading them yet. Will wait for the third book and read them all at once.

    Thankfully, I'm attracted to my opposite. If I were attracted to a man who was as shy and quiet as me, nothing would ever get said.

    2much2reid {at} comcast {dot} net / Texas

  12. >Hi Jane –

    This is so correct. Must have common ground, else why bother? If there's no common ground to connect to the other person, then the relationship will flame out rather quickly. But I think if one is open minded and committed, the open ground can expand in both directions – at least that's my philosophy. My hero and heroine definitely find common ground – but not until after some sparks fly.

  13. >Hi Donna,
    So nice to see you here. I do believe that opposites attract and the differences complement each other, but I do think you need to have some common ground, too.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  14. >Hey Suzanne – (Speaking of hot covers – check out Suzanne's! Love that corset!)

    Mark Wahlberg is definitely a hottie. Saw him in The Fighter a couple of weeks ago. I'm not a big boxing fan, but OMG – He was more ripped than the real boxers in that movie. If they ever need a stand-in for his love interest, I'm waving my hand!

    I think if the core values are strong enough and the love and respect are there – there's tolerance for a lot of crazy oppositism (not a word – but should be one). As long as the opposite trait isn't self-destructive.

  15. >Hi Cindy L. –

    Yes, it requires a certain flexibility to make an attraction to an opposite work. Unfortunately, I'm getting less flexible by the second (grin). Guess I'll have to hang on to the one I've got now that he's broken in (grin).

    Thanks for stopping by!

  16. >Hey Danielle – That must be a fun group when you all get together! I have groups of friends – my writer friends, my gourmet group friends, my aerobic/zumba friends – but we all have this basic interest that links us together. I remember someone telling me that when you're little, you make your friends by close geography. But as you get older, you chose your friends by similar interests. But it's the differences that keep the dynamic going, don't you think?

  17. >Hey Pat – How are you?

    Yes, I'm the talkative one in our marriage (is that a surprise?), but I think that's one think that has held true from the very beginning. My dh was always the quiet, more mysterious one.

    I think opposites can not get along without a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at one's self. This is what I've brought to our marriage – a lot more humor (grin). Sometimes unintentionally.

  18. >Hey Laura H –

    Compromise is definitely crucial…and those who are truly opposites have to cover more ground to get to that compromise. Of course, if you truly love the other, if you both respect and admire each other, if those core values are there – then the compromise is easier.

    Of course, in my books, compromise is never easy (grin).

  19. >Catslady – LOL, well, I do write fiction! We must have gotten married about the same time. My dh and I were not only opposites – we lived at the opposite ends of the state (grin). We were never in the same city for more than a weekend while we were dating…but we wrote letters. Yes, I fell in love by his letters. Is it any wonder that I write romance? Now I try to recreate that feeling of falling in love. Love it.

  20. >And a BIG hello to Louisa Cornell!

    Thanks so much for the praise on the earlier books. Mwah, Mwah! Have to say THE TROUBLE WITH MOONLIGHT is one of my favorites as well. One of these days I'll write the sister's story. It's one of the rare books that I've actually plotted out beforehand (must be the kiss of death! Grin).

    Funny you should mention fireworks, Louisa – there's fireworks in this book. Seriously, real fireworks. The timing of the story crosses the 4th of July in Washington DC. LOL – Great minds and all that.

  21. >Hey Donna! Love this post and am so excited to have another of your books to read…even if it's in August!

    Opposites, huh?

    I've been having a Mark Wahlberg love fest this week, and watched Invincible the other night. His new love interest is a Giants fan, and Vince was a walk on for the Eagles…hated rivals, and yet, there's this scene where he kisses her. OH MY GOD.

    Yes, I think opposites can be good, as long as their oppositness is something that won't drive the other one completely bonkers!

  22. >I think it's possible for opposites to attract. Each of them can bring something new and exciting to the relationship. As long as both parties are open to it.


