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>What’s gal to do when she loves a man in a kilt? Well, you can call on Veronica Wolff to help ease your need for a sexy pair of legs. An award-winning bestselling author, Veronica’s latest book Devil’s Own has been called “zippy . . . hot, hot, hot . . .”  by Publishers Weekly, so I’m sure the book is going to definitely appeal to all of us kilt lovers! ! Please welcome Veronica for today’s Pleasure Me With Romance guest post.

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What, me, flawed?

As I’ve contemplated what to blog about today, my mind—as always—kept going back to one place.  Heroes.  Whether the one in my current work-in-progress, the ones I’m reading, or my very own heroic husband, it’s hard not to go there.  It’s one of the reasons I write romance in the first place, if I must be honest.  To have a wonderfully, fully formed man living in my head?  Heavenly. 

I love the men, and I love them flawed too.  Give me a brooding man, with a past, or a scar, or better yet, both.  The hero of my upcoming release, Devil’s Own, was kidnapped and sold into slavery as a child, victim of a seventeenth-century Parliamentary decree allowing the kidnap and use of the idle poor on faraway plantations. Aidan MacAlpin escaped years later, returning to Scotland to find the home he loved long gone. His mother, a chance at love, a proper education…gone. Flawed is an understatement for Aidan, who was left only with the scars of his enslavement and dreams of vengeance.

Only one woman could restore his tormented heart.

Aidan MacAlpin appreciates the hospitality of his brothers and sisters, but after surviving hell on earth, they feel more like strangers than kin. They could never understand his one ambition: To exact bloody revenge on the bastard who enslaved him all those years ago…

Elspeth Farquharson had already resigned herself to the life of a spinster when she’s hired to tutor dark, brooding Aidan—a real-life hero more enticing than any from her adventure books. If only she could convince this tragic rogue that she’s not the nervous, stuttering bookworm she appears to be. But when Aidan shows her a clue to his tortured past, she’ll be thrust into a dangerous game of passion and deception that will awaken the sexy heroine within—if it doesn’t kill her first…

And what of the women?  When mulling this blog, I began to think about what it is that makes a heroine appealing.  And I kept coming back to one idea: that the appeal of any character stems from precisely these flaws that he or she overcomes.

My latest heroine is definitely flawed.  She’s a wee bit tongue-tied, choosing to spend her days immersed in her beloved books rather than society.  And that got me thinking, we’re all of us flawed heroines, in our own lives.

I’ll spare you the gory details of my more personal flaws, but here’s an easy target for you.  I can’t cook to save my life.  I was recently asked to contribute a holiday recipe, and truly—pathetically—all I could come up with was my “recipe” for reindeer cookies involving store-bought Nutter Butters and some marshmallow Fluff.  No oven required.

Confucius said, “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”  So tell me, what makes you a flawed heroine?

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About the Author

Veronica Wolff is an award-winning, bestselling author with a soft spot for kilts and vampires. Not necessarily at the same time. Previously known for her Highlands Time Travel series, she’s launching two new series with Penguin Group: The Clan MacAlpin Novels, featuring a family of strapping, seventeenth-century Highlanders, and The Watchers, starring a group of vampires and the teenaged girls who train to watch over them.

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About Monica Burns

A bestselling author of erotic romance, Monica Burns penned her first short romance story at the age of nine when she selected the pseudonym she uses today. From the days when she hid her stories from her sisters to her first completed full-length manuscript, she always believed in her dream despite rejections and setbacks. A workaholic wife and mother, Monica believes it’s possible for the good guy to win if they work hard enough.

52 thoughts on “Pleasure Me With Veronica Wolff

  1. >ooh, is that the Vonda I know?! *waving!* So funny about the cell phones…I agree! Funny, but my daughter is the polar opposite of me, and can chitter-chat the whole day long. (And boy, can it be exhausting for mommy…) I don't know how she does it. I could go the whole day without saying a word and be perfectly content.

    Alice, so simply and perfectly said! And lindseye, I totally make false deadlines for myself, but unfortunately I know they're false, and they're working less and less… And Laura, "tongue-less" made me smile…yup, I definitely have sphinx-like tendencies myself. =)

  2. >Who doesn't have flaws? Like Elspeth, I, too, am tongue-tied around strangers. Matter of fact, a better description would probably be "tongue-less". And my personal motto: If it wasn't for the last minute, I'd never get anything done!
    Love the cover!


