Pleasure Me With Anna Campbell

>Anna Campbell has become an autobuy for me. I knew the minute I read Untouched, I’d found an author I loved to read. As I prepare this post, I’m loving My Reckless Surrender (yes it takes writers time to catch up with everyone else!). When I met Anna in 2008, I was impressed with her terrific sense of humor. Her laugh is infectious, and her books are delicious! Please welcome Anna for today’s Pleasure Me With Romance guest post.

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Ring in the New! 

Monica, thank you so much for having me as your guest today on the blog party to celebrate the release of your latest delicious historical PLEASURE ME. I’ve been on tenterhooks for this book ever since checking out the excerpt – and that’s one of the most sensual covers I’ve ever seen. Yum! 

OK, I’ll stop drooling now and try and be moderately coherent…
I too am in the middle of launching a fabulous new project. No, not a luscious historical romance like Monica’s. Although I hope my project’s definitely within the luscious spectrum. There were definitely times when I thought putting it together was as much work as writing a book!

My new project is a re-designed WEBSITE! It went public yesterday just in time for Valentine’s Day and I adore it. If you get a chance, please check out

I think writers, by their very nature, are communicators. That’s why we labor long and hard to get the stories in our heads down on paper so we can share them with people all round the world. In the not so recent past, that was probably the limits of the communication a writer had with readers apart from face to face events. It still boggles my mind that Georgette Heyer did one interview in all her career and Daphne Du Maurier never even did one. Yet both still managed to sell books in the millions. In this era of the internet, I doubt they’d get away with that level of mystery! 

It’s one of the joys of my life as a writer that I’m in touch with so many readers – and the fact that I’m in Australia isn’t a problem at all! There’s Facebook and its ilk (love a day when I get to use ‘ilk’), email, various blogs. But I still think an author’s main window on the world remains her website.

When I sold my first book in 2006 (CLAIMING THE COURTESAN), a brilliant Aussie designer Paula Roe put together a beautiful and very gothic site that was exactly right for those early books which were basically…gothics. 

London’s most
notorious seducer,
Nicholas Challoner
lives solely for

The dashing, licentious Marquess of Ranelaw can never forgive Godfrey Demarest for ruining his sister—now the time has come to repay the villain in the same coin. But one formidably intriguing impediment stands in the way of Nicholas’s vengeance: Miss Antonia Smith, companion to his foe’s unsuspecting daughter.
Having herself been deceived and disgraced by a rogue—banished by her privileged family as a result and forced to live a lie—Antonia vows to protect her charge from the same cruel fate. She recognizes Ranelaw for the shameless blackguard he is, and will devote every ounce of her intelligence and resolve to thwarting him.
Yet Antonia has always had a fatal weakness for rakes…

While I still love the dark, dramatic look of that original site, after five years, it was starting to look a little tired. Not to mention that the books I’m writing now aren’t nearly as gothic in tone as the first couple. In fact, my May release MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION is basically a classic Regency romance with people getting dressed up and going to parties all the time. Well, not ALL the time! It is an Anna Campbell book after all so there’s still plenty of angst and sexual tension and sensuality. 

A couple of months ago (it’s taken that long!), Paula and I put our heads together and started to work on a new look. I love the Regency elegance of the design we came up with and I also love that it reflects the sensual, intense tone of the books so beautifully. The portraits are by a wonderful Scottish painter of the Regency era, Sir Henry Raeburn, and I’m terrifically proud that all the photos of British scenery and architecture are mine, taken on my various jaunts to the U.K. in search of inspiration. 

In 2006, as a newbie to website design, I spent a lot of time touring other writers’ sites to work out what I liked and what perhaps I didn’t like so much. Over the last six months, I’ve done the same thing and to my surprise, found out that my tastes haven’t changed much. Number one priorities were a site that reflected the atmosphere of the books and offered ease of navigation. Other things I like are ‘extras’ – you know, something you get on the website that you don’t get anywhere else. I don’t particularly like over-complicated websites that take forever to load and because I’m usually listening to music through my computer anyway, music on the home page doesn’t appeal to me. 

This time round, I also had the experience of running a website for five years, and it seemed silly to change things that were working like a treat. So I kept popular features from the original website like the free short stories and the My Favorite Things column. But I also added pages that are relevant now as they weren’t back then, particularly a page of trailers and video interviews. 

Anyway, I hope you’ll visit my new site and that you’ll love the rich design too. And now I’m curious – what do you like to see in a website? Do you have any websites that you love to visit? Why? To celebrate the re-launch of, I’m giving away a signed copy of MY RECKLESS SURRENDER to someone who leaves a comment today. Good luck and happy browsing! 

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About the Author
Always a voracious reader, ANNA CAMPBELL decided when she was a child that she wanted to be a writer. Once she discovered the wonderful world of romance novels, she knew exactly what she wanted to write. Anna has won numerous awards for her Avon historical romances including Romantic Times Reviewers Choice, the Booksellers Best, the Golden Quill and the Australian Romance Readers Association’s most popular historical romance (twice). When she’s not writing passionate, intense stories featuring gorgeous Regency heroes and the women who are their destiny, Anna lives near the sea on the east coast of Australia where she’s losing her battle with an overgrown subtropical garden.

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About Monica Burns

A bestselling author of erotic romance, Monica Burns penned her first short romance story at the age of nine when she selected the pseudonym she uses today. From the days when she hid her stories from her sisters to her first completed full-length manuscript, she always believed in her dream despite rejections and setbacks. A workaholic wife and mother, Monica believes it’s possible for the good guy to win if they work hard enough.

147 thoughts on “Pleasure Me With Anna Campbell

  1. >Wow, thanks, Julie! My evil plot…um, highly organized marketing plan comes to fruition! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. >And, I'm hooked. Will be picking up a book of yours as soon as possible. 🙂 Your blog was so much fun. 🙂

    Thank you!

  3. >Lindseye, thanks for your thoughts. Actually I don't mind music links at all. It's that blast of tinny music when I click on the site that drives me bananas. Looks like I'm not alone there. Thanks for swinging by!