    New York

  23. >Hi, Donna,

    So nice to see you here (away
    from the Lair.) I read and loved
    books one & two of the Trilogy.
    Don't know if I'll be able to
    wait until August for Redeeming
    The Rogue! I'm putting it on my
    wish list for my August birthday.

    Opposites describes Honey and I
    today. He's quiet and I'm the
    mouth! We were both calm types
    when we met and married. Don't
    know what happened, but I changed!

    Pat Cochran

  24. >Sure, opposites attract but so do people with similar interests. I think the key component of both types of relationships is the ability to compromise–granted maybe it's a little more challenging in some relationships–but all things worth having are worth working for!


  25. >Oh, I think it's very true. My husband and I are total opposites and although we've been married 41 years, it's definitely not been easy. It does attract you to one but living with it is a whole 'nother problem lol. I do like reading about it though!!


  26. >Hello Monica and a great big HELLO to Donna – one of my favorite authors ever!! Anyone who hasn't read Donna's books …. are you NUTS? I LOVE this series and can't wait to read this newest one. All of Donna's books are on my keeper shelf and I had to buy another copy of The Education of Mrs. Brimley because I didn't want to wear out my autographed copy. And I have to say, The Trouble with Moonlight is one of my favorite FUN reads!

    I definitely believe that opposites attract and I love to read books where they do in an explosive fashion complete with fireworks!

  27. >Karen H – lean close – let me thrash you with a wet noodle!

    Blow the dust off those books and give them a read. I don't think you'll be disappointed. But it's good they're in your TBR pile as it's hard to find the older ones. You've got keepers!

  28. >Estella –

    LOL – I can so relate! Why is it that men can't put their clothes down the laundry shoot? Mine drops his in front of the shoot rather than pushing them through the opening. And junk mail – somehow he can't manage to throw it out. Guess that takes a woman's touch LOL. But for the most part, he's much more organized and everything in it's place sort of person. I'm the one who lives with and in chaos. He's gotten used to it hehehe.

  29. >Hi Donna,

    Thanks for the interesting post today. I have I think all of your currently published books…and I'm hanging my head in shame…I have never read any of them. They are still sitting somewhere in time waiting for their turn at bat. But I will get to them, I promise.

    In the meantime, your next book sounds scrumpcious. Would love to add it to my ever growing mountain range of books.

    kkhaas at bellsouth dot net
    NC, USA

  30. >Lynn R. – Lean close, let me give you a hug – MWAH!

    THE EDUCATION OF MRS. BRIMLEY was my Debut novel, and is Nicholas's story. At the time, I hadn't envisioned a sequel – heck, I hadn't envisioned being a published author! My editor asked for the sequel, and I discovered William's story.

    Hey – Madison Wisconsin! My father is from WIsconsin and my agent is located in Madison. See – we have a connection! Hope you can find Mrs. Brimley. If you can't, give me a yell. If you like William, you'll going to love REDEEMING THE ROGUE.

    Thanks for stopping by Lynn

  31. >Stephanie –

    LOL – Yes, it does help to have something to talk about. Unfortunately, my hero and heroine come from such opposite backgrounds that they wouldn't have anything in common if it weren't for this mission to find this killer. They both have reasons to see the mission succeed and, hence, their reluctant cooperation. However, as they get to know each other, they discover similarities beneath the surface that bind them together. It's a fun read of discovery, love, and danger.

  32. >I believe opposites attract.
    I like everything in it's proper place and my husband leaves everything laying around when he is finished with it.

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  33. >Hello, Ladies!

    Yes, I do think that opposites attract, even though I'm not involved with anyone right now. The two gentlemen I'd like to be involved (separately!) with are both opposites to me, but in different ways, which I find very interesting.

    I do have, and have read, William's story, re-read it about a month ago, in fact. I hadn't realized until now that Nicholas had his own book, but I have time to get it and read it (and re-read William's again) before Arianne's comes out! Looking forward to both of them!!


