>Saturday Night At The Trailers

>As a kid growing up, I had the wonderful experience to see something magnificent in the spring and early summer of 1973. I saw a huge, reddish brown colt reach the finish line first in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont to become the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years. This horse was special.

He didn’t just run, he thundered his way along the track.I STILL get a chill when I remember how he shot out of the backstretch all by himself at the Belmont Stakes and loped his way (he didn’t even seem to be working hard that point) to the finish line hardly breaking a sweat. It was a 31 length win that’s not been repeated to this day. I loved that horse.

I had a poster of him on that wonderful June day in 1973 thundering down the home stretch all by himself at Belmont Park. It hung over my head, and I looked up at Secretariat every night wanting to be horse owner. I never got to be that horse owner, and although that poster is long gone, I have something just as good. I have a wonderful, framed print of Secretariat being walked by his groom. Like the horse, the picture is huge, and every time I walk past it, I take pleasure in it. The DH knows exactly how much I love this horse, and he scrounged up some free tickets, and we’re going to see the movie Secretariat tonight. isn’t he an AWESOME husband! Here’s a trailer to enjoy.

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8 thoughts on “>Saturday Night At The Trailers

  1. >Well, if we want to be correct – I have attended all three races, but I was very, very, very little at the Preakness. Since we traveled so much doing rodeo we made a point to attempt to attend any big horse event at least once. I swear you could drop me on any moderate sized fair grounds in the US and I'll have a story about this one time, when I was younger….

  2. >Shaiha, The story was pretty standard, owner against the wall, takes a risk on the horse. Disney embellished that part of the story.

    But the rest of it was dead on. And the races were phenomenal filming. It was exciting because it brought back my childhood, and I could "shout" and root him on as he came around the back stretch.

    The really interesting thing was the crowd was older with kids or grandkids. Unlike younger audiences who shout out their amusement, disgust, etc. This crowd wanted to, you could hear it in the murmurs that went through the theater as he was running, but they didn't even at the end the applause was restrained. I think I should have been more vocal. I think it would have incited others to riot with me! LOL

  3. >Oh I am so jealous! I want to go see that movie. I remember when I was just a kid and I was horse crazy like all girls. I watched the first race when he crossed the finish line and there was NO way I wasn't going to watch all three of them. Just the thought of his heart still brings tears to my eyes.

  4. >*wicked grin* Oh and I forgot to mention that I've actually sat in the stands to watch the Derby. I was four months pregnant and it was hot and muggy. Not to mention the stands were FILTHY. It was excited to see, but never again unless I'm in the AC boxes. LOL

    How COOL that you saw the Belmont, me the Derby. Now all we need is another romance reader who's been to the Preakness to create our own Romance Triple Crown. LOL

  5. >Shall I make you jealous and tell you I've petted a Triple Crown Winner. When I was about 8, my family moved from St.Louis to VA. On the trip east, my parents turned it into a vacation. A couple of the stops we made were to the big KY horse farms. This was long before the KY Horse Park and visitors were welcomed at farms like Calumet and others.

    We stopped at the farm (Calumet)that had Citation (1948 TC winner). We were in front of his stall, and I got to rub his nose until the groom yelled at me to get away and said the horse would bite me.

    I glared at him and said "no he won't he likes me!" My parents immediately shuffled me out of there and weren't very happy with me. LOL

  6. >Oh man! Of the things I wish I could see – a Triple Crown winner is one of them. We used to work the Belmont Horse Fair when it was still really big. I was very little, heck, we still have all the collector glasses from the years we went. I always loved getting to watch the Belmont. There's just something special about a horse race. I really want that movie to be good!