>Thoughts Out of the Blue

>Ok, I’ve nothing to post about that will get me in and out of here quickly. So I’m just going by the seat of my pants.

Golden Heart Entries

I’ve got mine and I’m reviewing them. There are a couple with some unique story lines, and the craft is roughly hewn. A couple others need more work. All of them with the exception of one have great voice. There’s this one whose voice sounds like another author I’ve read. It makes me think the entrant is a huge fan of the author and has picked up little nuances that make her writing sound like the big name author. Perfectly natural that, but I think there’s a gem under that rough coal.

What I’m thinking about doing after the contest ends and if time permits, is to list the titles I judged and offer a free critique of the chapters I judged. I figure it might give a little more back to writers who sent in their entries, but don’t get any feedback. I guess I need to check with National on that.


There’s a petition on the web for those who are protesting the recent rule change the RWA Board made with regard to eligibility.


I signed the petition, but already I’ve heard rumors that National won’t accept it because there are non-RWA members signing the petition. I can understand that, and I think it’s great that the petition was created. It might have been better to have ensured that those signing added their RWA number to give National an accurate count of names on the petition who are actual RWA members.

The New Boss

The new boss is nice, a bit wired, but nice. I’m still working out how best to deal with her. I had my old boss down to where I told him what to do. I’ve tried that a bit with my new boss, but I’m not sure how well it’s going down. Have to proceed cautiously. In the current economic climate, I can’t afford to get fired. LOL

Master of Sin

This is my paranormal book 1 in the series for Berkley. Title to change. It’s going. One minute it’s flowing like a bubbling stream, the next minute it’s like mud left over from when the Mississippi recedes after a flood. It’s just there. *sigh* I can’t WAIT to get to Book 2 though. It’s already percolating in the brain. GREAT, sexy opening. I just love it. Of course, the books I generally love are the ones reviewers hate, so I’ve NO idea if any of this is going to take off.

Tuesday – Jan 20th

Well, we’ll have a new President on Tuesday. I hope he survives his four years given that there is still a great racial divide in this country. I have high hopes for the man. As he’s a huge admirer of Abraham Lincoln (my HERO), I believe he might have exactly what it takes to be an insider and outsider all at the same time up in Washington. Time will tell. I really hope he succeeds and turns out to be a great President because I’m just DYING to tell my friend Rich, “I TOLD YOU SO!” LOL But, I’ll have to wait for outcomes and pray I don’t get pie in my face. *sigh*


I just finished Loretta Chase’s Your Scandalous Ways. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I didn’t get as strong a sense of place/setting as I would have liked. But the characters were lovely in their craftsmanship. I didn’t like it as much as Lord of Scoundrels, but you know what they say about first loves. *grin*

Well those are thoughts out of the blue. I’m outta here!

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