  3. >Flaws do make characters more interesting. I have a bad habit of procrastinating and pushing off by days or weeks thinkgs I do not want to do. Have to give myself false deadlines to get around the habit.

    linze_e at hotmail dot com

  4. >Veronica:
    Enjoyed post. Love the cover.

    Biggest flaw is shyness. See people on cell phones all the time and wonder, "how can they think of that much to say?"

    2much2reid {at} comcast {dot} net / Texas

  5. >Jordan, as I wrote above, I can totally relate to the phone thing!

    And, Monica, PLEASE! It's no problem whatsoever!! As I mentioned in my email, as long as people don't call me "Virginia" Wolff, I count it a huge victory. =)

    Love it, Ev. I'm gonna claim the very same thing! And Julie, I hope you like the story–I had such a blast writing two such different characters coming together.

  6. >I don't like confrontation. So of standing up and arguing back, I tend to lock myself down instead. Results are mixed, but mostly I get mad at myself for not facing the problem.

    I love bookworm heroines, so I can't wait to see how see deals with Aidan and his scars and dreams.

    julieguan AT gmail DOT com

  7. >Flaws? What flaws? The fact that I hate to clean isn't a flaw. Dull women have immaculate homes. I know this for a fact- there's a sign right inside my front door that says so.

  8. >Hi everyone. First my deepest and most humble apologies to Veronica. I spelled her last name wrong on the main header of the post (I just corrected it.)I've been gone all day so I didn't get the message about it until now. I'm so sorry Veronica

    It looks like everyone has been having a fun day with Veronica's question about flawed heroines.

    I'm flawed in so many ways that I'm ashamed to reveal them.

  9. >Among my many flaws are – procrastination, laziness, selfishness… I'm a lousy and sarcastic communicator who prefers books to people and needs to make more of an effort at maintaining relationships. I avoid things like work and answering the phone. I won't go on but I think everyone gets the point anyway!

    jbrink83 at hotmail dot com

  10. >I hope you enjoy it, Nancy! A "spinster," huh? I love it! If I hadn't met my husband, I could very easily picture myself the same way. Think of the great company you find yourself in. Jane Austen, Flannery O'Connor, the list goes on and on…

  11. >Hey Veronica, your book sounds great! Looking forward to reading it. Flaws? What flaws? LOL. I am a "spinster," so stuck/set in my ways that I can't change (don't want to either!), very introverted, and live through the books that I read. There are many more, but I'm not going to list them all. You'd be here all night reading.
    Nancy E
    Wisconsin USA
    everitnm at hotmail dot com

  12. >Hey Tracey, some of the best heroines are stubborn and strong willed! =) And Stephanie, I've been there…my husband needs to push me out the door sometimes.

    Sheree, you made me laugh, because I'm the same way. I'm lucky enough to have a husband who actually enjoys cooking, but before we were married, I lived on cheese sandwiches and Fruit Loops. True story.

    And Christy, you must be a great cook with a name like "practimom!" Sadly, these days I'm feeling more like "scattermommed." 🙂

    Julie, I'm a packrat too, and it's precisely because we used to move a lot (my dad was in the Navy). As a kid, I got used to things being so pared down that now, as an adult, I want to hold onto all of it!

    Thank you, Carol!! I'm with you on that cup of tea, in a heartbeat.

    And Robin…LOL…you sound just like a heroine I'm cooking up! =)

  13. >Do you want just one thing or several!? I am flawed because I am stubborn, a worrier and I hate change.

    robin [at] intensewhisper [dot] com
    MN – USA

  14. >Hi Monica and Veronica,
    I love Highlanders and Veronica, I love all your Highlander books. I have so many Highlander books that my older kids always ask "what's up with the kilts". I just look and smile and say I love covers with real men on them. :)This looks like another great read. Beautiful cover Veronica. One of my flaws is that I'd rather stay home anymore with a good cup of tea and curled up with a good read instead of go out. Of course I don't really think that's a flaw. But I am impatient person.
    Carol L

  15. >Hi! I love the Scotland! Looks like I just found another book for my TBR pile! 🙂

    I have two flaws that I will name right off the top, though I am sure there are more. 🙂

    I have a hard time letting go of things. I'm a packrat, which is hard when you move a lot.

