>Oh Happy, Happy Day

>If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might remember that a year ago this past November, I was dealing with a heart issue of the physical kind (See this post). I have a genetic disorder called Long QT-3 that essentially means my heart can stop beating while at rest (usually in sleep) and the electrical charges go haywire and the heart doesn’t continue beating. So you die.

This gene has been found in a number of my family members on my Dad’s side. Several of us now have heart “pacemakers.” The entire family enrolled in a study at a large university that is studying Long QT-3 and they were “thrilled” to have the opportunity to study a family with SO MANY defective people. *sigh*

In this program they offer free genetic testing for children with parents who have the bad gene. We had my girls tested in October, and I didn’t realize how much the stress of that has been playing on my mind. I know I’d get up some morning and feel relief when Oldest’s door was open because she’d gone to school. Then there were the moments throughout the night I’d go into Baby’s room to just be sure she was still breathing. I can relax now I think.

THEY TESTED NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!! Happy Feet, Happy Feet!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!

The relief is unbelievable. I don’t cry very much, but today I had tears of joy streaming down my face when the researcher at the university gave me the good news. Thank you God for the beautiful things in life.

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10 thoughts on “>Oh Happy, Happy Day

  1. >It is a wonderful start to the new year, Michelle. When the researcher gave me the good news I let out this shout of happiness and started to cry. She was really sweet, saying she was so glad to have conveyed good news for a change. Thanks for popping in with your best wishes.

  2. >That has to be the BEST news I’ve seen all day. I am happy to hear that your children will be spared the worry and uncertainity of that gene.
    Congratulations and Hugs for getting through the waiting process. That had to have been so very hard.

    What a WONDERFUL way to start off the new year. I hope more blessed and happy news continues.

  3. >Thanks Tonya, Glad your dad is doing well with his device. I’m simply relieved my girls don’t ever have to face having one put in. They got enough bad genes from me in other areas. LOL

  4. >That is great news! My dad had a similar problem, he got a pacemaker in 2006 and has been top notch every since. Glad to here things are working out for you and your family.

  5. >A HUGE weight lifted. The relief has been almost overwhelming. Thanks for posting!

  6. >Thank you Stace, it’s been a floating on air kind of day. Baby’s response when I said the test was negative

    “Does that mean I don’t have it?”

    “That’s right, Sweetie.”

    “Whew! I didn’t want it, Mom.”

    Happy Feet!!!!

  7. >Thank you Elle, I’m over the moon today. Not even my new contracts made me feel this good!

  8. >Wow, Monica – that is awesome news about your kids! Your post grabbed my heart. I am so very happy for you on this day. Rejoice!