  4. >Dale, I still think it's sad I never actually contacted a lot of the authors I loved growing up – it's such a kick to talk to readers. And now of course, a lot of those wonderful writers aren't with us any more. The Internet has been fantastic for this chance to talk to people, hasn't it? And it blows my mind that in Australia, I can talk to people in real time all over the world for the price of an internet connection! How cool is that?

  5. >I know the blog is closed, but had to respond to the Virgin Sacrifice. 🙂 Reading is never a sacrifice and I'm not touching the virgin label with a ten foot pole. 😉


  6. >I want a website to be up to date, with book pages with a blurb and cover and reading order if a series. Updates and coming soon are also appreciated. No auto music though music links are ok.

    linze_e at hotmail dot com

  7. >Thanks for sharing a new book and author. This has to be a favorite part of FB, meeting, chatting, and just getting to know not only my favorite authors, but new authors as well Thanks again!

    Amy Conley
    Dale, In

  8. >Anna, if I was a bloke and looked like Alex, I would LOVE all women because I'd be so damn fine! LOL!

  9. >Julie, thanks so much for checking out the site. And I'm so pleased you love the layout – that's more Paula than me. She's the genius with that stuff – but I agree with you about having all the important stuff to hand. I also love how she's got the links down the bottom of the page too. Eazy Peazy! I hear you on series – my books are really stand-alones so it's not quite so important. I'm a Virgo, I like to read my series in order!

    Thank you for being kind to Wolfram. Since Jeanne gave him a hard time, he's in need of some TLC 😉

  10. >The new site is absolutely goooorgeous! I love looking at all the paintings on the sidebar. Give yourselves pats on the back over this, for sure.

    I also like that all the "important" information can be found on the top row of links. The part of an author's site I visit the most is their booklist, and I prefer to have them all displayed on one page…it's a bit annoying to have to dig to see what else an author has written. Separation by series is helpful, but I find that the order matters more to me.

    Wolfram!! I would like very much to pet him. *__________*

    julieguan AT gmail DOT com

  11. >Oh, Mary, you poor thing with all that snow! Can't believe the weather all over the world at the moment! So glad you loved the site – I think that ribbon was an inspired choice from Paula! Thanks for your comments on websites. Looks like I'm not the only person not in favour of music!

  12. >Oh, Jeanne, that Wolfram's a pushover, you know that! I think he got nearly as much fan mail as Matthew did! Yeah, Paula's opening line had me giggling too.

  13. >Actually, Paula, I think that's one of the advantages of having a skilled professional like yourself to do a website. I did come across a few that looked really unfinished and amateur which is a pity. Sorry I'm not Alex O'Laughlin! What am I saying? I'm sorry YOU'RE not AO! Thanks for swinging by. As you can see, everybody loves the result of all your hard work.

  14. >I love your new website design. My least favorite things on sites are tinny music that never shuts off, fussy fonts that can't be clearly read, and broken links that frustrate me when I'm trying to find out more information re backlists, etc on authors new to me. What I enjoy are uncluttered pages that link together and offsite well, and have a cohesive theme for font/border/design. Love the ribbon on your site.

    Anyone need about 1,000,000 cubic yards (approx) of snow? Hubby will deliver!

    Mary M.
    Wisconsin, USA

    emmasmom AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  15. >Paula said: So Google Alerts left an intriguing message that said "pleasure me with Anna Campbell" and the post link and here's me thinking "Thanks, but as much as I love Anna Campbell, Alex McLouglin would be a better choice for pleasuring me." 😀 Of course, I had to mosey on over here!


    And Anna, how lovely that my mock-defeat of 'ol Wolfie-boy induced you to give another book as a treat! Grins. Always happy to help. :>

  16. >So Google Alerts left an intriguing message that said "pleasure me with Anna Campbell" and the post link and here's me thinking "Thanks, but as much as I love Anna Campbell, Alex McLouglin would be a better choice for pleasuring me." 😀 Of course, I had to mosey on over here!

    No wonder my ears were burning (no, it's not just the 40+ heatwave we're having!) Thank you everyone, for all your wonderful comments on my little creative side project! It was a bit of a slog but I'm thrilled Anna is happy with it. Love playing around with color and design and there's sooo many gorgeous sites out there. My pet peeves are music, busyness, completely different designs for each page, different sized fonts all over the place, misaligned pictures, covers or frames… arggh. Little fiddly things that irritate me and make the site look unprofessional.

  17. >Nancy, thanks so much for checking the website out in detail. Actually the printable list of books from the backlist is a GREAT idea! Might do something about that. It means a reader can take the list into a store and just get all the books. Hmm, for some reason that idea appeals to me mightily 😉 Thanks also for saying you love the new design. I'm over the moon about it.

  18. >June, there's so much great info on the internet, it's easy to get overwhelmed, isn't it? There are a lot of sites I'd love to visit more regularly! Thanks for swinging by and good luck in the draw.

  19. >Hi Anna,
    Checked out your new website. V.E.R.Y. Nice!! I especially like how you have all of the different versions of covers on some of your books. Always find it interesting to see the different versions from around the world.

    What do I like in author websites? Easy to locate backlist, excerpts, if possible a printable backlist, beautiful coloring and graphics (which you clearly have in spades!), updated places/times for author meet/greets, upcoming books/peeks (including videos for books), special links. You've done a fab job on this new website!
    Nancy E
    Wisconsin USA
    everitnm at hotmail dot com

  20. >Sounds like a really good book. Can not wait to learn more about it. There are so many websites that I visit regualarly, all my favorite author's to keep up with when they have books coming out, sites like amazon to find new authors and recommendations from authors that I like to read. I love to read excepts of books and enter contests of my favorite authors.

    June M. in KY

  21. >Hey, Sheree, lovely to see you. I wanted the site to be easy to get around – that was one of my bugbears when I was researching what I liked and what I didn't. I wanted to spend my time reading interesting stuff, not trying to work how to get from A to B.

  22. >I think with all these people commenting, I'd better give away TWO books! A second person will win a copy of UNTOUCHED. Just because Jeanne avoided being sicced by Wolfram, the wolfhound who features in the story.

  23. >Ooh, aren't you nice, Jeanne? Thank you. And to think I was about to sic a big old wolfhound on you!