    Secondly, I am much better with strangers than friends. I can talk to a complete stranger with no issues, but always manage to put my foot in my mouth with friends. If there is a wrong thing to say to someone I know, I will say it. Fortunately, they forgive me most of the time. 🙂

    julieboo817 at gmail dot com

  16. >Hey Veronica,

    Awesome cover. Give me a dark brroding hero with scars anyday, too! I can't wait to read about Aiden!

    i have way to many flaws to even try to focus on one to tell you! but i can cook ^_^!

    Christy M

  17. >Flaws? Where do I start? I'm a bad cook because I'm not a picky eater; I'd eat whatever I make so I'm not particular how something looks or the degree of done-ness (as long as it's not raw or burnt).

    I'm also opinionated and have a tendency to hog a conversation (although most people don't seem to mind). I think of myself as too extroverted to be a true loner (I really tried to be a loner in high school but I had too many friends).


  18. >I am a loner. I focus on my academics and books and do not spend enough time on other group activities.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com


  19. >I'm a flawed heroine because I'm stubborn and strong willed.

    Don't expect me to listen to you just because you're a MAN!! LOL

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  20. >The solution is simple, Maureen. You just need to do like I do: minimize all physical activity! 🙂

  21. >I would say one of my flaws is that I am a bit clumsy. The good thing about that is that I am pretty good about falling and rarely even hurt myself.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  22. >Hi Jane, Crystal, and Karen! I'm sensing a trend here…! I wonder if it's a coincidence that so many of us readers and writers tend to be on the introverted side?! Well, either way, I'm right there with all of you. Look at the job I've chosen, wherein I spend several hours a day, alone at my desk. =)

  23. >Hi Veronica,

    You are a new-to-me author and I'm not familiar with your work. I love the covers and I think I would enjoy the stories too.

    I actually prefer to be alone. People think I'm a snob, but I'm not. I am an extreme introvert, very shy and find it difficult to 'put myself out there' to get acquainted to new people. If a person I meet is as shy as me, we have a problem. If she/he is a chatty type, then things are better.

    kkhaas at bellsouth dot net
    NC, USA

  24. >Great post. Your book sounds amazing.
    I am a pack rat and not the best housekeeper. I also am very shy.


  25. >Congrats on the upcoming release, Veronica. I'm an introvert and I have a hard time explaining my feelings and don't always say what's bothering me. There are times when my temper gets the best of me.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  26. >Yep Artemis, you put another smile on my face. I love me them scarred hunks! And, thanks, Jennifer! I was super happy with the cover myself.

    Gamistress66, thanks for stopping by! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed the first book. You'll get more of Cormac in book two, natch. =)

    Thanks, Danielle! Complaining? Ah, sometimes there's no better joy than a good, old-fashioned gripe-fest. *g* And thanks to you too, Maria. I sometimes hold my tongue too much too…but then when the dam breaks…hoo-boy. 😉

  27. >Great post! One of my flaws that has been bothering me lately is my inability to say no or to tell someone a harsh truth. I find myself holding my tongue because I was raised not to hurt another person's feelings and to do as much as I can for who ever is asking….I find myself frustrated over that because people in my own family take advantage of it.

    GFC Follower
    US Resident

  28. >I am very impatient and I complain way too much! But hey, at least I own it.
    This book looks really good and I would love to read it.

  29. >Flaws? Who me? I'm perfect other than being a bit stubborn… opinionated…like to procrastinate some (but I'm good at it)…oh, okay, I've got few 😉 but isn't that what makes us perfect 😉

    Your book sounds great (enjoyed the last one about his brother.

    gamistress66 (at)
    aol (dot) com

  30. >Oh my, my, my. I'm liking Aidan and Elspeth already. This scarred hunk who needs healing. YEP!

    My flaw: Too much honesty. If someone asks me a question — Well, I answer it. I've always said, that honesty is the best policy. I just don't understand why a person gets upset. They asked, I answered. If they didn't want to know — why did they bother to ask? *beating head on desk*

    cindersmaria @ yahoo DOT com
    South Carolina

  31. >Hi Sarah, hi Chris, thanks for popping in! And thanks to you too, Catslady. "Where men would die for you"–what a lovely way to put it!!

    Louisa, you gave me a giggle. I think I've written more than the average number of heroes bearing scars of some sort. LOL!