    Madison, Wisconsin

  34. >I think that some opposites do attract, but there still needs to be some things in common that they can do together or talk about.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com


  35. >Hi Saralee –

    This one is definitely sexy, and humorous, and quite a bit suspenseful as well. I really love the secondary characters. Now that I'm doing the edits, I'm itchy to write a book for Phineas Conor – but have to finish the WIP first. So many books…so little time…

  36. >Hey Renee!

    Thank you, my dear. I think you'll like this one as the hero is Irish. I'm afraid it won't be out by the time I see you in Cincinnati this June – but I can give you a bookmark LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

  37. >Beth – My idol! That big gold statue you won last year is my motivation when the writing gets tough. How cool that you won while I was there to scream and yell.

    It's so important to have that united front with teenagers. Fortunately, my dh and I have pretty much the same view and the kids knew that "no" from one meant "no" from the other…but they also knew I was the soft touch (grin) as well as the more crazy of the two of us. In many ways, my dh and I are opposites – but we're the same on the important stuff.

    Thanks for love, Beth. Hope you enjoy REDEEMING THE ROGUE as much as the previous ones.

  38. >Hi, Donna! I can hardly wait to read Redeeming the Rogue. I'm sure the story will be funny and touching and full of love.



  39. >Hi June!

    I think everyone needs a quiet room to themselves in which to read, or write, or paint, or just scrapbook. The hubby can watch sports on TV all weekend, as long as I can cuddle up in my spot with a good book. Actually, I'm something of a nightowl with my books – I start reading about midnight when the house is quiet. Heaven help me if it's a really good book – I won't get to bed till 4 or 5 AM!

    Hope you give Redeeming the Rogue a try. And if your significant other bothers you, remind them that they benefit from a good sexy read (grin). Heck, they might dash out and buy more books!

  40. >Donna, you know I love your work! And the cover of this new one is to die for! So looking forward to picking it up.
    All the best to you!

  41. >Donna, I'm so excited about your new book! I loved the first two *g*

    I love a story about opposites falling for each other! In real life I've seen where 'opposites attract' works and some instances where it doesn't.

    My husband and I are very similar in many ways but we balance each other when it comes to dealing with teenagers and messy family situations *g*

  42. >Damn you're rawking the house girlfriend. So good to have yup here off to earn more pennies on day job great comments

  43. >I do think opposites tend to attract at times but for my part, I would much rather have someone more like myself. My favorite relaxing thing to do is reading. And I definately would not want to be interrupted during that time. If I can ever find a guy that also loves to read, so he will leave me in peace when I am reading, I would be so happy.

    June in KY

  44. >Hi Raqelconner08 – Lean close…Mwah! Thank you so much for your support and praise. Hope you love REDEEMING THE ROGUE. Must admit, I'm doing the edits and falling in love with the hero all over again. Hope you enjoy this one as much as the others.

  45. >Kirsten –

    Yes, I think I was attracted by my dh's confidence and savoir faire when I first met him, two things that I lacked. Fortunately, we discovered that we held many of the same qualities sacred. Arguing every day is no way to build a relationship. Glad you are standing up for yourself. Thanks for coming by!

  46. >Anne –

    You are so right. It's the same core values that inspires the trust, but the differences that capture the interest. Besides, let's face it, Man. Woman. How similar can they be? LOL.

    Hope you take a look to see how I've managed to get these two opposites together in the end.

  47. >Laura T – Mwah! Always fun discovering that someone has read my stories…and liked them! (grin).

    Yes – this cover is something of a departure from my earlier covers. Those were paintings – did you know that? The publisher hired an artist to recreate the covers, thus she was able to incorporate the unique corset on SEDUCTION OF A DUKE. This cover is a photograph, but wow – love it. A green dress does play a role in the story…and is referred to throughout the book. Of course, the green dress in the book was not falling off the back of the heroine – but WOW. I love it.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  48. >Hi Jo!

    I agree that there has to be a similarity of core values in order for a marriage to work…but the meshing of two individuals so different on the surface is so much fun!