  24. >Hey, Miss Cornell, lovely to see you here! I do love that photo. You look so sultry in it! Oh, no, sultry makes me think of today's weather, groan.

    Thank you for those lovely words about the books. It gave me such a kick when you told me you'd re-read all of them as a Christmas treat.

    So glad you love the site! I think the colors are gorgeous!

  25. >Monica, what can I say? Clearly I'm slow! Burns indeed!

    You've missed a HUGE day here. We've had website commentary coming out of our ears!

    Those old Harlequin covers really bring back the memories, don't they? It's weird, I looked at the that Joyce Dingwell and suddenly I was eight years old again and entranced by that story!

  26. >If you're a regular visitor to the event, you might want to double check the winners page to see if your name is listed. I don't have time to email everyone that they're winners, I'm just posting names on the blog and the winners page.

  27. >Louisa said: And anyone who hasn't read all of Anna's novels get thee to a bookstore or online shop postehaste! You won't regret it!

    Amen, sister, amen! Grins. Couldn't agree more.

    *off to check Gaelen Foley's extras…*

  28. >Hello Monica and LA CAMPBELL !!

    I just finished a back to back reread of all five Anna Campbell novels. SIGH! If I didn't have my own rewrites to get to I probably would turn back to page one of Claiming the Courtesan and start all over again.

    And I can't WAIT for the next one to come out. The premise alone has me hooked!

    The new website is gorgeous! And I am so pleased you included so many of your own photos!

    I like to visit Candice Hern's website for all of the research extras. I visit Gaelen Foley's site for the same reason.

    And anyone who hasn't read all of Anna's novels get thee to a bookstore or online shop postehaste! You won't regret it!

    Oh and don't me in for the draw for My Reckless Surrender. I already have signed copies of ALL of your books (and an extra set for reading) on my KEEPER shelf.


  29. >Holy smoking blog, Batgirl!! Ladies, I came home to an inbox that was so dark with unread emails I almost shut it down afraid to face the perfect storm of blog posts! LOL

    Anna, I love the new site! And I have a couple of special HQs from the past that I remember fondly too. One had a title of something like Drumbeat of a Different Drummer, which I loved. The other was an amnesia story line where the girl has an accident running away the first time, loses her memory and then remembers everything when she sees the hero with the villainess again. That was years ago at the age of 12. Pretty good book if I can remember that much about them.

    Your M&B photos brought back some good memories. And I LOVED Violet Winspear. Leigh Michaels and a couple of others that were my favs who I bought regularly.

    So glad you were here today, and sorry I had to miss all the fun until now!! It looks like the blog has been rocking!

    Oh, and you SERIOUSLY just now got the Burns reference??? ROFL I picked out my pen name at the age of 9yrs old. I was a fricking brilliant marketer even then! LOL

  30. >Anna said She's going to set Wolfram on you next time she sees you hanging around the backdoor pretending you're there to help him with his roses. A likely story indeed!

    As if I couldn't handle Wolfram…bwah-ha-ha-ha-haa!

  31. >Hi Vonda! I'm no great whizz at computer stuff either – thank goodness I've got Paula! So glad you loved the site – regal simplicity is a beautiful description. Thanks for swinging by and good luck!

  32. >Anna,

    Looked at your site and liked it's look. It has a regal simplicity with easy maneuverability.

    I'm a total electronic klutz, therefore, prefer the more simplistic sites with a straightforward display of information.

    2much2reid {at} comcast {dot} net / Texas

  33. >Sharon, thanks for dropping by – not long till Midnight. Well, not long till midnight but also until MWP hits the shops. Thanks for checking out the site. You know how excited I am about it – I keep telling you!

  34. >Margay, this is my website calling. Come to me, Margay! Come to me! You KNOOOOOOWWWW you want to! We have chocolate… Seriously, thanks for checking it out – I'm delighted with it!

  35. >Jeanne, I think with all your cold weather in the DC area, you really SHOULD buy one of Monica's books. There's no way you can be cold reading a book by Monica Burns – Hmm, the significance of that surname has only struck me! Very appropriate, Ms. Burns. You know, Grace has had a word to me about you stalking Mr. Matthew. She's going to set Wolfram on you next time she sees you hanging around the backdoor pretending you're there to help him with his roses. A likely story indeed! Hope you enjoy Reckless. I loved your latest – DEADLY LITTLE SECRETS. What a rollercoaster ride! Thanks for saying you love the new site!

  36. >Hi Anna and Monica! Great blog!

    Anna, I love your new-look website just as much as I did your gothic older one! This new design is gorgeous and fresh and very elegant!

    The red ribbon curling down beside the header is a fabulous touch and what a great way to use the photographs from your trips around historic homes.

    Well done you and Paula Roe!

    No need to put me in the draw for My Reckless Surrender – I've already had the pleasure of reading Diana and Tarquin's wonderful story! I'm now hanging out for the release of Midnight's Wild Passion!


  37. >Okay, Anna, I've been creeping on your site and I have to say, I really like what I see. Love the sidebar with the Regency pictures – gorgeous! I could waste so much time here!

  38. >Hey Anna! What a fun post. Love, love LOVE the new website, by the way. And Monica, I'm sending you a ^5 over Untouched. I love all of Anna's books, but Matthew is my absolute favorite hero of hers. That heroine from Untouched…forget her name….oh, yes, Graaaaace….

    Grins. I'm so jealous of Grace. Love me some Matthew. Hahah!

    BTW, My Reckless Surrender is my "treat read" for finishing my edits on my own September 2011 books, Deadly Little Lies. And I can't wait for Midnight's Wild Passion!

    Monica, congrats on YOUR book's release as well. Anna, thanks for posting about your visit here, now I've got a new author to check out! Monica! Pleasure Me looks like a humdinger. (And isn't a joy to use words like ilk and humdinger! Grins.)

    Jeanne AT JeanneAdams DOT com in DC

  39. >Hiya Kandy! I love your site too. As I said, my criterion for a really great site is whether it reflects the books and the writer's personality. And I think the warmth and welcome on your site reflect both for you. Thanks so much for saying you love the new design – I just love it. If I was a Regency miss, I might even say I was in alt! 😉

  40. >Hi Robin! Thanks for checking out the website. I had a wonderful time wallowing in all those beautiful Regency portraits. The fashions then are SOOOO romantic, aren't they? Did you see the girl playing the harp? I think that's one of my favorites. And it was wonderful being able to put my own touch to the look by including those photos from my travels in England and Scotland.

