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>I’ve been an avid supporter of ePublishing since my first sale to ePub in late 2004. I’ve ranted, debated, argued, even submitted numerous suggestions to RWA’s different Boards to continuous stonewalling and ridiculous responses using “Can you imagine what would happen…(I’m a writer for God’s sake, I can imagine). Thus, it was with delight that I saw the group RWChange burst into being.

At last!

Here was a LARGE group that was fired up and ready to take on the establishment. I was one of the first 10-15 members signing up. I volunteered, offered suggestions for the resolution to be presented at the AGM. I informed folks (based on my experience in 2008) they needed to submit the resolution to the Board 120 days prior to the AGM. I was told flat out that this was incorrect, that we didn’t have to submit 120 days prior. Fine; I shut up. I pointed out they needed to have hard copies of the resolution for distribution at the AGM. I offered up other tidbits based on experience, and I understand how words can get swallowed up by flurries of messages. Still, I posted more than once about issues like these, and still it seemed to fall on deaf ears, or ears that were sure I was wrong and they were right. Worse, the loop started to allow NON-RWA members onto the loop who started suggesting policy changes. I’m for change, and I love when people advocate ePublishing, but you don’t let outsiders set policy within an organization

Then It Happened

Actually it didn’t happen. The AGM was a big fat nothing. What I do want to point out is the courage of Francesca Hawley. Francesca is the lady who stepped up to the plate when no one in the change movement would come forth to read the resolution. She wasn’t even involved in the organization of the damn thing, but she plunged into the frigid waters, and in turn, bore the brunt of mockery and scorn. Can you imagine her embarrassment when there wasn’t a fricking hard copy of the resolution on site? *head banging on desk* Later, she told me she was humiliated. Been there, done that and my heart ached for her. High five, Francesca. You have my complete and utter admiration for standing up for what you believed in, despite the fact that others let you down.

Moving Past The Change Movement

Interestingly enough, when I posted on the change loop how disgusted I was with the unprofessional behavior at the AGM related to the change movement, I was snarked for it. I was already considering withdrawing from the group, but the snark pissed me off, and I dropped the group. I’m done with the “change movement.” I’ll continue my fight in other small ways by educating RWA members about ePublshing. Just the other day, a snarky author on the “other” side of the fence made a comment that pretty much said ePublishing was inferior and unworthy of being allowed in the RITAs because somehow if a slew of ePublishing books finaled it would devalue the RITA. The author needs a new brain. A good book is a good book regardless of the publishing platform. And to suggest that the RITA finals would consist of nothing BUT eBooks is STOOOPID! Please, take a latté and call me when you wake up lady. It wouldn’t happen. So when I pointed out how illogical her comments were, it was interesting to note that she kept her mouth shut and didn’t respond. Was it because I punched holes in her ridiculous lament in a polite, logical way? No idea, but she didn’t answer. I’ve notice that a lot when I post something logical. No one responds. Is it because my logical looks like I’m insane, or is it because people know that answering will require them to admit they might not be doing something right. I’ve NO idea.

The Journey After AGM

With the rant above, you’d think I wouldn’t have anything else to relate about the conference. Actually, I do. Wednesday night at the book signing, I saw Cathy and Natalie (who looks like her daughter’s sister!! Whew!). It seemed like yesterday we’d been chatting at San Francisco. We missed you Mac!! I did rather well at the signing. Sold about ten copies of Mirage, a couple of Dangerous, and bought the rest.

Thursday, I met with Cathy and Natalie for a little longer in a more quiet venue (bars can still be loud on a week day! LOL). I met with my agent for a half-hour, where we discussed my cover for Kismet. She really likes it and was talking it up to people walking by. There was a little something else that we discussed, but I don’t remember WHAT it was because it was all about the cover!

A short time later, I sat down and talked to my editor, who is this petite, soft-spoken woman with a delightful, tinkly laugh. We discussed how beautiful the cover for Kismet was, and then we talked about the cover for Assassin’s Honor. It’s going to be a man-titty cover. Cindy accidentally told the art department to use an Egyptian background, but before she left for National, she emailed them to change it to do ROME! Whew!! That would be WAY bad. My dudes would NOT be happy to having anyone dissing their roots.

Parties, Parties, Parties

Then I attended the Passionate Ink party, where I got to meet the AWESOME Angela Knight. This woman is totally passionate about what she does, funny, has a cute, smart, ultra sexy husband, and she’s just damn nice. I made a new friend, who I REALLY like. I saw Angela at the Berkley party again where I wound up making an ass of myself with the publisher. Not actual publisher, but she was a VP. I asked if the publicist was at the party as I wanted to introduce myself and talk about publicity. Clearly I didn’t explain myself well (I only wanted an introduction) because I was informed that she wasn’t sure if I had even been assigned a publicist and that it was a party and generally no shoptalk. Humiliated I just sort of stood there, before I stumbled word over word and said, ok, I just wanted to put a name to a face. Oy! Aftwards, I got to relax with Emma Wildes and her husband Chris and the fantabulous Lara Santiago.

The Warden Is In The House

The BIG moment. Saturday afternoon. I introduced JR Ward at her No Holds Barred workshop. It was AWESOME. I so love her work, and she totally rawks. Jessica Anderson who did the workshop with her, and is a sista from the Knight Agency, was the perfect foil to Ward’s frenetic energy. Afterward, I wound up talking to Ward’s mother who I absolutely loved. We talked about tons of things, and I decided this was a woman I wanted to see next year in Nashville. I emailed JR for contact info for her Mom. Hope that doesn’t slice into her writer ego, but her Mom totally RAWKS.

So that’s my RWA Experience for 2009. A lot of happenings and non-happenings. It was more exhausting that it’s ever been, and I’m not sure it that was because of the economy, change movement, my move up the ladder, just the intensity of my ever expanding contact/friend list or what. It just didn’t see quite the same. TOTALLY stressful. But I’m looking forward to Nashville, where I’ll have Kismet and Assassin’s Honor to sign. Woot!

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  1. >Did you touch her?! LOL

    I’ll try for Nashville I’m just not sure yet. But it would be a ton of fun to see everyone!

  2. >Hey Doll! BTW I saw La Nora and thought about you.Actually I was within shoulder touching distance twice then third time she was further away. Bwwwaaahahahaha Come to Nashville next year, Babe!

    Kreativ Blogger Award??? Ok, I'll swing by

  3. >Wow it sounds like a whirl wind trip! I wish I could have gone.

    I also nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. So stop by my blog sometime.

  4. >And I was disappointed that I didn't get to see you again, if only to say goodbye. You and Vicki totally rawk! And yes, baby steps never hurt anyone. But BOTH sides need to compromise. And that's the real issue, you have the Old Money vs. Nouveau Riche. It will take time to break through the barriers.

  5. >You had an awesome conference!!! I so wish I could have made it to JR to see you again *big tears*
    Totally agree w/ Change vote and a HUGE hug for Francesca!!! what courage. I was so disappointed that I also unsubscribed. Little steps might just be the diffrence.