    I love Nicholas as well. I think he was my good luck charm (grin). His presence in this book is limited to the prologue, but I find he energizes a scene whenever he drops by.

  49. >Hi Lady K – Your English is wonderful. Believe me, if I tried to reply in French, my post would not be recognizable. (grin).

    I wonder if sometimes if that spark of attraction is a chemical, pheromone driven thing that recognizes a similar soul disguised as an opposite. Hmmm…now that could lend to a story.

    Thanks for coming by across the ether, Lady K!

  50. >Hi cky15 –
    Well – I'm glad to be here (grin). Monica has put together a fabulous group of writers this month and I'm really honored to be allowed to participate. Hope you give REDEEMING THE ROGUE a try – and let me know how you like it!

  51. >Hi lmdershem –

    I agree, there has to be something that joins the two opposites in a way that they might not experience with another person. Without giving too much away in the book, my hero and heroine have both suffered a loss that made them grow up without a strong stable sense of home. They recognize a bit of themselves in each other and that unites them in a strong bond – which they're going to need given the challenges I've laid in their path.

  52. >Artemis – You've not seen my hat? It's a black Victorian riding hat with white lace and a trailing white ribbon. It's meant to be wore angled on a coiffeure – but quite frankly my hair does not "coif" very well (grin). I think I look like the artful dodger in the thing, but it is distinctive. I think there's a picture of me wearing it, as well as my pink corset, on my website – My first book has a theme of a pink corset running through it (as well as a painting of Artemis), hence the corset. I wore it once – once was enough. (grin).

  53. >Since I adored MRS. BRIMLEY and SEDUCTION OF A DUKE, I can't wait until REDEEMING A ROGUE comes out. The cover is gorgeous, as is the hero!

  54. >Hi Anna C. – Did I hear there was some rumbling in your hemisphere last night? Hope all is okay (and glad to see your post).

    Thanks for the praise. From you it's like a blessing. (Can you tell we have a mutual admiration thing going?)
    I must admit that having characters at opposite ends of the social strata does make for some fun conflict and sparks to fly. They do, of course, come together because – hey – it's a romance, but it did require an open mind and new perceptions for the both of them.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  55. >I've always been attracted to guys that are my total opposite. Outgoing, talkative, with loads of friends, not too serious. Brave and bold. It's what draws me in.. but also what I start to resend after a while. Not liking the same things or always having an argument isn't all that great day after day after day.
    So I now try to find someone a bit more like me.

    lotsofgingers @ hellokitty DOT com

  56. >Hi Anna – Awww, thank you for the love – lean closer, across the Atlantic closer, big hug!

    As you know, I'm an accountant in my "real" life. I can't imagine being married to another accountant (although I suppose we would depreciate together. LOL – sorry about that – accountant humor). So it's good to have a few differences. But I agree, the core values have to be similar.

    I think I read somewhere that we look for that quality in our spouses that we feel we lack ourselves. In that way the two differents make a whole. Must have been the organizing gene that I was lacking. I'm still waiting for his influence to kick me into gear (grin).

  57. >Hi Libby –

    It's funny how William has managed to appear throughout the series. He was a villian in the first book and a hero in the next. In this one he's something of a catalyst. Did you know that I based his character on my oldest brother? A fact, my brother loves to promote LOL. My brother and I are often like oil and water, but I know he has the good of the family foremost in mind. As the oldest, he feels responsible to look over the rest of us. William is like that. What he does, he does out of love for his siblings…it's just his interference isn't always the best thing at the moment.

  58. >Hi Trish!

    Awww, you're a sweetie! It feels good to have a new book hitting the shelves. Thanks so much for stopping by –

  59. >Hey KJ –

    I think someone just like you would be wonderful: athletic, talented, an adventurer…what's not to love?

    Thanks for the wishes for success. I can't wait for Rogue to hit the shelves. It's a fun release.

  60. >Hi Kat –
    Just thought I'd point out that snowflakes are drifting by my window – aren't you glad you're in Florida?