  41. >Ooh, Margay, interesting. Most of my articles are for aspiring writers, as you've probably noticed, although there's a few chatty ones about my travels and my favorite romance themes there too. Thanks for swinging by!

  42. >Hi Anna and Monica
    I love your new website Anna–a magnificent effort by you and your brilliant designer!
    Apart from easy to navigate and quick to download, I like a website that reflects the personality of both author and the books she/he writes. You've definitely nailed it with this one!
    (Please don't enter me in the competition, I am fortunate to already have a copy of MY RECKLESS SURRENDER)

  43. >I am visiting the website right now. Love the images on the left. I like websites that are easy to navigate and have links listed. Which yours is both 🙂

    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com
    MN – USA

  44. >I like websites that give you a look at the person behind the book,not just about the books themselves. I also love tips for aspiring writers.

  45. >Christy, I love bookmarks too. If you email me on with your snail mail details, I'll send you a couple of bookmarks (don't have one for MWP yet but there's very pretty ones for a couple of the earlier books).

    Actually an events page is a really good idea (mind you, poor Paula may run screaming for the hills if I ask her to do much more!). Thinking, thinking!

  46. >Oh, Ev, no to the snow! It's SOOOO hot here, I've got to say snow sounds kinda appealing. Thanks for the yays!!!!

  47. >Hey Anna!

    I will defo check out your new website! On websites, i like to be able to see all the books an author as done, as well as a bio, blog link (if they have one), info page for events and signings the author will be and a contact page, so i can tell them how awesome they are. i am a freebie bookmark girl, so i love when authors have that available as well.

    Christy M


  48. >YAY New Book!!

    YAY New Website!!

    Can't wait to read the new one and go play on the new site.

    Gotta have something fun to do in this snow filled hell I am in!

  49. >Jeanette, thanks for swinging by – it felt like a major moment when I put the Midnight excerpt up. Made the book seem like it really was on its way!

  50. >Hey, Beth, my Bandita friend! Thank you for swinging by. It was such a treat yesterday to share my new site with my Bandita sisters!

  51. >Hi Maria! Wow, everything is there? That's a huge compliment. As I said, I think Paula and I would have probably worked on this over about a six month period. One of the nice things about such a long gestation is that you have time to think about your decisions. A few things went west, a lot of stuff was altered between first thought and final version. Thanks so much for checking it out – and I love the red too! I like a website as a go-to spot if I want to know something like what's next in a series.

  52. >Hi Jane! Lovely to see you too! Aren't we having a party here? I knew it would be fun to visit Monica's blog – Monica herself is so much fun. Good luck in the draw!

  53. >Karen, breathing a huge sigh of relief down here in Oz that I didn't do any of those annoying things. The problem is if you have an annoying website, people won't visit it so the whole thing is a complete waste of time. I've seen websites where I can't work out how to get off the home page – really, what is the point? Thanks so much for checking out my website! It's my window on the world so I tried really hard to get it right.

  54. >Great post and love your new site! I love sites that give excerpts of upcoming releases and also state what books will be coming soon/what the author is working on.


  55. >Congratulations on your new website design and upcoming book! I absolutely love the red background – it really makes everything else stand out and just sort of makes it "pop". I actually like the way that yours is setup and can't think of anything else that could be added to it – I find that when too much is on the site that it detracts from the author's work. I think it's just right. I do visit some authors websites but not visit blogs more often and most of those are pretty standardized…lol

    US Resident

  56. >Hi Anna,

    Love the new website! Beautiful! Congratulations on a job well-done! And congratulations on your soon-to-be released book in May!

    I think it is easier to explain what I don't like about some websites than to describe what I like:

    1) I don't like to have to look for page links. I want them clearly visable and easy to find. I want words I can understand, not symbols or pictures to figure out what they mean. For example, one author uses a tea pot, a plate, and other such items to define her page links. Granted, they might be pretty to look at but I have to decifer what she means to find my way around? Not gonna happen.

    2) I don't like multiple columns like a newspaper. Hard to read, jumbled…won't stick around long enough to find what I want.

    3) I agree with you about the music. I don't like it and then I have to look all over the place to find the miniscule button to turn it off…and in some cases only to have it turn back on when I navigate to another page.

    4) Harsh, glaring colors as backdrops with text in a similar color making it very hard to read. I saw one website that was a light orange with white text. I had to highlight text with my mouse to read it.

    OK, I guess you get the picture so I'll quit for now. Rest assured, you didn't violate any of my pet peeves! LOL

    kkhaas at bellsouth dot net
    NC, USA

  57. >Thanks so much, Nancy! I always smile when I see your happy face turn up on a blog visit! So glad you love the excerpt. I've been dying to put it up but I wanted to save it for the big launch.

  58. >Tracey, I think the inspirations page is a good idea. I always talk about that when I'm on a blog tour touting the latest release but of course that doesn't work then for backlist books. Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, excerpts are really popular, I've noticed!

  59. >I like to read book excerpts. I also like links to places where I can purchase the books.

    I also like to read what inspired the author to write each book.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  60. >Hi Stephanie! Interesting about the interaction. I tend to think if people want to talk to me, they'll find me on Facebook or the Romance Bandits but it's a good point. I have a guestbook and an email address but it's not quite the same as having a personal blog. On the other hand, a personal blog takes an awful lot of time and commitment. Hmm, will think further. Thanks for the suggestions!

  61. >Chelsea, that reading order for series is important, isn't it? Would you believe I went to an author's site last week and then ended up having to go to Amazon to work out which book comes next? That's just not good enough. Thanks for checking out the site!

  62. >Annie, did you see I was talking about how lovely your website is earlier?

    Annie is my critique partner. She gets the really messy version of my books and somehow manages to plow her way through them and make pertinent comments that helps me turn those messes into something readable. Always very grateful, Annie!

    Thanks so much for saying you love the website and thanks also for saying how much you enjoyed Midnight!

