>Early Halloween

>I am a logical person. I’m passionate, opinionated, but I am logical. For most things, I think them through and approach the resolutions logically. Most people I know would say this. The only time I appear illogical is when I’m so excited, passionate and emotional. So what I share next will seem illogical and I did try to find logical explanations but could not.

If you know me well, you know that I have a solid belief in the supernatural. Ghosts, psychics, mediums, etc. are something I firmly believe in, although I freely admit that there are charlatans out there, and I’ve met a couple. But I’ve met others who defy description. Now because I believe in ghosts, I’ve been blessed to have received several visitations over the years from loved ones who’ve crossed over. One experience in particular was so wonderful that the unconditional love I experienced was such that if every individual on the planet could feel such love for 10-15 minutes a day, I believe war would be eliminated. It was that powerful a feeling. I’ve also had a two semi-bad experiences, but none that really scared me. And it takes a lot to scare me. But trust me, I was scared this past Saturday night.

I attended an event in Huntington, WV this past weekend. I will not name the hotel as I don’t feel like someone naming me in a lawsuit. However, suffice it to say that after my experience, several locals told me this particular hotel was reputed to be haunted. I arrived for the event per my reservation on Thursday evening with a scheduled departure on Sunday morning. I’d not had much sleep Wednesday night (around 3hrs) and after a 6-hour drive I was exhausted. I stayed exhausted because I was on the go from the time I arrived until my body said enough on Saturday night about 9:00pm and I left the party and headed up to my room. I was out like a light around 9:30pm.

It’s 2 A.M. Do You Know Where Your Ghost Is?

Recently, I learned I have sleep apnea. That’s where you stop breathing repeatedly throughout the night and you get little rest because your body wakes you up. So around 2:00am, I slowly came out of a deep sleep unable to breathe. I was able to see the blurry numbers as my face was turned toward the clock. As I’m trying to figure out what’s going on, still half asleep, I realize I’m still not getting air. It’s like I’m being smothered. I’m about three-quarters awake and thinking, damn why is there a pillow over my face? So I reach up to push the pillow away and there’s no pillow. But the pressure of the pillow that isn’t there remains and I’m struggling to breathe.

By this time, I’m awake enough to see the annoying light outside my window that I couldn’t get blocked thoroughly by the curtain. But I’ve got this massive pressure on my face and a similar pressure down to my mid-section as if someone’s holding me down. It’s not a painful pressure, but it’s solid. I suddenly realize someone is trying to smother me. Now logically, I’m thinking this is crazy. There isn’t anyone in the room with me, but boy can I feel the rage of this thing holding an invisible pillow over my head. I still groggy with sleep and I remember basically telling this spirit to “Get the F#$( off me you SOB.” In the next instant, the pressure is gone, while I’m now wide awake.

I half sit up in bed and note that MY pillows (I always travel with my own pillows) are where they should be. One of top of each other where my head had just been. The room’s pretty well lit, thanks to that damn pesky light that makes the face of the hotel look pretty to motorists (whatever happened to guest comfort??). Beside me on the opposite side of my king bed are the hotel pillows, which are laying exactly the same way I’d left them when I went to bed. So I look around the room thinking there’s someone in the room, and I’m scared.

Huddled Under The Covers

I mean I’m really scared. I don’t have a sword on the wall I can get too like I do at home, and I don’t have my Louisville Slugger under the hotel bed. Something I keep under my bed at home. So I tell myself, it was my imagination. I’m a writer. I just had a nightmare. Thing is, I don’t get nightmares. I just don’t, unless they’re about snakes writhing all over me. THOSE are nightmares. But I don’t dream of people trying to kill me. So I wind up trembling in bed and force myself to go back to sleep. Fortunately, my lack of sleep over the past 80hrs allows me to go back relatively easy.

When I wake up, I’m thinking, damn that was one hell of a nightmare. Another part of me is saying, that wasn’t any fricking nightmare. That was someone trying to smother me. I brush it off and get in the shower. Then I hear it. The sound of someone walking in the hotel room and they come to the door of the bathroom. Now my heart is down in my stomach, and I’m scared. I don’t have a thing to protect myself with. So I peek out from behind the curtain, and see there’s no one there. I again remind myself that I’ve got an over active imagination. But I know better. Someone or something is there in the doorway. I can just feel them. By now, I’m thoroughly pissed off, because I do not like people trying to scare me or intimidate me. I tell whoever the ghost is to “Get the F@#* out of here. I don’t have time to mess with you.” Whoever it is; doesn’t leave right away, but I heard them walk away a few seconds later.

Me and Mr. Ghost

Once I finish my shower, I immediately think you are just nuts, Monica. There wasn’t a ghost here. It was probably the housekeeping staff trying to figure out how to get out of an awkward situation. You were so tired last night you forgot to close the bar latch that keeps even housekeeping out. So I trot over to the hotel door, and what do you know. Yep, that brass sliding lock is folded over nice and neat. No one could get into my room without that metal bracket being ripped off the door jamb. Now I’m convinced that I’ve had a visit, and for the first time in my life, I realize that yes, ghosts can hurt you.

I never believed that before, but this spirit was enraged (probably my snoring – see even now a part of me is trying to brush it off!), but it wanted to silence me. I continued to battle with the whole incident, wavering between yes it happened, no it didn’t happen. When I check out of the hotel, my bill is $299 and some change. A little while later, the DH calls and asks about my bill. I tell him what it is, and he says no, there’s a $399 charge on the bill. So I go back to the front desk, and they say no. The system says only $299 was charged. The hotel is claiming innocence, and AMX is saying there’s an extra charge.

So I ask the lady at the front desk if the hotel is haunted. She immediately avoids my gaze and says no, she’s never heard any such rumor. Later on talking to a local, I hear a different story. So I don’t know whether the overcharge was just a coincidence to what happened (but I don’t believe in coincidences) or that somehow the ghost was trying to toy with me one more time. I will tell you that I couldn’t get out of that hotel fast enough. Oddly enough, I didn’t have any issues with the event area of the hotel, just the room. I’m grateful for that, because the thought of being frightened while trying to enjoy myself for the rest of the trip isn’t a pleasant one.

Improbability and Truth

While the logical side struggles with what happened, the believer in me doesn’t. Of course the logical side of me keeps reminding myself of those wonderful words Sherlock Holmes said to Watson (and Spock to Kirk)… “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” For me the truth is this—I had an angry ghost on my hands in that hotel room, and I’m fortunate I wasn’t even more scared than I was. When I lie in bed trembling, that’s scared. I don’t EVER tremble with fear. I’ve had enough bad things happen to me, that my internal anger eliminates fear. But I was afraid this past Saturday night.

What do you believe? Believe in ghosts, spirits? It’s okay not to believe, but I know what the truth is for me.

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4 thoughts on “>Early Halloween

  1. >Ugh, forgot to mention research. Both the DH and I couldn't come up with anything recent. Although a nearby theater is haunted, and both the hotel and the theater have been used for haunted houses peeps go through over Halloween season. I probably would have to go to the local library to do any real good research. Not worth time for that, since I have NO intention of every going there again!!!

  2. >Oops, I total read over that.

    You should look up the history and perhaps ghost hunters could go there.

  3. >So I ask the lady at the front desk if the hotel is haunted. She immediately avoids my gaze and says no, she’s never heard any such rumor. Later on talking to a local, I hear a different story.

    Two locals later said yeah, it's haunted, but they didn't have any other info. I think receptionist knew something, but they wouldnt say cuz that would be bad for business. Just won't stay there again.