    I love Pygmalion themes as well. Who can forget Audrey Hepburn in MY FAIR LADY? So this is a twist in that it's the guy that's getting the makeover (and wouldn't we all like to do that to our husbands – grin).

    But this isn't just a pygmalion story – there's a suspense involved as well that gets fairly intense by the end of the story. I call this my "coffin book" as there is a body count in this one. Must say – I love the final chapter in this book – hope you do too.

  61. >Hi,

    I definitely think opposites attract. I'm attracted to people who are different from me, but have the same core values. That's the important point having (most of)the same values.

  62. >Hi Donna,

    I've read most of your books and really enjoyed them. Wow, the cover image for your next book is just stunning! Can't wait to read it as soon as it comes out.



  63. >Great post, Donna! Thanks, Monica, for bringing one of my favorite historical writers. I ADORED Nicholas in The Education of Mrs. Brimley and can't wait to read Arianne's story.

    Unfortunately, in real life, the idea of opposites attracting is likely a myth — a big myth because we always seem to be drawn to people who are different from us. But in love and marriage it's probably better to have common interests and goals.

    I do love the tension, though, that comes from two really different people falling in love or attraction, unable to resist the pull and somehow able to make it work!

  64. >Hello,
    I think it's not a myth. Some people like to have oppost opinion. So they can seek for soulmate which is totally different from them.
    (Sorry if I make mistakes, but I'm a French reader …)
    anais.styling AT

  65. >Hello, Barbara
    The thing of today's question – opposites attract. I think that anything is possible. I have seen where this has happen.
    I am so glad that you are here on this site. I am now going to put you on my list of authors to read. I have made many comments here and so glad to have a large range of authors to read from.

  66. >Lovely Lisa – good to see you here! (Lisa is another fabulous author of American set historicals). Now I know your husband and it's hard to think of him being an opposite at this point. Things were probably a lot different when you first met. Again, I can see you two share a wicked sense of humor.

  67. >Hi Barbara –

    I hope you try the series. I received a fan email the other day who said she found SEDUCTION OF A DUKE at Dollar General and her first romance in many, many years. She said she laughed and cried throughout the book – I hope you have the same experience.

    I think respect is necessary for a lasting relationship, and while I agree that one shouldn't force the other to be more like them (does that ever work?), the two will naturally gravitate toward the other as the years go by. To a certain extent, my husband's interests have become my interests, and he has become involved in some of my pursuits – though I doubt you'll ever see me on a golf course, and while he reads, it's generally not romance.

  68. >Hello Donna and Monica! I've really been enjoying all the wonderful posts during the Pleasure Me Blog Event, this one included.

    I have to say that I do believe opposites attract, but there still has to be common ground in other areas. It helps to find someone at the other end of the spectrum to lend their insight. Like a geek and a prom queen: the differences are obvious, but they may come from the same background. Perhaps they both lost a parent and connect that way. They butt heads due to their obvious lifestyles, but each has an opportunity to help the other. She can help him be more socially accepted, and he can help her realize that looks aren't everything.

    Thanks again for for the wonderful post! I have a daunting task ahead of me to read all these great new books!!


    lmdershem (at) gmail (dot) com

  69. >Susan Sey (who is an incredible author of hilarious contemporary romance) – I must say one thing i know for a fact – not having met the man – but you both must share an incredible sense of humor. And I think that's important. No matter how opposite the hero and heroine must be – they must be able to laugh together. How can we get through life without a sense of humor.
    Thanks for stopping by – now get back to work on another great book!

  70. >Hi Tarenn98 – Come close, let me give you a hug. Mwah! So glad you enjoyed Seduction of a Duke. Didn't Berkley do a great job with that cover? They had the artist reproduce the corset that I used in the book, which I found in one of my many reference books. I thought it was pretty "unforgetable."

    I'm the gregarious one in my marriage. My husband is far more reserved. After reading THE EDUCATION OF MRS. BRIMLEY, my debut – my oldest brother (and that's the subject of a whole different blog…family members reading your work) commented, "Your husband doesn't speak much but after having read this book I can see it's a man of action." LOL

  71. >Hi Julie!