  63. >Susan, Jane's site was one I definitely borrowed a few ideas from. I love her media page and that's where I got the idea of doing a press page from. She's such a consummate professional, isn't she? And I suspect there's a lot going on on the site because there's a lot going on with Jane. I like Wendy's site too. So glad you love the new site – I love yours too. It reflects the fun, sexy tone of your books so beautifully. Actually I think that's a MAJOR thing with a site, that it reflects the tone of the writing.

  64. >Vanessa, I just checked out Liz's site. You're right. It's lovely! Thanks for checking out mine too – so glad you love it!

  65. >I love when a website is organized so that I do not have to search for something. I also like websites/blogs that are interactive. I want to know what is going on with future books and extra perspectives that the author gives us. I like the websites to have a theme that reflects the books.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com


  66. >Tawny, thanks so much for saying such lovely things about the website. Actually I love the photos too. It was huge fun reliving the memories of my travels when I picked them out. I've put in my order for BREAKING THE RULES!

  67. >I'll definitely check out your new site, Anna!
    And I like things to be easy to find– like ALL of the author's books and a reading order for series'. Just simple, basic things 🙂


  68. >Christine, I think we're all too busy these days to fiddle around looking for things. Thanks so much for checking out the website – that ribbon is just gorgeous, isn't it? From the moment Paula showed it to me, I knew it was RIGHT.

  69. >Ooh, Monica, you're up to THAT bit! So glad it crept up on you – nothing like stealing a story trope from the Court Jester, is there? The chalice from the palace has the pellet with the poison and the vessel with the vessel has the brew which is true. Or is it the other way around? You're definitely up to some dramatic bits of the story now – tears before bedtime, definitely! Thanks so much for having me as your guest today. I'm having a blast!

  70. >Jordan, it's a balancing act, isn't it? Actually I think everyone has their own individual definition of what's the ideal website in terms of look and content. And that's good – it's mean to reflect the owner's personality. When I started this gig, I swore to myself I'd update once a month. My personal experience of websites that are never updated is that eventually I never go there.

  71. >Hi Anna,

    Congratulations on the brand new look website. So lush and appealing – just like your books! Looking forward so much to seeing 'Midnight's Wild Passion' in print. After reading the draft I can't wait to read the final version – I think this has to be one of my faves so far!

  72. >Awww, Danielle, I think you're terrifically nice too! And you always say such lovely things about the books. Hope you have fun on the site!

  73. >Hey, Jo! Another wonderful Bandit! Lovely to see you. And thank you for the autobuy line. Love it! The look Paula came up with was exactly what I wanted. I wanted it to be sexy but I wanted it to be classy too. I wanted it to be Regency but contemporary in feel. Those elements are actually quite hard to balance!

  74. >Cindy, thanks so much for checking out the new site and saying you like it. Actually I think the books are even more prominent in this new version than they were in the old one!

  75. >Wow, Tammy, I'm speechless. What a beautiful compliment to my writing. That's something I really try to do with the books – make them an experience for the reader so she closes the book on the last page, feeling like she's spent hours in a richly sensual world. And how wonderful you discovered me through a giveaway – that's one of the reasons I love to do contests. It's a way of getting people to try your work in a fairly painless fashion.

    THANK YOU!!!!

  76. >Hi, Anna! And hi, Monica! As a writer with a relatively new website, I also did the rounds a while back trying to figure out what I liked. Turns out I'm into simplicity. I love Wendy Wax's site–the colors are beautiful & it's so clean! I also love the energy & flair of Jane Porter's site, though there's a bit much going on there for my taste. Can't resist those colors, though!

    I love your new look, Anna. I think you're right–it stays true to the flavor of your books while letting some light in. Well done!

  77. >Congratulations on your latest release, Monica!

    Hey, Anna, your new site is bee-yoo-tee-ful! Kudos to Paula. I love the photo of you posing as Annie Oakely on the About Anna page.

    I love Harlequin author Liz Talley's site. Her theme is "Romance through the seasons." Visitors can change the interface of the site to match the seasons. Fun stuff!

  78. >Laura, Elizabeth's is one of the sites I looked at really closely. I think it's a marvellous site. Someone else who has a BRILLIANT site is Eloisa James. It's one of the best out there. I've considered doing a newsletter but with the monthly website updates and all the other promo I'm doing, it just seemed to be one more thing. And somewhere I have to write a book or two, LOL! Jury's still out on whether I'll do one in future.

    Glad you're another fairytale romance fan. I'm currently doing a very gothic take on Beauty and the Beast! Midnight is definitely a Cinderella story.

  79. >Anna, I love so many things about your website! The rich colors, the immediate grounding in your writing with the historic pictures and the simplicity of the layout make it easy and enjoyable to cruise through. I clicked from page to page, yes to read content, but mostly because those photos are fabulous 😀

    Wishing you continued wonderful and well-deserved success with Midnight's Wild Passion!!

  80. >Donna, the weather is just ridiculous, isn't it? After record flooding in my state, we're now braced for a HUGE cyclone. Stay safe over there in the cold!

    Actually I can understand you hesitating on retooling the website. It's a HUGE job. Thanks for saying you love the new site and also that you love the books. Mwah to you!

  81. >Hi Monica and Anna,

    One of my favorite websites to visit is The Season. I love reading about all of the new historicals that are coming out and I love Beverley Kendall and her books! I'm off to check out your new site Anna!

    Best wishes,
    Chris Mead from Missouri
    christin.mead at att dot net

  82. >Anna,
    Congratulations on your new website. It's absolutely beautiful! I love the red's adds a perfect romantic touch.
    I like websites that are attractive, eye catching and relate to the person or product the website represents. No too much clutter though. You should be able to locate what your looking for easily.

    rjofus(at)optonline(dot)net / NJ

  83. >Hey, Jen, thanks for checking out the website. I'm so glad it said 'sweeping historicals' to you – that was the feeling I wanted. It took quite a lot of toing and froing before we settled on the final design and I think it's just perfect. Sexy and fun but still pretty easy to get around. Oh, I hear you on overcrowded pages. I get a bit overwhelmed and don't know where to look.

  84. >Hi everyone, I was half asleep this morning so barely got notices out to different places about Anna's visit.

