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>I’ve always read romance, but I got away from it for a few years as I delved into different genres and authors. But I eventually came back to the fold, and I did it with a glom that is still reverberating in my head. Amanda Quick (aka Jayne Ann Krentz) is an amazing author.You know how there are some authors who just grab you from the first page and you know they’re going to automatically be an auto-buy author for you? Jayne Ann Krentz was that way for me.

My Love Affair with Amanda Quick

I still remember where I was when I bought my first Amanda Quick book. I was in the Kroger store picking up a few groceries. I briefly stopped in front of the book stand and skimmed the contents. Then I saw it. A Cinderella carriage on the cover with rich red and gold colors on a grayish, white marble background (looks yellow here, but mine is more whitish gray).

I picked it up, read the blurb and instantly put it in my basket. I hadn’t read a romance in probably four or five years and I was ready to read. Let me tell you, I didn’t just read that book. I devoured it in one sitting. I fell in love with Iphiginia and Masters as soon as I read them. I can still vividly remember the scene Krentz paints with words where Iphiginia faints to get herself out of trouble when Masters (her consort) unexpectedly shows up to find out why he’s got a mistress he never heard of before.

Jayne Ann Krentz writes characters that are the kind of people I’d like to meet in everyday life. There’s magic in her words that I don’t find in the works of too many authors. She’s my favorite historical romance author, beating out several heavy hitters. When I finished reading Mistress, I proceeded to go out and get all her other books the next day. I read all of the books that were available in about one month. When I’d finished, I remember feeling sad because I didn’t have any Amanda Quick books left. THEN I discovered that Jayne Ann Krentz and Amanda Quick are one and the same! WOOT! I went out and got me some contemporaries by her.

If you’ve not read Jayne Ann Krentz you are missing out IMHO. While I like her historicals best of all, the writing in her contemps and paranormals are just as well done. Interestingly enough, Jayne Ann Krentz was my inspiration to start writing again, and if you’ve read one of her books, you’ll understand exactly WHY she’s my inspiration. Check her out! And I promise you that Mistress is a wonderful read if you’re a historical lover like me!

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