>Saturday Night at the Trailers – Chronicles of Narnia

>I’ve seen all the Narnia pictures so far, but only in home on DVD. This one looks wonderful enough that I’m going to have to choose between it or Harry Potter in the theater. *sigh*

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4 thoughts on “>Saturday Night at the Trailers – Chronicles of Narnia

  1. >Mary, I don't like going to the theater much anymore myself. I can't abide rude people who kick your seat, talk, and don't turn cell phones off.

  2. >I ususlly wait until they are On Demand and watch them at home. I hate going to the theatre.

  3. >I still leaning toward HP simply because Baby wants to see it, and I'm thinking about doing it Thu midnight showing. Let her skip a day of school. I don't know. Book will have to be done first. **sigh*

  4. >Yeah, all of the Narnia movies have been looking good. Naturally, have only seen Lion in the theatre and that's seriously a couple hours of my life that I will NEVER get back. Acting was horrific and couldn't believe how hard they played up the Christian message (which I never really picked up when reading the book itself).

    Caspian was great though and Treader…Looks phenomenal.