>The Train Ride That Is The Journey

>Yesterday, Baby fixed Thanksgiving dinner pretty much all by herself with my supervision. I was in the middle of writing a post for the blog, and a minor catastrophe in the kitchen pulled me away, and I never manage to get back here.

So, thought I’d do a quick post (has there ever been one by me) to say I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving if you’re in the US, and that if you’re out shopping today, I hope you’re staying safe while getting great deals. I despise this day because it’s not as fun as it used to be. Too many people are rude and obnoxious to each other. More interested in the material than the spiritual, which I find sad.

A lot happening on the journey. I’m still waiting on the check for the proposal of Assassin’s Heart that turned in this past June 1st. ACK! They say publishing is slow, and I believe it. This is why I can’t quit the day job. *sigh* I turned in Assassin’s Heart complete already, but was two weeks late due to illness, so I imagine that check won’t be here until Jan or Feb. Just in time to pay Uncle Sam, because I’m pretty sure, despite all my expenses, I’m going to be paying a nice chunk or taxes. *sigh*

As of today, only 39 days until Kismet’s release. I’ve received my first review for the book outside of Sabrina Jeffries wonderful quote. RTBOOKreviews ran their review in their January issue, which should be in people’s mailbox already if not this coming week. I’ve been told by some fans who’ve already recieved their copy that Kismet also has a second notice on page 42 under Hot Kisses or something. Don’t know how that got there, but I’ll take all the publicity I can get. I’m anxious to see it. I’ve not received my hard copy yet, but was able to pull the review blurb off their website.

“Burns’ story is hotter than the desert sands! She succeeds with a classic captive/captor romance akin to a Johanna Lindsey classic. Relax and enjoy the sizzling show — complete with a lesson in bananas and seduction.”

Since the review, I’ve noted that my ranking at Amazon has been steadily climbing. Not sure if that’s the notice in the RT mag or not. But it’s nice to see the book going higher. Hoping to see the number hit in the 2K range this time. Not that Amazon numbers mean squat, but to push the ceiling one more time would be nice. Haven’t done that in a while.

My first book signing will be in Richmond at the Borders on West Broad. It’s scheduled for a Thursday evening, which I find totally bizarre. Don’t they know that Saturdays are busy days for people buying books??? The Barnes and Noble in Roanoke is being resistant to a book signing, even though it’s my hometown, and I have friends, family and former colleagues who will come out for the book. *sigh* Maybe they don’t get many authors who know how to hand sell a book. I can. Even when I’ve sold with NYT authors, I’ve always sold as well as them if not more, depending on the store and the traffic. When I sign alone, I always do better. I’m a good saleswoman. Oh well, if the book does well and I have more popularity this spring maybe things will change.

Speaking of spring, Berkley has pushed my release of Assassin’s Honor back a month. It’s now June 1st. I’m not sure if this is a good sign or a bad sign. I know that Assassin’s Heart is due out September 7th, which makes the books come out three months apart. Maybe its a sign they think the books are good enough to generate bigger sales. God forbid they up the release of Assassin _____ (no title) to something sooner as I’ve yet to finish it. It’s due like Sep or Oct to the publisher. I can’t see them put it out that fast, but who knows. In fact, the historial I have to write is supposed to be pubbed in Mar 2011 I think and the paranormal is set after. They could switch the books on me, which is fine. It would mean the books are selling well. *grin* We shall see. I just don’t know that I can write a 3rd book in the series as well as the 2nd book. Assassin’s Heart is a very strong book, and it’s set the bar for the 3rd one that I don’t know I can meet. *hangs head in despair*

Sooo….that’s the news on the home front. Off to grab some Chex mix (started baking Wed with Baby. Have Advent services here in the home starting Sunday and cookies are required after each service) then back to work on the proposal. It’s going to be a good book I think. Older woman story, younger man story with a bit of a twist. *grin*
More to come at a later date.

In the meantime, since this blog is all about writing and books (ok for the most part it is!!) Here’s a REALLY COOL video. I don’t particularly like the narrative, but the video is AWESOME!!

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