>Read A Book This Weekend – Covers & Coming Soon

>A cover is the first thing that draws me to a book then the cover blurb. I’m always willing to try out a new author (to me), and if the publisher does their job right with me, I’ll pick up a book.
 Here are a few that are coming soon, that I’m considering buying strictly BECAUSE of the cover! For more information on the book, click the cover.

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About Monica Burns

A bestselling author of erotic romance, Monica Burns penned her first short romance story at the age of nine when she selected the pseudonym she uses today. From the days when she hid her stories from her sisters to her first completed full-length manuscript, she always believed in her dream despite rejections and setbacks. A workaholic wife and mother, Monica believes it’s possible for the good guy to win if they work hard enough.

12 thoughts on “>Read A Book This Weekend – Covers & Coming Soon

  1. >Oh, I so agree! The cover grabs my attention and it's the "duty" of the synopsis to keep me intrigued enough to buy it!

  2. >@Ing rather than shallow how about we say we respect and admire the wonderful artists who create such poetic covers. And as for passing up ugly covers. ROFL Yep! I've done that! Guess a cover really does sell a book. **grin*

  3. >Another guilty party! I admit I'm shallow and go for what's pleasing to my eyes. I know..I know..I know don't judge a book by it's cover but I can't help it! The pretty ones are what pulls me in then like you if the cover blurb interest me I'll buy it.

    I realized there are lots of new to me author that I have found this way. It always makes me laugh because I'll think they are new authors and when I go check their sites out they've had like all these books but those were the ugly ones I pass up..lol

  4. >Yes, I agree wholeheartedly to your view on the covers. I used to think books with great titles would look great on my shelf, because I always place the books inward, but sometimes a name is just not enough to entice me anymore. Now, I feel I must read these books because they are so beautifully illustrated. πŸ™‚

  5. > it will still look good on my shelf

    LOL, Tara! Wonderful attitude. I'm very lucky with my covers. Berkley has done me right.

  6. >I agree, I'll take a chance on a book with a gorgeous cover because I figure — well, even if I don't like it, it will still look good on my shelf. πŸ™‚

  7. >I Love Vicky's cover, Caffey. It's seductive, beautifully drawn and hot without out being over the top. Romantic.

  8. >Hi Monica! Oh I'm guilty of that! I love reading historical and paranormals in romance and can catch by the cover if they are romance, urban fantasy etc. So I get that feel from the cover and I read lots without any recommendations. I love to read new to me authors! So I wouldn't miss out on many of these! I do then check the blurbs and make sure its something I will read! I've read Nicole Jordan and Eloisa James and they are wonderful! I need to get Vicky Dreiling! I wouldn't miss it!

    Happy new years!

  9. >ya know, I should have clarified that I've read two of these authors. So I know what to expect, but I really love covers. The artwork is always wonderful.

  10. >Some covers pull me in, but for me it's the blurb on the back that does it for me. Other times I have several authors that no matter what they write, I buy and read.