>Saturday Night at the Trailers – Romance Night

>Ok you had a busy shopping weekend so far, and now it’s time to kick back and rest those feet. Don’t go to the theater. Stay home to night and pop in one of these three phenom movies into your DVD player!! I promise they’re woth the viewing.

Jane Eyre – BBC 2006
Until I saw this edition, my favorite Rochester was Cirian Hinds. But Toby Stephens in this role IS Rochester. The man displays all of Rochesters cruelty and love for Jane in a brilliant performance. If you don’t own this edition, I can recommend this as the best of all those made.

Kate and Leopold

First, Hugh Jackman. The man is perfection in this role, warm, funny, sweet, honest, romantic and a gentleman. Meg Ryan, a sublime New York City gal.  A delightful romantic comedy. And did I mention Hug Jackman????

Dangerous Beauty

This film is exquisite visually, and a wonderful romance. It’s based on a true story, and the herione is as strong as they come!


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2 thoughts on “>Saturday Night at the Trailers – Romance Night

  1. >Hi Charli Mac, I loved Dangerous Beauty. Loved how Jacqueline Bisset, as the mother, teaches her daughter how to be a courtesan and using a male model explains the male parts in such a clinical way.

    I really want to get the 2006 copy of Jane Eyre. I need to find a copy. Glad I gave you some ideas for a Sat movie

  2. >Haven't seen this version of Jane Eyre, will Netflix it. LOVE Kate & Leopold. Dangerous Beauty, never heard of and is on my watch list now.

    Thanks for the tips. Had nothing to watch tonight.