    Give you Mom a hug for me. I lost mine a couple of years ago and miss her tremendously so hug yours while you can.

    I'm afraid my earlier books are out of print – they just don't keep them available long these days – but they're still available in electronic form, in used bookstores and at libraries.

    Yes, I agree. The longer the couple stays together the more alike they seem to be LOL even in looks! Have you noticed that? Or maybe it's just their waistlines begin to look similar. Ha-ha At least that's what has happened to me.

  72. >I was looking for a picture of that signature black hat! Darn!

    Yes, opposites do attract. Hubs and I are like night and day! If it weren't for me, he would never leave the house. I'm an adventurer, always finding the positive no matter where I am or what I am doing or where I am going. He's fine in his own little world. I drag him to every museum, festival, you name. We have a grand time once we get there. We'll be celebrating 31 years of marriage next month. Yep, opposites do attract!

    cindersmaria @ yahoo DOT com
    South Carolina

  73. >Donna, great to see you here! Isn't this a fun joint to hang out in.

    Waving madly at Monica and her buddies!

    And how cool that we've got another of your delicious historicals to look forward to this year.

    Opposites attract is such a cool concept, isn't it? And it always ensures plenty of sparks flying in a romance novel. I like it when they gradually come together and at the end realize they weren't quite so opposite as they originally thought. I love watching those changes of perception about the other person as the romance develops.

  74. >YAYYY another Donna MacMeans book to look forward to!! I'm so excited – I LOVED the other two.

    I really enjoy opposites attract stories. I think because it's hard for me to imagine being with someone just like me LOL. That said, I do think there are certain things which you have to agree on – like sharing similar values in life.

    Me and my lovely hubby share the same values and a number of interests, but we are different in many ways too. We totally respect and support each other's differences, which is great.

  75. >Good morning, Donna!

    I do think opposites attract but, just as that makes for sparks in the romance, it makes for challenges in the post "I do." Still, boredom does not a good relationship make, either.

    Glad to hear we're going to see more of William as I adored him. Can't wait for Rogue (I'm partial to a scruffy Irishman as well).

    Libby McCord

  76. >The opposites attract storyline is one of my absolute favorites, Donna. Your new book sounds great, not that I'm surprised. 🙂

  77. >Donna, I'm a big believer in opposites attract. I don't want to be with someone like me. 🙂 Wishing you every success with your upcoming novel. I'm counting the days til its release!

  78. >Donna, this whole series sounds like so much fun, but especially this last one. I adore the "Pygmalion" concept! And yes, opposites do attract, so long as they can find some common ground in the middle. It's that finding of common ground that makes it so much fun! Hubs and I are a perfect example–we are SO opposite, no one thought it would work, and yet almost 28 years later, we're still together. Wishing you much success!

    State of residence depends on the time of year–either Ohio or Florida, wherever the sun is shining!

  79. >Hi Donna and Monica–

    For those of you who've never read Donna's books, you absolutely must! I can't wait for this new Chambers story. It's sure to be wonderful!

    And Monica, it was great meeting you at RAW. That even is always such fun. But now for the question,
    I think opposites do attract, but sometimes they bounce right off each other LOL. There's something to be said for like minds and intersts when it comes to building a relationship that lasts. But maybe, I'm just afraid what my opposite would be like LOL
    Great Blog, Donna!
    Lisa Cooke

  80. >Yay! Another new to me series of books…can't wait to try them.

    I think opposites can attract and stay together as long as both parties are open/respectful and don't try to change the other person to be more like them!

    BabsVick AT gmail DOT com

  81. >Good morning, Donna! Your Redeeming the Rogue sounds fantastic, & I'm up on the previous two, so I'll be first in line at the bookstore come August for this release!

    As for whether or not opposites attract, I'll be my typical decisive self to say, well, yes & no. My husband & I are very alike in that we're very peace and harmony focused. Some people like a good fight to reset the relationship but not us.

