>Come One, Come ALL


Come visit with me and seven other Samhain romance authors of all subgenres. We’ll be signing our books TOMORROW!! A gift basket will be given away as well!

February 7, 2009
DC Area Storytellers Book Signing
2:00pm – 5:00pm
Annapolis Mall Borders
1115 Annapolis Mall
Annapolis, MD 21401

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About Monica Burns

A bestselling author of erotic romance, Monica Burns penned her first short romance story at the age of nine when she selected the pseudonym she uses today. From the days when she hid her stories from her sisters to her first completed full-length manuscript, she always believed in her dream despite rejections and setbacks. A workaholic wife and mother, Monica believes itโ€™s possible for the good guy to win if they work hard enough.

11 thoughts on “>Come One, Come ALL

  1. >I guess so, I’ve sold more books in the past, but then I was selling a historical and those are still not in great demand yet. I’m hoping that will change in the next year as pubs have been buying more historicals. I do think my paranormal should sell reasonably well. It’s really different, and while I don’t want to get my hopes up, my first reader keeps saying I’m writing a hell of a book. But I need more than one person raving about the book for it to be a success. LOL Essentially, I need Publisher’s Weekly to love it. Then booksellers will buy it. That’s one of the keys to doing well in the biz.

    But I love hanging with the girls. They’re so much fun. Flash/Stephanie is so vivacious, Renee and Dana are always fun, and I’ve known Mel for a pretty long time. She’s a wealth of biz info, and I love talking to her.

    Oh, and you missed the readings I did and the me handing my book to people who said they didn’t read romance any more. Their facial expression were so funny. One young man went on to read about two or three pages. He didn’t buy, but I think he will on line. Guys still feel uncomfortable reading romance in public. It’s a shame really, because men could learn so much about how to be romantic by reading romance. *grin*

  2. >So did it go well for you? I want to you do well so I understand about the attention thing. I’m all for you selling your books.

  3. >Well, Melissa and I are pretty outgoing writers. I think were more the exception than the norm. It’s why some people think some authors are snooty. They’re not really, they’re just shy people. Of course you will find the occasional butthead, but that’s the way life is. Buttheads have to exist for the rest of us with a multitude of faults to realize we’re maybe not so f*cked after all. *grin*

    And if I suddenly divert my attention from you at a book signing, it’s simply because I see a possible sale or someone else wanting an autograph. After or before you’ll have my attention. *grin*

  4. >But romance is so good. those silly people. I would have loved to see that guy reading your book. My friend that came with is now pretty interested in your books. I kept raving about Mirage and telling her that she needs to get it.

    I’ll have to plan better for next time. I would have loved to hang out a bit more. I was kinda nervous meeting you guys and am a little shy in the beginning.

    I was a great time for me though.

  5. >Hi Brandy,

    I’m glad you got to come. I’m sorry there wasn’t any time to chit chat. We should have arranged to meet after the event. You could have had dinner with us.

    Remember that for next time and remind me!!

    And I hope you enjoy Dangerous. You missed some fun. I got tired of people saying I don’t read romance, so I kept opening my book to page 158 and telling them read. They couldn’t stop reading, even had one guy (older than me) blushing, but I think he enjoyed the read. But guys “can’t” buy romance doesn’t look good. So I’m hoping I converted him enough to have him pick it up later. LOL

  6. >Thanks Tonya, there will be other opportunities for us to meet. I’m hoping to make quite a few mini-conferences and book signings starting this summer.

    Have fun with the snow. *grin*

  7. >Wish I could make it but I’m stuck in Eastern Kentucky waiting for the snow to melt!

  8. >I would go if I could, but it’s a little bit of a drive for me ;op

    But if you’re going to the Lori Foster event I’ll see you there.

  9. >*jumping up and down* I’m coming!!!! Yay me. Bringing the youngest, Z-man, and my friend Cilla. Her hubby is watching the oldest two. Can’t wait!!!!