>The Journey and The Green Grass

>It’s my turn to blog, and this will be short, because I’m exhausted. When you’re a writer, life can overwhelm you and completely shake up your game. I remember telling another writer about five years ago how I could easily write three books a year, no problem with deadlines. I didn’t understand how published authors could say how hard it was to write for NY or even the bigger named small presses.

God, I was so arrogant in my assessment. I’m certain some unpubs will assume the same thing when reading this post. That’s okay. The grass ALWAYS looks greener on the other side. Of course if I traded places with someone who was filthy rich, I’m betting I could deal with the muddy spots. But still the grass is always greener.

Is the Grass Greener?

So why all the doom and gloom? It’s a combo of things, but mainly just regular life interfering with my ability to write. My sense of humor has pretty much vanished, which is NOT a good thing for my family. I’ve taken to unhealthy bingeing on SUPER Hot Fudge Friendly’s sundaes, not just the occasional one — SEVERAL. Then there are the obligations I’ve made (in an effort to promote my books) and the compulsion to fullfil my agreements. I really want Assassin’s Honor to do well so whenever I can’t think straight on the current book, which is past due (NOT good), I try to make myself focus and do promo. I used to LOVE doing promo. Can I say how much I hate it now.

Thar She Blows

I feel like a powder keg where the fuse is lit, and when I look back at my angst over the past few years about not being NY published, I just shake my head. How little I knew. How arrogant I was. What a bonehead I was. If I’d only known what to expect…

  • I’d have been smarter about managing my advance (stockpile 30% for ads and promo)I’d have planned better (build a schedule and stick to it)
  • I would not have agreed to do things that really serve no benefit to me (minmize the blogging, the offers to help others unless you love much, the different groups)
  • I would have hired someone to do stuff for me in terms of answering requests for info, promo, etc.,
  • I would have stockpiled supplies (read color laser toner $75 per color), bought more pens and smaller promo items for getting that name brand out there without having to print stuff myself for those leaner times.

Yeah, if I’d known all of that 18 months ago, do you really think I would have agreed to deal with the angst, the pressure, the sleepless nights, the heartache, the fear (oh and FEAR is a Doozie). Do you think I would have accepted all of that to be NY-pubbed??

Do I have STUPID written across my forehead?

YES I’m afraid I do. And to think I said I have no sense of humor anymore.

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