    On the other hand, we're very different in terms of decision making. I'm very logical & evidence-oriented. He's far more intuitive & willing to go with his gut. Between the two of us, we usually cover our bases when it comes to big decisions. It works for us. 🙂

    Then again, he watches college football like a maniac & I'm all about the Oscars. (Sunday night—wheeeee!) So yes & no on the opposite attracting. 🙂

  82. >Hi Donna,thanks for the great post.I think opposites do attract.Take me and my hubby,he is sly and I am outspoken.He keeps me in check sometimes,but sometimes he slips and I say what I have to say. He is a creature of habit,me I am spontaneous.Sometimes a little to much.We also have lots,lots of things in common too. I have put "Redeeming the Rogue" on my TBR list. I have read "Seduction of a Duke" and would recommend it to all historical romance lovers.


  83. >Hi! I agree that opposites can attract but you still end up with some things in common the longer you stay together. Your books sound so good! I may have to run out and get them! I'm visiting my partner in crime, my mom, when it comes to buying books, so it will be minimal arm twisting to get to a book store. 🙂

    julieboo817 at gmail dot com

  84. >Hey Maria –

    Hope you can find some of the older ones, REDEEMING THE ROGUE is due out in August. It has spoilers for SEDUCTION OF A DUKE, so if you can read Duke first, it's a smoother transition.

    Respect for the other is critical. I like my characters to scoff at their inital assessment of the other character and then come to realize how wrong they were – that there's strength and courage and compassion that aren't always visible to those that don't take the time to see. Thanks for stopping by!

  85. >Congratulations Mary! (But watch that "old stuff" with the Moody Blues – love that group) Actually, I think the Moody Blues was one of the first things my husband and I discovered we had in common. We met in a bar in Cleveland. I was visiting my roommate. But there was heavy chemistry and we've discovered how to remain our own selves but together as well.

    I'm doing the edits on REDEEMING THE ROGUE right now. It's fun watching Rafferty's rough edges clash with Arianne's smooth refined elegance. They both discover things a middle ground that wouldn't have been shared by anyone else. It's a fun book, hope you give it a try.

  86. >Good Morning Donna and Monica!

    I do think that opposits attract, I've experienced it myself but I think what makes relationships with opposits work is that there has to be a deep level of committment to the relationship and respect between the partners for their differences.

    Will have to look up your books as I've never read any yet but these sound great and just like the kind of books I like to read.

    US Resident

  87. >Hey PJ!

    Funny how this has turned into a trilogy. One book just led to another. I'm not sure this will be the final end, though there's no more brothers or sisters to exploit (grin). However, my hero has a best friend. I modeled the two on Jim and Artemus of the Wild Wild West. The best friend, Phineas Conor, is a hoot! He may have his own book yet…but first I have to finish the WIP books.

  88. >Good Morning Donna and Monica,
    I love this blog post ebcause it speaks to me and my hubby. We have always been complete and utter opposites in absolutely everything. Two people could not be more opposite than we are and it's funny because we get along so well. Let me give you an example.

    He likes Action movies, meat and potatoes, would rather have something savory as a snack, loves older music like The Moody Blues and the Mommas and the Pappas, and loves being outside hiking, camping, fishing ect.

    I love horror movies and especially the classics, I was a vegetarian when I met him and would rather have a sweet snack. I like Alternative rock like Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed and I hate camping, fishing and being outside.


    So we end up doing a lot of things by ourselves or like he will go fishing and hiking with my brother and I watch horror movies with my mom and daughter. It's funny how we've made this work, but I couldn't have found a more perfect person to be with. 21 years together this September.

    Opposites really do attract.

  89. >Hi GeishasMom73 – cool name! Yes, I think it's great the way opposites attract and fill each others nooks and crannys – and maybe some crannys deeper than others (grin). Maybe if they were both the same – life would become boring.

  90. >Morning Andrea!