    I hope everyone is enjoying chatting with her. I'm only on for a couple minutes, but it's Anna's day to chat anyway

    But I do want to repeat that I am LOVING My Reckless Surrender. It's simply yummy. And the birthmark revelation was awesome!! I wasn't expecting that!

    Enjoy the day!

  85. >I like websites that are frequently updated with new and relevant info and that are easy to navigate. I don't want it too simple though-black text on a white background is just boring.

    jbrink83 at hotmail dot com

  86. >Hi Anna. I haven't been to the site yet but I will be visiting as soon as I am done here.

    I love your books and I think that you rock. You are so nice!!

  87. >Anna, I really like your site too and I love the way it reflects your sparkling personality. Blue is actually my favorite color but I think the red Paula chose just screams sensuality and romance – just right for a woman writing naughty books like me! Although I'm not sure they're quite as naughty as Monica's!

    I hear you on the music – and the sites with music seemed to take forever to load.

    I also hear you on wanting the series books in order. And I don't want to have to hunt for the information. I'm a Virgo, I like to read things in order if they're connected.

    Hi Monica and Anna!

    I LOVE the new website, Anna! Red is my favourite colour *g*, but I also love the richness of the site – which totally matches the richness of your writing.

    I'm another one who likes simple websites! I do like ones that have a little fun to them and made sure to add a little fun to mine. I love Julie Garwood's website and Susan Mallery's website – so cool.

    I don't like websites that have a big intro scene to get through or play irritating music.

    And it annoys me if the information I need on the books eg if they are connected isn't on the website. You'd be surprised how many websites of big authors are lacking in that regard.

    Like you, I did a lot of searching to find what I wanted and to find the right kind of designer.

    2/02/2011 12:18:00 PM

  88. >Hi, Monica! LIke Anna, I love your cover, very sensual, and the title! Ooh-la-la. Like you, Anna Campbell is an auto-buy for me.

    I really like your new website, Anna, the color, the design, the easy navigation.

  89. >Julie, I like teasers too. Actually my books are stand alone (although there's a VERY loose link between CLAIMING THE COURTESAN, TEMPT THE DEVIL and MY RECKLESS SURRENDER but if you blink, you'll miss it).

  90. >Julie, interesting about the characters! I think you're right – I find a lot of titles are interchangeable these days so the reminder is a great idea. Hey, and how fab that you're a virgin sacrifice…um, I mean a NEW READER! Actually with the weather we've been having in Queensland, I've been advertising for a virgin sacrifice. I think we need to do something drastic to placate the weather gods!

  91. >Hi Anna! Your site is perfect! It's easy to navigate, which is something that I love! I hate having to search to find an authors books or more info about them. It's very clean and the background is lovely!


    New York

  92. >Hey, Trish, my lovely Bandita buddy! Thanks for swinging by. And aren't you and Monica lovely saying you like my laugh. I always wanted a musical little giggle like a Barbara Cartland heroine, but it's NEVAH GONNA HAPPEN! And thanks for saying you like the new site. It was such a great day yesterday when I got to reveal it to the world!

  93. >Hi Anna – you became an autobuy for me after I picked up two of your books from a goodie table at a conference. I then, immediately, glommed your entire backlist.

    Your writing is so…saturated…with sensory detail, with emotional resonance. I bow down! Can't wait to read your next.


  94. >Hi LGM! Thanks for checking out the site. I'm so glad you like it. I love having the giveaways – makes me feel like Santa Claus! Good luck in the draw.

  95. >Kirsten, you know, inspiration behind the book is a great idea! My friend Annie West ( does the most wonderful posts about what inspired her delicious Harlequin Presents. Her latest one is full of fairytale pictures of German castles and horses pulling sleds through the snow. I pretty much ALWAYS have the chance to win a book on my site. The latest contest is great – SIX people win their choice from my backlist and either RAVISHING IN RED or THE WEDDING OF THE SEASON in hardcover. I loved both those books so it's wonderful to share them with people.

  96. >Hey, PJ! Another Romance Dish swinging by. By the way, I think you guys have a great site too – I love that the day's post is front and center. I hate having to hunt for current info. So glad you love the site. Actually My Favorite Things is one of the most popular pages on my site so I definitely was going to keep that. And I'm picking up some ideas for future posts from today's blog – more travel, more research, for a start. Yeah, I hear you on not up to date. I must say I don't like to visit an author's site to see they haven't been there since 1999!

  97. >Love the new website, Anna, particularly the sensuous red! I also enjoyed your article, "A Touch of the Fairytale". I personally enjoy stories with a fairytale theme. In this day and age who couldn't use a HEA story?!?!

    When I visit an author's website, I like to see their current book, their backlist and what's in the works and any awards the author may have received for these books. I also enjoy reading the author's bio and being able to sign up for the author's newsletter. One of my favorite website is Elizabeth Hoyt's. She has all of those things I just mentioned and then some.


  98. >Crystal, great to see you. Thanks for checking out the new site. It's SOOO exciting having the new site to play with. Wonderful fun! I like your list! Good luck in the draw.

  99. >Marlene, like you, I like sites where I can get that little bit extra. You know, the epilogue of the book or short stories or something about the characters. Interesting you like research stuff – I'll have to do more of that. Again, I'm never sure if I'm boring for Britain or whether it's genuinely interesting. I can talk research till the cows comes home, LOL! Thanks for swinging by!

  100. >Hey, Miss Carol, lovely to see you here! And thanks for checking out the website. The ribbon seems to have taken everyone's fancy (including mine!). Isn't that Midnight cover beautiful? Love it! Good luck in the draw!

  101. >Thanks so much, April! Not long to go now. It's the end of April, April! So glad you enjoy the new site. I love it when a writer's site is fun – checking out the competition was enormous fun, I have to say! 😉

  102. >Mary, ouch! Neon green on red? Too hard! Actually I occasionally found a few paranormal sites were hard to read. They'd gone for that dark, gothic look with red writing on black background or something similar. Sadly I'm of an age where my eyes aren't sharp enough to cope with that anymore! Personally I'm not crazy about ads on a website – makes it look a bit cheap. Or is that just me? Good luck in the draw!

  103. >Hi Anna (waving)!