    And, Kirsten, I am right there with you on the shopaholic thing. *Sigh* Thankfully, I have a patient husband. (And I'm also thankful Nordstrom's has a generous return policy–HA!)

    Chelsea, I can absolutely be the same way. I've traveled some with the wonderful Monica McCarty, who is very friendly and at-ease with strangers, and it was so nice to be able to hitch along for the ride! If you ever see me and I don't seem friendly, I am! I'm just shy sometimes. 🙂

    Finally, Anna, you just gave me my quote of the day: "I don't do sweet." Love it!!

  32. >Hello Veronica!

    Great post! I am a huge fan of yours and I have loved all of your books so it only goes to tell that this is going to be another fabulous story.

    Thanks for keeping us, the readers, on the edge of our seats with strong hunky men!!!!

  33. >I have an *extremely* strong individualistic streak and I don't do sweet, so when someone assumes that because I am X, that means I do Y and I don't, there will be consequences. Same with if I'm A, then I can't B…well, why not? Variety is good.

  34. >What makes me flawed is my awkwardness with people I've never met. I've never be one of those lucky people who could strike up conversation with anyone, anytime, about anything.


  35. >Oooh, gorgeous cover! A highlander with scars and that much angst? Sign me up! Can't wait to read it!

    I manage a bakery for a living so when I get home I don't WANT to cook!

    We don't have the kind of time it would take to list ALL of my flaws, but I will say that as a housekeeper I am as flawed as they get. I tend to get caught up in reading, writing or researching and when one of my brothers comes to visit and says "When's the last time you dusted in here?" I tend to look up from what I'm reading and say "Huh?"

    I can also be found spending inordinate amounts of time researching something for one of my books that should only take me an hour or so, but I get so caught up once I get started I can spend all day on it!

    I also tend to prefer the people I make up in my head to the people I see every day. I have very little patience for rudeness or ignorance and where I work I see it all too often.


  36. >I love the diamond/pebble quote! And your book is my favorite kind – anything with a highlander where men would die for you (with swords too lol).

    I have lots of flaws lol. My worst is probably my oversensitivity. Use the wrong tone with me and I'm upset (something my husband of 41 years still doesn't get). I take everything personal (sigh). And I can be very stubborn. I don't like to let a thing go if I feel I'm right. And don't tell me I can't do something because then I definitely want to lol.

  37. >Hi Veronica!

    I love me a man in a kilt and your cover is wonderful! Hmmm flaws? I guess my biggest flaw would have to be my temper. I am nice and sweet and slow to anger, but once I finally get mad the object of my anger better watch out! I'm looking forward to reading your book!

    Best wishes,

    Chris Mead from Missouri

    christin.mead at att dot net

  38. >Good morning, everyone! Chiming in a little later than the rest of you on a foggy San Francisco morning. =)

    Barbara, you need to take more time for yourself! And Mary, I'm right there with you with the dry humor.

    Hi Kris, yes, the publisher embellished his back a little bit, but it's not because he has tattoos–my hero, Aidan, was kidnapped and forced into laboring on a plantation (which happened in the 17th century to Scotland's "idle poor"), and he's got whip scars on his back.

    Thanks for the kind words, Andrea and Virginia! Virginia, I try to respect all opinions too (even though I know *mine* is the correct one)…kidding! Cindy, I am right there with you on the procrastination. Marlene, I think I didn't realize I was stubborn until I had kids to butt heads with! LOL.

    Hi Linda! To answer your question, my publisher comes up with it, but I'm able to give feedback once it's done, or if I have ideas, I can weigh in before the cover process begins. I wanted them to run with this one since they always do such a lovely job. The one cover I contributed an idea for was LORD OF THE HIGHLANDS–the hero had a childhood injury and walked with a limp, and I thought the cover should be a back shot. My editor is always SO wonderful about soliciting my ideas, and I'm happy to take a back seat to her and the Berkley designers.

    Stacie, I am right there with you. I confess, I'm the sort of person who stares in horror at the phone whenever it rings…ha!

    And thank you, April! I think careers like nursing are more like vocations you're called to. It sure is hard not to speak your mind…at least I find it so! Though I've always blamed it on being a Sagittarius–LOL!

    Good luck to all of you in the drawing! I wish I could send an ARC to each and every one of you!

