>TSTL Heroines and Their WTF Moments

>Ok, I don’t know how accurate this entertainment blip is (SEE HERE), but for me, I’m hoping they’re completely and UTTERLY wrong. If they’re not, Sandra has just become the first heroine I’ve ever labeled as TSTL.
 I adore this woman and her acting. I don’t know her personally, and I know her only from interviews, but I feel like I know her. And while the emotion I have vested in her is strictly as an actress I respect and like, I cannot emphasize enough how upset and angered I was on her behalf when Jesse James (aka the the one who is lower than the lowest of he who has no name) admitted to cheating on her. And not just one, but numerous times with numerous women.

So now, just on the off chance, I see this provocative blip on Comcast News that Sandra might be considering getting back with the one who is lower than the lowest of he who has no name. SERIOUSLY?? GF WTF are you thinking. The dude is bad news. Why are you giving him your heart to stomp on it all over again? I’ve read villains who treat women better. The guy is NO GOOD! And for the sake of the kids??? That right there is where the TSTL label hit.

A heroine needs to think not just her kids, but how her happiness and action affect her kids. I believe in taking care of kids, but if you’re miserable in a relationship, how in the hell can you I keep the kids happy? You can’t. They’ll sense the tension, and there WILL BE tension. How can there not be? The kids might be unhappy with you two apart, but if there’s big discord in the marriage and you’re together for the sake of the kids….it DON’T work!

Forgiveness requires a lot of trust and love, and when a spouse cheats on his wife, it’s hard for most men to regain that trust. But for a woman to forgive a repeat offender? I know it happens, but can you imagine how a romance author would be reamed for writing a story where the hero did something so completely unheroic? The author would be vilified, and I just don’t see how the “hero” could even be redeemed in that respect. Even the romances where the authors make the hero sleep around while the marriage isn’t really a marriage still take heat for that trope.

So Sandra, if you read this, you’re on notice. If you do go back to the one who is lower than the lowest of he who has no name, please note that I shall nominate you for TSTL Heroine of the Year. This prestigious award is quite delightful actually. It’s a little gold trophy (unlike your richly deserved Oscar) showing a woman banging her head on a wall for that WTF was I thinking moment you’ll have later. Additionally, as a fan, I will have a hard time respecting you, which will make it hard to watch your movies. Just as I no longer watch Hugh Grant, Mel Gibson and others I can’t think of at the moment, I know it will be difficult to watch you on the screen without thinking about how you earned the TSTL Heroine of the Year award. Now, if you continue to be brilliant in your acting as I know you can be, I think I can stand it….somewhat.

I am one of your biggest fans. Please don’t disappoint me by making me nominate you for this award. You’ve always had such great respect for yourself. DO NOT let it vanish now. Sheesh, and readers say Emma Zale is TSTL, Pahleeze!

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