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I lost a very dear friend and former boss last Sun. B was a wonderful human being. He could piss me off big time one minute, and in the next I’d be laughing like crazy with him. I know the feelings were mutual. I mean I can be a major PITA. B was a wonderful guy and when he retired 14 months ago, I was really lost.

Nothing was the same without him asking for something or showing me new pictures of his grand kids. I think secretly I was hoping he’d come back, that it was all a mistake, him retiring. We kept in touch via email and phone regularly. Sometimes twice a week, but not missing a beat more than two. He’d always start both with a “Hello Dear.” I’d always reply how much I missed him. I never thought I’d be missing him so much more this soon. We were supposed to have lunch at our favorite restaurant in another week. I’ll especially miss the phone calls he’d make as he drove by the office building when he just wanted to teasingly gloat that he was retired and I wasn’t. *smile* I’m really gonna miss those calls.

Pressure Cooker

Just before I lost B, I was sort of on target for finishing the book. Then I got edits for Assassin’s Heart, which had a turn-around time of seven days. I panicked. My editor said not to and just do the edits then get back to the book. I was cool, but B’s death made it really hard to finish things up. I was a zombie, I was getting only about 4-5 hours of sleep because of grief, the pressure with the book, and some other personal issues going on. I was scrambling with the edits, and when my editor asked my opinion about titles for my historical next year, I lost it. She was incredibly sweet and got me a slight extension on the copy edits. I now have to get back to work on the book, which is really late, and I have a proposal for the third book of the Sicari series due June 15. Ummm, right. *sigh*

In the meantime, while doing copyedits for Assassin’s Heart, I discovered Westlife. I’ve NO idea where my head has been buried with regard to this group, but these guys are Awesome in their AWESOMENESS. This video that was made for Lysander and Phaedra. It’s so close as to how I I see these two characters, it gives me chills when I listen. I think readers will agree once they read the book.

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