>Saturday Night At The Trailers – The Sorceror’s Apprentice

>I’ve been a Nicholas Cage fan for sometime now (hated Raising Arizona though, maybe that was because I find Holly Hunter TOTALLY annoying!). This past Tuesday, The Sorceror’s Apprentice came out on DVD. I fell to impulse buying at Target and brought this baby home with me last. Had a Friday night at the movies with the family. LOVED IT!!  Cage is at his best when he can be sarcastic and yet vulnerable. It’s made by the people who created the National Treasure franchise, so if you enjoyed NT, you should enjoy this one as well.

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2 thoughts on “>Saturday Night At The Trailers – The Sorceror’s Apprentice

  1. >We really did enjoy this. Much more than The Expendables. I love action, blow'em up flicks, but the Expendables was a waste of $20…but I won't tell the DH that. He'll never let me live down the not doing On Demand first, but hey, I really didn't think I could go wrong with Statham, Stallone, Willis, etc. Ok, so maybe it's not a total loss with Statham to watch over and over again! LOL