    Of course, you and your husband are a lot alike NOW, but what about when you first met? Now see, with me, I was a schoolie when I was young – an academic. My family lived in Cincinnati when I was in high school. My husband is from Cleveland – opposite end of the state – and a jock. He was all state in football and I had no idea what the various positions were called. In this we were opposites, and maybe a bit of a challenge for each other. But we found we had the same core values and I think that's the important connection.

  91. >Hi Lindalou in sunny Florida! I say that as I have sister who lives in Orlando down there. She emails me constantly to let me know how warm it is down there.

    Yes – love the conflict that results with opposites. I hadn't really realized how much I consciously work to make my characters opposites, but you're right they always manage to find the happy middle ground where they have commonalities. Heck, they're both heroic characters so they always have that.

  92. >Hi Margay –

    Well this latest won't be released till August, so you'll have time to make a dent in that TBR pile by then LOL – especially the way this winter has been going. ARGH!
    Got more snow and ice yesterday.

  93. >Morning Kris b. –

    I think opposites always make for good conflict – all that pushing and shoving till they find a happy medium. Hope you give Redeeming the Rogue a try. I used to write contemporary suspense, but found it impossible not to put humor in it. Suspense and humor don't always mix LOL. THe historicals, though, work well.

  94. >Hi Virginia C. Love your Avatar. My son called me yesterday to tell me he now has a little gray kitten – and I thought he was allergic to cats! He said the little fellow likes to sleep above his head on the pillow and then knead his head in the morning to wake him up.

    I had a lot of fun with Redeeming the Rogue (heck I have a lot of fun with all my books) and hope it shows. Thanks for coming by this morning!

  95. >Hi Donna! *waving*

    I've enjoyed this series and am looking forward to REDEEMING THE ROGUE. (Love the cover!)

    Yes, I do think opposites attract (the late dh and I were opposites in many ways) but we shared common values and beliefs that strengthened our union while the differences kept it fresh and exciting.

    pjpuppymom (AT) yahoo (DOT) com
    South Carolina

  96. >Hello Donna!

    I do believe that opposites attract. My husband and I are very different. The food we eat, music/movies we like, everything is the opposite. I like to think that we compliment each other. Yin/Yang. It keeps things interesting. Of course it doesn't work unless their is compromise on both sides. We each have to do things to accomodate the other person.

    GeishasMom73 on twitter
    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  97. >*waving* Good morning, Donna!! I can't wait for your next one! I love this series and I'm so glad it turned into a trilogy. 🙂

    I don't know if opposites attract in real life (my husband and I are a lot alike), but I LOVE to read about them!! It makes for some delicious tension!!

    dadaw1321 AT numail DOT org

  98. >Good Morning,

    I've notified Donna that her post is live. She works a day job, so I'm not sure exactly when she'll be able to get here, but I know she will be here as soon and as often as she can.

    You'll enjoy talking with her. She's a hoot!

    Have a great day. Late for work!

  99. >Good Morning, Donna & Monica!
    Another beautiful day…
    Yes, I do believe that opposite attract… but, unless they find some commonality at that point, their relationship will be miserable. I love it, though, in books when original opposites discover things in common thru multiple trials & tribulations. Donna, I enjoyed your blog post and your small excerpt is intriguing – more for my must-read pile… (sigh…)
    Linda T.
    Florida, USA

  100. >These books sound fantastic! On to the towering tbr pile they go!


  101. >good morning donna and monica!
    Yes I believe opposites attract! I see it all the time I do wonder how it happens but never can seem to figure it out! your books sound fun and yummy! 🙂

    Kris b Indiana
    krysti33 @ frontier dot com

  102. >Hello, Donna! Thank you for a very enjoyable post. Your characters and story lines sound delicious : ) I firmly believe that opposites attract! The sparks that fly ignite the fuel of dueling wits, and barbed tongues become entagled in passionate kisses. It's a wicked good combination of chemical attraction, physical passion, and mental seduction ; )

    VA–USA Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com