  39. >Good morning everyone!. What a great post. I love Scottish Highlanders,even if they have a flaw or two.I love your stories.
    My biggest flaw,I think is that I tend to volunteer to help everyone,who is sick.I was a nurse for 21 years and miss it so.Maybe not so much a flaw as a weakness. Another flaw of mine is I tend to speak my mind,I am a little opinionated(people will ask my opinion then when I give it they don't want to hear it)Oh well,live goes now and sometimes should just be quiet.But than we all have flaws of one kind or another.
    Have a great day.
    Henderson, NC

  40. >Good Morning Veronica & Monica!

    My biggest flaw is my shyness. I get tongue-tied and bashful in social situations. I don't even like to talk on the phone. I thrive on the internet. I have made wonderful friends on twitter and have total confidence when commenting on blogs.

    Great question!

    GeishasMom73 on twitter

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  41. >Good Morning, Veronica and Monica!
    It's a beautiful morning! Don't feel alone… we're all flawed and I'm definitely flawed. However, I sorta' like myself that way. It's taken me years but I have to say that I'm now happy with all of me. There's lots of room for improvement… and I'm working on it… but, overall, I'm satisfied.
    Thanks for being here today and for your contest (please enter me!) BTW, I love your cover too… Did you come up with it or does your publisher just tell you that's what will be your cover? Regardless, someone did a great job!
    Linda T.
    Florida, USA

  42. >Oh! I love kilted heroes.
    I'm flawed, because I'm stubborn and can be a little obsessive, sometimes.
    Marlene in MS, USA

  43. >Good morning, Veronica!

    You said: To have a wonderfully, fully formed man living in my head? Heavenly.

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE this!!!

    And we are alike in that we can't cook. I don't like to do it, therefore I can't. LOL! Another flaw of mine is that I sometimes try to take on too much. I enjoy helping others, but many times it comes at my own expense. And I'm usually okay with that. 🙂

    dadaw1321 AT numail DOT org

  44. >I think my biggest flaw is that I'm a procrastinator. I always wait until the last minute to do anything. I think it's because I work better under pressure.


    New York

  45. >Hello, Veronica! Your Highlanders are awesome! I always enjoy visiting your website and blog : )

    My best quality is the same as my worst quality: tenacity. When I believe in something, I believe in it with my whole heart. I've never been a "half-way" kind of person. I have learned from my own life that the key to real happiness is to know who you are and stay true to your personal beliefs. I have mellowed somewhat over the years, and I now allow more room to take in and evaluate the perspectives of others. It really bothers me when people are disrespectful to others, so I try to be respectful of other people's opinion. If you don't learn to bend, then someday you will be easily broken!

    US Resident, GFC Follower, Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  46. >Morning folks, I've just emailed Veronica to let her know the link is live.I'm certain everyone is going to enjoy her post today!

    And YES I love her cover!! I'm in the middle of a lateral job transfer, so my time is going to be limited from her on out. Not sure what'll happen, so I'll generally have to respond to questions early morning and in the evening.

  47. >good morning ladies!
    OH I am loving the cover I don't look at covers much on the nook but i like that one! is that a tattoo across his back? and I really thinkg my debit card is going to like my nook but my balance might not!!!! Oh I want soo many books, so little time and $$!!
    my flaws are many just ask anyone they will tell you. however I know alot of people most will tel you something different since they only see a few of them at a time. my family will say it is that I am a workaholic I am at work alot during the week I don't sit at home much unless its sunday and I am not getting dressed.

    your books so sounds interesting I am going to look it up!

    Kris b indiana

    krysti33@ frontier dot com

  48. >Good Morning Veronica and Monica,
    Scottish highlanders and romance go hand in hand so well. One of my favorite types of books to read.

    Oh, I think I'm a flawed heroine because I'm sarcastic, pessamistic, opinioniated and not everyone gets my dark, dry humor that most times sounds better in my head before it comes out of my mouth. lol

    I'd much rather cook a homemade dinner at home than go out to eat and when I truly believe in something I will fight tooth and nail for it. But that brings me to my worst flaw…my temper. *sigh*
    Nevada, USA

  49. >First, let me say I love the cover and the book sounds intriguing!

    Second, I probably spend too much time with books also! I'm notorious for hugging the walls and not jumping into the middle of things that are going on. And I have a tendency to put the needs of my hubby and child ahead of my own until I snap because I'm cranky from ignoring what I want!

    BabsVick AT gmail DOT com