    I love the new website. Makes me think I need to retool mine. Just one more thing on a long, long list of promotional stuff I need to get rolling (sigh). Don't know how you do it and still churn out fabulous books.
    Posting this quick before my power disappears again. Crazy storm this is –

  104. >Hi Linda! Thanks for your thoughts on what makes a great website. So far, the consensus is ease of navigation is paramount. Personally I like a focus on the books on a writer's site too although it's nice to have the chance to explore further if desired. Good luck in the draw! Monica's made this contest nice and easy.

  105. >Hello Anna & Monica!

    Love your new website. Once glance and I know immediately you write sweeping historicals! 🙂 Love the additional pics and videos too. One of my faves is your articles section.

    My website peeves…I call it the country store look. There's too much on the site and I'm overwhelmed. It's fine to share favorite recipes, but I don't want to see a pic of a casserole on the sidebar. Websites that aren't finished and every tab I click on says "coming soon". Bad color choices or sites that are too dark are the biggest turn off.

    Have a great day!

  106. >Hi Artemis! I love Good Reads too (are we friends? If not, swing by and send me an invite!). I find the range of what people are reading fascinating. Version one of my old site had white writing on a blue background which was very pretty but we changed it when we realized it was hard for some people to read. I think you've got to keep sites user friendly. Good luck in the draw!

  107. >Hey, Andrea! I ADORE the Romance Dish – of course I included you gals. That's so wonderful you like the new site – thanks so much. Paula and I have worked like demons on it (although perhaps not like the sexy demons who proliferate in paranormals, more like, yanno, WORKER DEMONS!). Glad you love the pics of younger me (in one case, MUCH younger!). That photo always makes me smile – clearly my rich fantasy life started way early!

    I got a thrill when I went to Colorado last July and visited Buffalo Bill's burial site. Lots of photos of Annie Oakley!

  108. >Wow, Virginia, aren't you lovely? Thank you! I'm proud to be a fellow Campbell 😉

    You have no idea how Paula and I have been champing at the bit to put the website up. Originally it was going to be 1st January but we just weren't ready and we wanted it to be right. So it's new for Valentine's Day. And I'm delighted to share details of the new story with you!

    How interesting that you like travel stories. I'll make sure I put some more in. You're never sure whether you're outstaying your welcome with some of these topics. As you've probably gathered, I love music and movies (so the series on musicals was great fun to do) – but one person's obsession is another person's yawn fest.

    My poor mum, I don't think she ever really realized what a blow she struck when she chucked out the Anne Mathers!

  109. >Hi Monica and Anna!

    I LOVE the new website, Anna! Red is my favourite colour *g*, but I also love the richness of the site – which totally matches the richness of your writing.

    I'm another one who likes simple websites! I do like ones that have a little fun to them and made sure to add a little fun to mine. I love Julie Garwood's website and Susan Mallery's website – so cool.

    I don't like websites that have a big intro scene to get through or play irritating music.

    And it annoys me if the information I need on the books eg if they are connected isn't on the website. You'd be surprised how many websites of big authors are lacking in that regard.

    Like you, I did a lot of searching to find what I wanted and to find the right kind of designer.

  110. >Hi Kris! So glad you like the website. Thank you! Actually I agree with you about most writers' sites being pretty good. Aren't some of those old romance covers hilarious? I had such fun finding them. And it was also fun to revisit my teenage self and her voracious romance reading! Good luck in the draw!

  111. >Forgot to mention, I love snippets of any upcoming books, or teasers about main characters that we have seen before as minor characters. 🙂

    julieboo817 at gmail dot com

  112. >HI! Yay, another new to me author! I am so looking forward to adding you to my TBR pile!

    For author websites, I really love a list of the books with the main characters noted. Sometimes I can remember a story, but not the name of the book. It makes it so much easier to find the book name when the characters are there, too.

    julieboo817 at gmail dot com

  113. >Mona, luxe is just what I was looking for. When Paula and I were originally talking about the re-design, I said I wanted something rich and sensual. I think those colors are just right for that impression. Good luck in the draw!

  114. >Stacie, thanks so much for visiting the website. The award thing for each book is one of the new touches. I always had an award page but it seemed worthwhile to say just what each book had done out there in the wide world. There's a few things like that that we put in to make life easier for visitors – I like how we link to all the articles from each article now too. Makes wandering through so much easier! Good luck in the draw!

  115. >Hi Barbara! Thanks for swinging by and also for checking out the website.

    I love the color scheme Paula came up with – I sent her some ideas in some old Regency brocades and that's where she got her inspiration. And that ribbon is just beautiful, isn't it? That was ALL her!

    Actually I'm with you on those pet dislikes for websites. I don't think I'm alone in saying if it's all too hard, I just don't bother – unless I'm absolutely crazy about the writer's books in which case I'll probably persist. But as a casual browser, I'll go somewhere else if I need an engineering degree to find out what I want.

    Glad you like the sound of MWP! Thank you! And good luck in the draw.

  116. >Hello, Anna and Monica. Anna, your new site is lovely. And Monica, you're so right — Anna's laugh is totally infectious. I can hear it now.

    I love sites that are clean, easy to read and navigate but have a bit of personality.

    No need to put me in the drawing as I buy all of Anna's books. 🙂

  117. >Love your new site. It is pleasing to the eye…and easy to maneuver thru. I like info on books & authors..both old and new…I also LOVE contests or giveaways…that's always a plus.


  118. >Hi guys! Hi Monica! Congratulations on the release of PLEASURE ME! How delicious does this book look? Yum, romance novel chocolate!

    Thank you so much for that lovely intro. I blushed – and then looked around to see just who you were talking about! And thank you for having me as your guest today. I've been really looking forward to it – and hey, I'm in the "I've just got a new boyfriend" phase of the website adoration. I want to tell EVERYONE about its glories. You know what it's like. I'll be cranky with it in six months when it's not taking out the trash and we have to watch ESPN all day but right now, this website is the internet equivalent of Prince Charming!

  119. >Hi Anna, Love the new website & your books!

    I always like lots of info about the books. They are what I'm most interested in after all 😉 A little bit of what the story is about, but also inspiration from the author or fun facts. Pretty pictures don't hurt either. Or a chance to win a book. 🙂

    lotsofgingers AT hellokitty DOT com

  120. >Oops! Forgot I need to leave my email address for the grand prize drawing.

    US/South Carolina

  121. >Hi Anna! (waving)

    Love the new website! It's beautiful and has all the important things I look for in an author site. I'm so glad you decided to keep your "favorite things." That's been one of my favorite features of your site.

    I like sites that are easy to navigate, have the author's book list, show news/coming attractions and are up to date. One feature I'd love to see on all author websites is a blog schedule. Tell us where you'll be blogging and when so we can support you and the site with our comments.

    Thanks for including us in your list of links!

    ** I already have a signed copy of My Reckless Surrender so don't include me in the giveaway. Thanks!

  122. >Your new site is beautiful. Love the colors and graphics. What I like to see on a site is an author bio, book information, upcoming and works in progress, contests, and contact information for author.


  123. >The new site is lovely. I enjoy sites, that are easily moved through. When there are series, I like for the titles to be listed in reading order. I like for the author to include some person info and research materials on writing subjects, example, interesting facts on the regency period. I have seen sites that had character studies, which were great. I enjoy Sherrilyn Kenyon's site.
    Marlene in MS USA

  124. >Hi Anna,
    I also love the new site.
    The red/gold and black are so fitting for the era. I love the pictures as well. The red ribbon just adds a kind of flair to the first page. Congrats on the new site and design. It's perfect. 🙂
    And I'm very excited about the new book MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION . Look forward to reading it.
    Carol L

  125. >Good morning to all!Congrats on the new website.It is goregous.I visit several websites of various authors. I enjoy their book info,author bio,latest news, current updates,list of books, the ease in navigating and the beautiful designs. New site is wonderful. I so enjoy your books.I am waiting for "Midnights Wild Passion" to come out. have a wonderful day/week.
    North Carolina

  126. >Good Morning Anna and Monica,
    What I like in a website is ease of navigation and not too many ads, the ads take away from the other things on the page. I also like nice pictures on the webpage and colors that are easy to read. someone once put a neon green on a red background and I found it really hard to read anything on their page.
    Nevada, USA

  127. >Hi Anna & Monica! Good morning! I like a website that is easy to navigate with a booklist that's simple to find (don't make me go thru more than 2 links to find it!) The print should be readable (not too tiny please!) and the print should be in sharp contrast to the background. I've been to a few authors' websites where I had to really struggle to discern the print from the background.
    I love contests that aren't difficult to enter.
    Thank you for being here today and please enter me in your contest!
    Linda T.
    Florida, USA

  128. >What I don't like in a website is too many videos or graphics that take too long to load. Simple graphics and picures are best. I find that some black backgrounds are hard on the eyes when combined with other designs.

    What I do like is ease of navigation, keeping it updated, useful links.

    One of my favorite websites is Goodreads! I have made great friends there and found so many new authors and wonderful stories to discover.

    cindersmaria @ yahoo DOT com
    South Carolina

  129. >*waving* Hi, Anna!!

    The new website is GORGEOUS!! I love it. It's bold, fresh, and easy to navigate. And I adore the pictures of you on the "About Anna" page! Really quite beautiful. Kudos to Paula Roe!

    As for your question, you have the things I am looking for: a list of books, about the author, links (thanks for including TRD!), contact info, latest news, and extras. And you have one of the most important, imo, the "home" button at the top. I have visited several websites that didn't have a way to get "home" and it was a little aggravating. All in all, your new site is top notch, Anna!

    dadaw1321 AT numail DOT org

  130. >Hello, Anna C! You are always up to something. This time it's a new website and an upcoming new book release! I visited your website, and the colors and overall effect are just right. Very rich and evocative of a most romantic historical era! I easily navigated through the site, and I will have to go back and spend some time perusing all the links. I am also a longtime Anne Mather fan, and I still collect her earlier works. I will try to forgive your Mum for throwing out your own collection : ) I look forward to the release of "Midnight's Wild Passion"! I enjoy websites that are quick to load, easy to navigate, have a unique and attractive look without too much clutter, and offer a way to interact with the author. What's most important is that the author herself enjoys her own website and feels comfortable updating the info and making changes. I realize that not everyone is at ease sharing vast quantities of personal data, but there are other ways to communicate. I particularly enjoy travel stories and photos. I am basically bound to one spot, so it's a pleasure to view the adventures of others : ) You are a great communicator, Anna C, and you have a great love of life. That is evident in your wonderful smile and your compelling talent as a storyteller!

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  131. >good morning monica and anna!
    its a nice cold snowy morning for surfing the web! your new site is fabulous! Love the red and it has everything you need with easy to find buttons! i like easy in websites if it gets too complicated or takes forever to load then I just leave because I dont have that much time to figure it out sometimes! but yours as are most authors are very nice and easy to use and read! I do like all those old harlequin books as well 🙂 I pick them up at garage sales and they giveme something quick to read when I am in the mood! you are a new to me author but I am sure I am going to be checking out your books very soon!

    Kris b indiana

    krysti33 @ frontier dot com

  132. >Your website color scheme is very luxe. Love the rich red. As far as what I love to see in a website:

    . Ease of navigation
    . Attractive, but not too busy, design
    . Easy-to-enter giveaways/contests


  133. >Congratulations on the new site Anna! I agree with Barbara, the deep dark red is gorgeous! I took a few minutes to explore the website and it is very easy to navigate. I also like how your backlist page includes all of your award nominations & wins for each title.

    GeishasMom73 on twitter

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  134. >The new site is gorgeous…love that rich red background and the ribbon detail! It is easy to navigate and the books are front and center which is appreciated. I hate it when you have to dig through an author's site to find their backlist!

    What do I like in an author's website? Hate fussy with lots and lots of graphics or anything that takes too long to load! Also cannot understand why some authors seem to bury their backlist — if they are new-to-me and I have to dig for their previous books I am less like to dig for them and possibly buy them! Also, sites that aren't updated properly — ran across one in the last week that had outdated info for summer 2010!?! Erm, if you aren't going to update it, don't put in time sensitive info!

    MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION sounds awesome by the way.

    BabsVick AT gmail DOT com